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    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Astral smiled softly as Chow spoke. Laying things on the table like that let her relax a bit, even if what Chow was a little, interesting. "I'd never push you away, you're nice. Even if I found somepony else." Misty shrugged, looking over to the window, seeing Canterlot approach. "I think we might get there soon." =========================== @Blitz Boom Iron opened a final door, entering the library of what seemed to be a copy of every magical book that existed. He approached one book, locked down to a pedestal with chains and a padlock. "This is the book." He stepped to the side, with the very obvious title covering the entire cover, impossible to not notice, along with the gem imbedded into the book. 'Forbidden Magic' Was the title, the gem shimmering like a element of disharmony. "Or at least, what you might be looking for." He said, unlocking the chains as the book's gem glowed somewhat. "It stores magic inside itself, allowing you to use the spells inside, at least for practice anyway." "You know we're just explaining this for my sister at this point." Iron sighed, turning to look to them. "Alright, well what do you need?" "A book for rare magic, I think. It's hard to keep track of these things." She looked down, sighing. "Yeah we were going to search for a book for a type of magic." He looked to one of the shelves, pointing to it. "That shelf has uncommon types of magic, might have what you need" =========================== @Blitz Boom An eternity had passed, or so it seemed, General Wing was prepared for his ceremony now. Walking out to accept his new position, somewhat excited and nervous, as well as unsure what to say. "This'll be interesting for me." He said to himself with a chuckle. =========================== @Dji Francis stepped back, bumping into the other changeling. "Sure." He looked to Zealous, glancing at the horn as Zealous brushing the mane back over the horn. "I covered it up on purpose." Zealous said, grumbling a little as he started to walk off. "But I prefer to keep it covered, let's get going now that we've helped this guy." "Guess I'll be off then." He waved as he followed the other changeling.
  2. FanOfManyShows

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Astral smiled at him awkwardly, but it was still genuine. "Yeah we just chatted a bit. Surprising so much can happen to any one of us like that." She leaned back, sighing to herself, a really hefty puff of air escaping her. Even with all of this, the heaviest thing on her chest was how she felt about Chow, but his age was, old. Sure it wasn't entirely weird for marriage at a young age, but herself, she was still not an adult. "I don't want to be a downer again, But I have to say this. Okay?" She looked to Chow again, her smile fading. "You know of this, but I've had feelings for you, but it's made hard due to the, age difference. It's kinda why I, look for something to do now. We've been on this adventure ever since we met, even when I heard your age." She looked out the window as the landscape passed by. "Gives me time to think and contemplate if it's not just a childish feeling. It's not, and it feels wrong." She slumped over, leaning against the window now. "Should I look for somepony else?" She turned to him, head still against the window. ================================= @Blitz Boom "I advise staying close to me, I can only disable the traps immediately ahead of us. Not that I couldn't, but I ensured that'd be the case. If somepony followed me." He said, glancing back. "Which you are." "No need to keep explaining stuff." Iron chuckled, looking ahead as he looked to the floor, pausing in his step. Looking the wall and casting a spell in it's way, hitting the wall and causing some markings to glow before he walked ahead. Sapphire walking through it, making sure Emerald was close. "Nearly all of them are invisible, but that was just the door." He said with a chuckle. "If this works, what do you two even plan to do with bodies? if anything you'll only be as powerful as you are now." "I died before I could reconcile everything, before I could find Emerald and fix her. I was, distracted." She lowered her head. "But what I plan to do with a body, is fix all the things I broke." "Understandable." He looked back to Emerald. "As much as I know you're angry at me for 'stealing your sister', I met her after you died." He looked ahead again. "Just want to make that clear, oh and another thing, She met me first, loved me first." He deactivated a trap, a ticking sound making it clear that there was a timer as he walked forward. "She found me in her search to remove you from your prison, and even the child didn't stop her when we had it." "But then I died..." Sapphire added, looking to Emerald. "Sorry this is just, how him and me have chit chat. It's mostly due to how he keeps rambling like this." "If it annoys you, you could just ask me not to do it." He said, looking back to her. ================================= @Dji Panting heavily, he rolled off and onto the ground, laying there. Seeing a pony stepping nearby. "Uhm." He stood up, looking to Watts. "Thanks, but I am a changeling, why would you do that?" "Because we're not terrible." "Right." He looked to the pony who had decided to stand there and watch. "Who are you?" They shrugged. "Same as you." Zealous rolled his eyes. "Great, another changeling." "Yeah I am, and I was told to look for this guy. He got some injuries and snuck out of the hospital. They asked me since I was part of the hive." "Oh well, that makes more sense." Zealous chuckled. "Explains why he's a terrible flyer." Groaning, Francis walked over to the other changeling. "My wing got injured when I was young, I've never been able to fly right since." His wing transformed, revealing a scar and a partially torn wing. "And you seem to be of similar condition, being a unicorn with a broken horn." Zealous narrowed his eyes, his horn wasn't visible too anypony up till now, since he covered it with his mane, but now it was visible. "Is that a problem?" They shook his head, Zealous relieving his serious look. "Good."
  3. Hey! I hope you're doing well. I've just been checking in on changelings I've been seeing around the site, whether they're living at the hive or not, or whether they've transformed or not. Always know you have a home there!

