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  1. Yes, though they do need to see how well the G5 movie and show perform first. If they were to do a G5 spin-off, a show about the characters exploring the world of G4's past would be really cool. About Pony Life, will it be phased out? Probably. PL's Season 1 finale made clear it wasn't even shooting to get a second season.
  2. Wow, first male main character. They really did mean diversity and inclusion. While I'm still on the fence about how this movie and series will turn out, reading this information, both this part and the previous part, helped me be a tad more optimistic. @Dreamstar Moonlight, you are a great sleuth!
  3. Eh, they look alright. Not feeling like rushing to go out and buy them when they come out, I'm probably just going to wait to get a deal on them when it's convenient for me.
  4. Not liking what I'm looking at so far. The CG could've been worse, but it's not grabbing to me, and the plot feels so forced. I will be going into this movie with very low expectations.
  5. In the show writers' minds, Twilight understood friendship better than anyone else and the villains she faced in the last season were irredeemable. I wouldn't blame the writing of Twilight's character for the examples you gave, that's more to do with the writing of the villains and the whole School of Friendship thing. It could've been better.
  6. Dude, I got a better one. Chrysalis x Starlight Glimmer. Come on, make it happen, you got to be the change!
  7. It looks so generic...so corporate...really hope this is not the design they're going for with the next generation.
  8. Cautiously open-minded. I am the kind of guy who hates to complain and likes to like things, I just need proof that this next generation will deliver.
  9. And now the Ninja Gaiden remakes are coming to the Switch. Hope this is a precursor to the rumor of Ninja Gaiden 4 becoming reality. :squee:

  10. They look pretty legit to me. Not saying they are, I just would not be surprised by Horse Life returning so soon when it's so cheap and easy to produce.
  11. My character could regret his weakness in the fight against the monster and venture to the skies to train harder, meditating in the clouds. My apologies, again, for not being that involved, I've just been very busy with work.
  12. Magic. *snort snort* Actually, striking a deal with the people who write her character arc. All depends on the writer's intent, though the writer's intent so far is clearly to use Tempest's story as an example of why it's best to move on from what you've lost and accept yourself.
  13. The S10 comics can continue indefinitely so long as Hasbro wills it. Jeremy Whitley told us of the possibility that the comics could go on for several years, ergo, it's going to be nothing like watching a season of a TV show.
  14. Yo bro, me too. The fact that we're not even getting the new movie in theaters just gave me even less of a reason to be excited. No guarantee that Season 2 of Pony Life will be good, but at least it's much less of a wild card.
  15. They would put a viewing fee on it for sure, so I wouldn't get too excited over the idea. Still, putting everything up on the internet in one convenient package, that's something I would support.
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