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  1. Imagine an alternate history where the Crystal Empire didn't disappear for 1000 years. Imagine that the small but significant population kept growing and eventually had to come to a decision of balancing their land usage between farming and living space. Because the Crystal Heart can only provide a finite amount of land that is arable and untouched by snowfall, the most obvious and readily available solution would be to build upwards. But how would they have gone about in doing this from an engineer's standpoint? And what would the Skyline of the Crystal Empire look like after a few years of high-rise construction?
  2. Why isn't "Rarity Rockin' Out" a meme yet?
  3. This is just an educated guess as to where Starlight’s character development is going and to what her group of friends should be called.
  4. One of the greatest challenges that Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Twilight Sparkle, and Thorax will now face is Culture Shock between Equestria and the Changeling Kingdom. Many of the Changelings in the Changeling Kingdom have never done much to see, learn, or interact with the outside world and most of the ponies of Equestria will be reluctant to make friends with the Changelings even when Celestia insists that they've changed for the better. The citizens of Canterlot will most likely be the least willing to give up their xenophobic fears that all Changelings are dangerous which could potentially incite civil unrest if Celestia were to welcome a Goodwill Tour led by Thorax into Canterlot. Possibilities: 1. Shining Armor will face a difficult dilemma where he must observe his duty as Captain of the Royal Guard to protect King Thorax and his Royal Delegation from dissenters among the citizenry of Canterlot who could threaten the reformed Changelings with verbal and physical abuse. Even worse, there could be a faction of Royal Guardsponies that secretly maintains a hostile stance against Changelings after their emotional trauma of surviving Chrysalis' Invasion during "A Canterlot Wedding". It may prove to be an emotionally trying time for him as his past experiences with Chrysalis will clash with his present orders from Celestia to provide diplomatic security for the Changelings. 2. Cadance will be worried for King Thorax if he visits Canterlot as she would know that there are still some lingering fears towards Changelings among its citizens which would discourage them from being hospitable and receptive to any that would visit their city. If worse comes to worst and Cadance sees that fear turning into hatred and even harm, she would be deeply saddened by it and spurred to greater effort to help encourage a peaceful bond between Ponies and Changelings. 3. Twilight Sparkle will have to try her very best to be the voice of reason for the citizens of Canterlot and convince them, just like Spike did for the Crystal Empire, that not all Changelings are bad and that King Thorax and his Royal Delegation are really not the same as Chrysalis' Changelings. The message she would teach to them is that "It's time for Ponies and Changelings to coexist in Peace and Harmony instead of living separately from one another in fear and hate."
  5. This Post goes out to all of the Bronies and Pegasisters of the world. Please wish me a Happy Birthday.
  6. 1. The RPZ-18 Orudios is a Pegasus Unicorn/Alicorn. 2. Hasbro has a Production License for Zoids Action Figures. If there EVER comes an Episode in the show that flirts with the Sci-Fi Genre of Huge Mechas, I WOULD LIKE to see a Robot based on the Orudios.
  7. [media=]http-~~-//
  8. The fact that Centaurs are from Greek Mythology means that their appearance in the show is an inevitable possibility.
  9. You really do have a talent for Spriting. No doubt about that. Can you please check out my Projects Thread? It's all about Video Game Sprites and I really need volunteers who are talented and have lots of free time.
  10. I apologize if my instructions were not clear. So let me make a better clarification. I am asking YOU, the viewers of this thread, to try and use Windows Paint to change the Sprites that I provide to the specififed Character from MLP. With that aside, I will start up another project. Sprite Project: Ponyvania 2: The Curse of Nightmare Moon I am asking you, the viewer, to try and change this sprite sheet of Simon Belmont to Rarity. And if necessasry, here's some music to inspire you. http-~~-//
  11. Because Soarin's Cutie Mark is the same as the 'winged lightning bolt' emblem that identifies the male Wonderbolt members... 1. Soarin' might've been the founder or a co-founder of the Wonderbolts squadron. 2. Soarin' inherited it from a family relative who founded or helped to form the Wonderbolts.
  12. Three of the Guards in this picture are Alicorns (1 Grey, 2 White). The all-white Guard in this picture has no wings or a horn, making him an Earth Pony Guard (Earth Guard).
  13. Arima


    I've come here today with ideas brimming on my mind and to seek help with them. If you're a video game enthusiast and/or are good with sprites, please check this thread to see what's going on there.