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      I'm doing good, thanks for asking ;P

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    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Iron looked at her, seeming shocked at them. "Well." He chuckled to himself. "Forgive me for being unable to read the minds of things that lack bodies. I would be glad to help, but I will not help if you attempt to do anything other than what you said here." Sapphire dropped the chains, Iron standing up. "I only had reason to not tell you due to not being able to know your goal, Sapphire deserves to be alive as much as you. But there may be one issue with getting your bodies back." He stepped forward in front of both of them. "Your bodies may just come back with the exact same genetic disorder or diseases that killed you." "We could figure out a way to fix that, surely." "I've not exactly seen many attempt to resurrect their own body, there is no documentation on what you want to do, most try to bring a soul back with the body, not just the body." He looked over to Sapphire. "Though since your souls are already here, it may be easier than you'd expect." He turned around, the door to the basement opening on its own as he looked to it. "Follow me, we can get the books you need, but I want to be there as you read them." ========================= @Blitz Boom "I know Chow, I don't exactly appreciate it myself. But he doesn't need as much rest as us." Astral went to find a car, taking a seat in the train with three empty seats, Misty sitting down next to her. "To think we did all this just to go back to Canterlot again." Misty chuckled. "Funny isn't it?" "Yeah." She looked to Misty, checking to see if Chow could overhear them, sighing as she slumps back down. "I like him." "I know that, but it doesn't seem to be the case now." "He just seems grumpy, if we could be, together... it might not work if I tried anyway." She trailed off, looking to Misty. "Could just his worry, right?" Misty nodded to her. "Sure hope so then." She looked forward, the only other seat Chow could pick with be either in front of Misty or Astral. Misty looked down at the table. "Would be nice to have a dad again though."
  5. FanOfManyShows

    Open Casual stroll

    @Dji Francis let out a yelp, looking to the pony, before leaping off the side of the roof, Zealous walking finding himself looking up at the changeling doing so. But while leaping, his hoof lands in the wrong place, leading him to trip over, Zealous' horn sparked as he looks up surprised, the changeling flying down. "That's not going to be survivable." He leaps under the changeling, his horn glowing through his mane as the changeling is briefly encapsulated in a magical field, before the horn sparks and the field breaking. "Shoot." He stands right under the changeling, ready to catch him, if Watts didn't attempt to do that first, Francis in too much surprise to attempt to fly. =========================== @Blitz Boom "Oh I do, but he might have something there we could use." As she spoke, they were transported there, Sapphire teleporting them. Looking to his shelves, before hearing something as a spell was broken and the sound of somepony teleporting in. =========================== A few moments prior... Iron paused his step, looking to Astral and Chow. "You three need rest, I don't since I already did at the hospital, due to my eyes." He said while pointing to them. "Which means I can go off to ensure Emerald and Sapphire don't achieve whatever they are doing at my house." Astral looked to him. "What? That's not going to end well..." "Yes, especially with the relics I hid there." He added, looking to Chow. "Even if I won't be getting any rest, at least she will." He said before pointing to Astral. "I'll join you at the house when I get back." He entered into the train, but when Astral stepped over to enter the door, he wasn't in her sight. Looking to Chow, she smirked a little. "Can't do much now, but I do need rest more than him." =========================== Sapphire glared to him, Iron not armed with any weapons, just standing there. "You intrude my home for your evil needs and you think I didn't think to set an alarm up?" He asked pointing his hoof to the two. Sapphire chuckled, her gem glowing. "Oh I did expect it." She stepped in front of Emerald, who even if she didn't have a form, Sapphire wanted to ensure wasn't harmed. "But you can't exactly harm us." She walked to him, getting closer. Iron looked up to her, Sapphire floating slightly. "You can't harm me either." Without any movement, Sapphire was dissipated and her gem flung across the room. "Though your gem is physical so I can affect that." Smoke poured out, forming a new body as her gem glowed, chains springing out of the ground, Iron's legs being shackled to the floor. "Let's stop the flirting, where are your magic books?" "You know this Sapphire." Sapphire tilted her head to Emerald, Iron looking to her. "Basement, protected by many deadly traps, which also affect magical creatures and bodies in the astral plane, or spirits." He looked back to Sapphire. "As long as I am alive you'll not be able to read their script and I'm not exactly inclined to let you in."
  6. FanOfManyShows

