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  1. *Cringy Status Update proclaiming I'm back*

    1. Vulcan


      *Nervous status welcoming you back into the Brotherhood*

    2. Charming Snowstorm

      Charming Snowstorm

      *witty comment about you being a Litten fan.*

  2. How long have I been inactive? Whelp, I guess life gets in the way of everything.

  3. I guess I'm a reindeer then.
  4. Charming Snowstorm

    Private History In Danger!

    "I'm ready, sure a little nervous......But do the heroes ever lose? But no I'm serious, I'll be a spy.....Keep you guys up to date with any incoming hoards of enemies and such." he throws on a changeling costume, he found in the back "You have some good costumes..." he smiled "Are you ready redwood?"
  5. Honestly he can be a Deer or Reindeer, whatever suits the story best.
  6. Charming Snowstorm

    Private History In Danger!

    "I would rather be a spy, I'll go undercover, but I might use some combat skills in any case of danger" he stated sternly, he then started paying attention to the crystal again "Well? Are we ready, completely pure doctor" he smirk almost about to laugh but held it in.
  7. I'm thinking of changing around my OC's backstory a bit.

  8. Cool pic and name. Nice to meet you.

    1. Charming Snowstorm

      Charming Snowstorm

      Nice to meet you as well.

  9. Yeah, I think I can handle that. edit: Also I was wondering if it would be alright if I had some form of Ice Magic for this RP, Just basic blocking and lazer based attacks themed around ice.
  10. Could I join? My OC is available here! https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/charming-snowstorm-r9497
  11. Thank you to Crecious for this amazing Profile Picture/OC drawing.

  12. Charming Snowstorm

    Private History In Danger!

    "Okay, just give me, some directions and I'll be fine" He said with a determined face on him "So Redwood, you ready? Because we're going on a adventure through time and space like in movies! And for someone like me, that's a dream of a lifetime come true. But hey who said things worked like they do in movies, this could be completely different by the end of it. So guys! Are we determined enough to go already!"
  13. Charming Snowstorm

    Private History In Danger!

    "I see, This makes sense, If chrysalis won, then everything would change in some form of manner, therefore corrupting some of the Timeline "overtime", but there's the word "overtime", if we get in there now, we may be able to set the Timeline on track, but we cannot do all the work ourselves because that would create another slightly different Timeline, so Cadence and Shining must finish them to keep the Timeline on track" He smiled waiting approval "I hope I have that right........" he started preparing a mental face-palm in case he was wrong.
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