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  1. Lol sorry the writing in this show is getting a bit on the absurd side...
  2. Nope, did not like this episode at all.. It just made me want to absolutely hate most of Equestria's populace if they're going to act this childish and rude. I thought the pony life style might be above all this nonsense but apparently not. I honestly just dislike when the show tries to mimic real life, and how ridiculous people can be. I want to be immersed in an epic story in Equestria and it's ponies, not be reminded how fanboys are the most annoying people on the planet. An to top it all off they didn't learn the error of their ways. Twilight and friends should forever be living in depression knowing they share the same oxygen as these wretched ponies. Point being, I feel like this episode has really dumbed down my expectations of the world of Equestria.
  3. I would like Starswirl the Bearded to come back as a villain in season 8.
  4. The only thing I disliked about this episode was well it's a bit of a nitpick but Scootaloo being catapulted up to Cloudsdale.. You can't just do that lol. It's fuckin dangerous and it's stupid. They need to tone down on the wacko goofy cartoon shit lol. This ain't looney toons. There is and should be an element of danger.
  5. The problem with Pinkie Pie turning into a hyperactive stalker all of a sudden is that it's almost like shes not learnt a damn thing from the past 6 seasons. I swear she wasn't always this annoying.. But this just another example of characters going out of character.
  6. Well this episode served only to make me hate Pinkie Pie as a character. It was a pretty decent episode watching Starlight and and Maud bonding but Pinkie was extremely annoying. Strangely enough, Starlight Glimmer actually seems interesting in this episode.
  7. Man.. I hate to be a downer but these episodes just bored me. Nothing was really set up to make the rest of the season seem exciting. It was basically just Twilight and friends hanging out and Starlight and Trixie hanging out.. oh and they made a table disappear... Yay? So interesting. I'm not entirely decided yet but I think this series is starting to lose it's appeal for me now.. Season 6 did nothing for me, and I thought they would at least try to improve the writing quality in season 7 but it's just more of the same. We've went from Disney level quality to what seems like this really goofy kids show that really is meant for 6 year old girls this time. Have I grown out of this show or has this show really just lost it's charm? It feels like the latter to me.
  8. Separating your fanbases and singling people out is a sure fire way to lose viewership for your show. They might think their making this show solely for little girls but this show has evolved way beyond what they're trying to appeal to. This can literally appeal to any age and any gender. How is it for just little girls? Because it has ponies and the main cast is female? That's kind of a lame reason. This show has had countless references to video games and movies, it's had hints of racism, it's had dragon ball z like battles, it's had political warfare, it's had vague suggestions of death, it's delved into evil dictatorships, mind control, slavery and loads of other dark and crazy shit but I'm expected to believe this show is for little girls? The fact that they have this mind set makes me think that they will soon dumb this show down so it actually will appeal to little girls.
  9. It's never going to end as long as the fanbase keeps strong and healthy. I welcome another 10+ seasons of MLP.
  10. Who in their right mind that is a fan of MLP would even want this show to end any time soon? I certainly wouldn't. I want this to keep continuing for years to come. An when this show does meet it's end, what else is there going to be? NOTHING. There is nothing even remotely on the same level of the Mlp universe. So the people getting all hyped and excited for true finale. You'll only be left wanting more after it ends.
  11. Great news, This series doesn't feel anywhere close to it's end. I hope it goes on until season 20 and beyond. There are literally infinite amounts of possibilities you could take this series into. It doesn't even have to be about the mane 6 anymore, there's tons and tons of characters back stories and future stories to delve into. With that said though, I hope Season 7 simply isn't just slice of life episodes with a few serious plots thrown in from time to time, kind of like season 6.. I want to see more episodes like times are a changling or you know starlight glimmer going crazy with her mind control magic, or more Dragon Ball Z type shit like Twilight vs Tirek. That's what people want from this series. Not goofy cartoon laughs. We get enough cartoons like those already. We want story enhancing next level shit. Emotional driven plots. Stuff like Twilight becoming an alicorn or the crusaders getting their cutie marks. Stuff that blew peoples minds away. The less serious slice of life episodes should be kept in the minority.
  12. This episode was pretty terrible, there's no way in any known universe that AppleJack, Rarity, or Rainbow Dash would act this way. They acted like so silly, spoilt and greedy. What the hell? They're the elements of harmony for crying out loud, they've learnt countless life lessons through years worth of episodes and they're adult ponies. They should know better than this. Add this to the list of episodes that turn the characters completely out of character. An even if I where to forgive that. The episode by itself was just boring and pointless. Give me that Changling episode already. That's what I want to see, something that has diverse changes on the story and lore and has a serious tone to it. An preferably not with the characters doing a complete 180 in their personalities..
  13. Most depressing episode..? It would have to be Season 6's Episode 4 On Your Marks and not really depressing in a good way. Here we have the Cutie Mark Crusaders trying to figure out what the hell to do with their newly acquired cutie marks. Only to find out that outside of a couple of ponies, their cutie marks are utterly worthless. I hated this episode for this very reason. They've went through all these episodes trying to get their cuties marks and are left with nothing but confusion and disappointment. So then they have this idea to split up and do their own thing cause the whole cutie mark crusader thing isn't working out for them. It's a pretty depressing episode and another example why season 6 writers just suck. An then we have the episode with Rainbow Dash joining the wonderbolts. Her life long dream. Ruined because the wonderbolts consist of a bunch of A-Holes.
  14. People that express negativity about certain parts of the show only do it because they loved the show to begin with. I don't see how that would sway your opinion on the entire series. These people love the show just as much as you do. But they shouldn't be ignored either. Their opinion is just as important as anyone's and the content creators should listen to them. I for one find Season 6 to be an utter bore fest so far. Does that mean I hate the entire series? Nope, I still enjoy Season 1-5. Would gladly watch them again.