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    “Language is the most extensive and inclusive magic we know, a magnificent work of unconscious generations that holds us all together.”
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    Language, Linguistics, Music, Writing, Reading, Learning, Science, Maths, MLP, Adventure Time, Pokemon

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    Equestrian Empire Roleplay

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  1. Perhaps some people aren't meant to have friends?

    1. Alpharius


      No everyone should have a friend I'll be your friend if you want

    2. Miss


      I'll be your friend too

  2. I think therefore I am... anxious. lol That's what Descartes meant to say.

  3. Cosmos with Neil DeGrasse Tyson is amazing.

  4. Again I am really sorry...I took a break from this place to avoid negativity...Now I'm glad I'm back.

    1. Poly Lingua

      Poly Lingua

      It's okay :) Good to see you back!

  5. In our world where what’s what is wearisome and vain, my heart bleeds with tears of idle longing in pain. A place of madness, a place of magic, 'tis where I want to go. But whence does the door open, does anyone know? Wonderland, oh, Wonderland, how I yearn for you so.

  6. The words of promise leave my lips in harmony and fade into darkness.

    1. Brobocop


      My lips speak of the darkness. Those around me see that darkness as evil...

      This darkness is not evil. This darkness is truth. My lips speak truth, and hardly anyone wants to listen to the truth.

    2. Poly Lingua

      Poly Lingua

      Mine's more of "Take my word with a grain of salt". I'm too dynamic/changeable to keep promises or say something with certainty, so it's nothing personal. :P

      And my lips also often speak of the darkness you describe...

    3. Brobocop


      That's understandable. ^^

      I was personally trying to give a test of my own "dynamic language". I'm guessing I did a pretty good job.

  7. Well, last night was interesting...

    1. Emiko Gale

      Emiko Gale

      I've been told alcohol makes everything interesting.

  8. My mind exploded today with so many ideas and creations! Now I just need some way to write them all down and explain them...

  9. I played Minecraft today for the first time in over 2 years... I must've been bored. :P

  10. Ah, yes, Pon-farr. That's true. I guess not even Vulcans can achieve Kolinahr or the total elimination of their emotions. I think you may be right. Even myself, I tend to suppress or disregard emotions, sometimes coming off as callous or rude on accident. I don't like my emotions and I ironically feel embarrassed when they do show themselves. On the rare chance they do show, if it's negative, it's like an atomic bomb going off and it can often lead to disaster. And if it's positive, then I can overreact and get too excited, possibly doing something very reckless on impulse. You ar
  11. I'd like to disagree. With Vulcans, for example, they rid themselves of emotion, yet they base their existence around logic and gaining knowledge off which they can base their logic. The reason we have emotions in the first place is because their an adaptation that allowed us as a species to survive and procreate through the natural use of chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin, norepinephrine, etc.; you feel lonely when your alone because you're more likely to survive (and have sex) in a large group, you feel happy when you succeed because it will make you want to succeed again, you feel attach
  12. Is it possible for a human to completely rid themselves of emotion? I'm not talking about controlling emotion and its expression, but the actual expulsion of feeling emotions. Vulcans from Star Trek have violent emotions that run even deeper than human emotions, yet through the teachings of Surak they have found ways to conceal or even rid their emotions, replacing them with logic. According to the teachings of Surak their are different levels to this (numbered in degree of difficulty): 1.) A control level of one implies that a person is capable of controlling the facial expressions n
  13. I'm so ready to go back home and relax within my own room... I still need to put on my play, then pack my things, and then make it through the plane ride and airports. Why can't we just have teleporters already?

    1. Emiko Gale

      Emiko Gale

      Yeah...I want the ability to teleport.

  14. Heya...I remember telling my boyfriend earlier that, I cannot truly consider a person a friend unless I talk to a person often in private message. Well Poly Lingua, I must say...You are my friend...A wonderful friend.

    1. Poly Lingua

      Poly Lingua

      Thank you! :) You're a wonderful friend too!

  15. How do you make yourself feel satisfied enough with your day to be able to readily go to sleep without an unexplainable feeling of regret?

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