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  1. CloudMistDragon

    Ask King Sombra

    What do you think of the blog comic, Ask King Sombra?
  2. I understand this very well. Always have, always will. It's the writer's story, not mine, I always got sick of people unfairly criticizing the show over it not being like their fanfics. However, I do understand fan expectations to an extent. Like customers, we have the right to expect a good product, and if G5 is genuinely not up to snuff, I'm not going to get behind fandom shaming.
  3. Though that would make for an interesting twist if it was done right, I don't see it actually happening. After all, fans flipped when they saw Twilight's behavior in A Trivial Pursuit. You definitely don't want to do a plot like that wrong in a feature-length film.
  4. This is what I'm leaning more towards as well, unless future evidence says otherwise. Not gonna lie, I would enjoy the irony of that.
  5. Someone said the reason people take my opinions so seriously is because I'm aggressive. I have never viewed myself this way, do you disagree? 

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    2. Califorum


      Hard to tell in all honesty.

    3. Tacodidra


      I haven't noticed that myself. Though that's mostly based on the status updates, I never spent much time in the Debate Symposium (back when it existed). :adorkable:

    4. Kujamih


      Theres a place where i can troll!?... I mean debate!?

  6. A plot with her turning evil or messing up could be good if it was well-executed, but if we are talking The Last Jedi here, where Luke messing up was done terribly...
  7. Probably not. Remember, Equestria is now divided in this world, very likely the result of corrupt leadership. If she stepped down, I doubt she would abdicate her position to a ruler who would allow Equestria to get to the point it's at in G5. Unless she turned evil or messed up. Those plotlines though...not a fan.
  8. Never heard of this, makes me glad I always listened to people telling me The Big Bang Theory was terrible. I'm not one of those people who lets memes affect their opinions on entertainment either. In fact, I have been a staunch advocate of objective criticism of entertainment for as long as I can remember. Dig up my old posts on the decline of review sites if you don't believe me. If you don't believe I practice what I preach, skim through my short reviews on any MLP episode from the past five seasons, most notably ones done on controversial, fan-least favorite episodes. You'd probably
  9. CloudMistDragon

    Hello friends!

    Cute story! 2011 was the year I got into the show as well. I also remember browsing MLP subreddits back in the day, good times. Glad to have you here!
  10. Hitch, because I'm curious of what they're going to do with the first dude main character, apparently. Izzy's my second favorite, believe it or not, I'm just growing tired of her being overhyped.
  11. Although I am a much bigger fan of 2D animation, I have grown accustomed to the 3D look of the G5 characters and can enjoy it now. Writing is going to be the make it or break it for me.
  12. I'm 45 hours into Persona 5, I have 2 million yen, and I'm only halfway through. Did you know I beat Skyrim in a shorter time with the game left on at times when I wasn't even playing it, same with runs I've done of Final Fantasy games? :Thorax:I also have Final Fantasy VII on my Switch with 19 hours and most of the game done (thank you Xtreme Speed). I'm used to long games, but DAYUM. 

    Still great though. :fluttershy:

  13. Yup. Those better not be vegan dogs at the hotdog-eating contest Pinkie Pie spoke of.
  14. Yeah, I actually like the idea of an earth pony becoming an alicorn. Alicorn ascension has just never been something I've ever taken super seriously.
  15. Problem is though, every time something simple like this becomes a fad, it creates a counter culture of contempt that destroys the legacy of what it was originally intended to be.
  16. DISOWNED Why would you replace a benevolent, immortal ruler with a boring, mortal governing body? I don't see why this is so difficult to understand. I know they are not literally bound for all eternity. But essentially, they have to rule for eternity if they don't have an alicorn like Twilight because there's no better substitute. If Celestia and Luna just gave the position to a pony who would just die off so that they could retire, that would make them appear to be selfish. What you are not taking into account is political and societal pressure. It's like how you don't technically have
  17. Every time I go to Derpibooru now, the home page always has at least one image of art featuring Izzy Moonbrow with a tennis ball on her horn. How has one leaked screenshot inspired a fad? Dr. Wolf did a whole video attempting to explain this latest craze and I still don't get it. Just because Izzy acted vibrant in an animation does not mean you're going to like her actual personality and the screenshot is very likely just from a comedic scene, nothing more. Am I the only one who doesn't get it?
  18. DISOWNED And they needed to abdicate their position to an alicorn, or else they might have had to step back in again when the new ruler died of old age. Either way, someone's stuck ruling the kingdom for a long time. Wouldn't you get bored of ruling a kingdom for so long and want to move on eventually? Magic is magic either way. The point is that it cheapens the whole alicorn thing being "special". DISOWNED
  19. DISOWNED Don't forget Cozy Glow pegasus. Sawtooth Waves had a whole theory debunking the notion about how being an alicorn is "special". More than ever now, we're looking back at people going on about... "ALICORNS ARE ALMIGHTY IMMORTAL GODS!" ...and going, "Um...not really.". It's possible Celestia and Luna passed on their immortality to Twilight in the finale and it's possible Twilight's dead in G5 too. Even if that's not the case, think of it this way. If the alicorn rulers were literally alive forever, they'd have to serve their nation forever. I would definitely not mind s
  20. Um...maybe? It happened in G4 despite never being a central conflict, but I would never assume that just from two characters playfully shoving each other. This is the same world where character playfully bump their butts together. And who can forget this...
  21. CloudMistDragon


    PONY.MOV, man, where do I begin. I watched the very first one back when it was new and it was hilarious. My very favorite one was SHED.MOV, for sure. The series has aged very well for me, since I still love senseless vulgarity and offensive humor mixed with ponies done right. It also helps that unlike many of our fallen heroes, edgelord turned bootlickers (hi there, Egoraptor), hotdiggedydemon has never sold out and still produces some really funny stuff for his Brain Dump series.
  22. My mom told me today that she didn't care whether or not I had a boyfriend or a girlfriend. :squee: I truly never thought this day would ever come, I am so happy. :kirin:

    1. Califorum


      Glad to see you were able to reach that point. My parents wouldn't ever say that. I know that much. 

  23. ...Very likely not. I am no film expert, but I do know that not just with movies and cartoons, but with just about any kind of media, the script for the story is the very first thing they get ready. If it wasn't, they would certainly wind up wasting money on assets and scenes they'd never use because they would not be in the script. And although employees from Hasbro do claim the company acknowledges and considers fan feedback...which makes more sense? Employees monitoring fans talking on internet forums and reading fanfiction, or a representative paid to sift through e-mails reading e-mails
  24. G4's setting felt very medieval-inspired, while what little we've seen of G5's setting feels modeled after the modern age, so I'd go with a thousand years. FiM had a fondness for that time jump, after all.
  25. You just might be right, that wouldn't be a bad way to open up the series, picking up right where the original show left off.
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