    Open Casual stroll

    @Dji He looked around from above, seeing them following him. "Great, they're probably trying to get me captured or someth-" Conveniently, his distraction leads to him not realizing where he was heading, and that there was a glass window there. This followed soon after Watts finished talking. He shakes his head, fluttering his wings as he nearly touches the ground, flying back over the building. Zealous chuckles to himself, looking to Watts "Guess I called it huh?" The building would block their way soon after, requiring them to lose sight of the changeling to catch up. "Lost them for now." He said to himself, sitting on the rooftops as he took a breather. ========================== @Blitz Boom Sapphire let out a snicker, breaking her serious tone as a funny idea crossed her mind, of all ponies to like it had to be the one Sapphire personally imprisoned. "Yeah, let's call it irregular behavior." She said, giving a wink at her, an oddly childish one at that. She let out a puff of air to relax herself before putting her serious tone back on. "Well, let's check Iron's home. I know he did lots of research into weird and strange magic. There's also Warlocks and our own, but you'd remember if we had any magic books like that." She said, looking to the book shelf. "Potentially Astral has some, but I really doubt she'd find any that special. ========================== @Blitz Boom "What are you saying this again for? We're nearly to the station, and on the way to a place where we can relax and rest." She said, stepping closer to him. "And I sleep just fine, I wouldn't need tranquilizers." "She actually sleeps too well. She over sleeps aallll the time." Misty added, Astal looking to her. "What?" "Anyway, I get it Chow. I need to rest, we discussed this already and we are working on doing that." She said while looking back to Chow.
  7. This is a year that I hope I can make a productive one for myself, Though I still procrastinate a lot even during last year, Which is a habit of mine, but I'm going to work on breaking out of it to the best of my ability. :-P

  8. First few minutes of 2019, let's hope the rest will be great!

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      Within five minutes of midnight I saw fire trucks, ambulances and police cars going in every direction. Yup, this year is starting out great. :laugh:

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    Open Casual stroll

    @Dji He smirked to himself. "Why'd you hiss at him if you're going to mention something like that? If you know we're accepting them, scaring him off like that won't help." He then shrugged at her. "But sure, let's go after him." He walked in the direction the changeling had gone, not heading at a fast pace. "I do expect he might fall back down." ===================== @Blitz Boom She looked around, Sapphire thought to herself as she glanced about. "Then there's not many options. We have to find a way to learn these types of magic." She looked to the door, walking to look closer at the runes. "Like a ancient archive may hold some books for it, but which ones still have any are beyond me." ===================== @Blitz Boom Astral kept heading forward, sighing to herself as she thought, glad that at least taking the train again would still save on time. "I've never really taken a proper break actually, my life has always been busy."
  10. @Blitz Boom @Dji I apologize for the delay in posting, I would've done it sooner, but I had gotten sick and wanted to try and recover first. Should've said something sooner, but at least I am now.
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    Open Casual stroll

    @Dji Obviously this reaction was expected, the unexpected would've been Watts not reacting at all. But then Zealous jutted in. "You're an idiot, Francis, let's just go. He's harmless seeing as he's dumb enough to reveal himself like that." But, that did surprise him, as much as it shouldn't have, it was angering him that someone was calling him dumb. But he never was *that* smart as a changeling. "W-Well." He stuttered, unsure what to do with this unfamiliar feeling, since he never encountered many anger inducing moments. He leaned down and flew off without much thought. "Figures, even if I did that for no other reason, It gives me a reason to leave." He said to himself as he flew off. =========================== @Blitz Boom "Warping time?" Astral looked to him, tilting her head at him. "When did I ever mention that?" She asked, chuckling a little. "I can't warp time, at the least, I don't know the spell for it. We could teleport, but I also need to recharge my magic. So not using any spells would be better. Even if it takes longer." =========================== @Blitz Boom Sapphire gave an odd grin as she listened to her sister. "You've encountered him surely, yet you act as if you've only just met him. But anyway..." She started to pace around the room to think. "The best way to find something for varied magic, would be the Element, of Dark Magic." She looked to Emerald. "Now, it's not a location to learn varied magic, it's not a book. But what I've read on it, it can use multiple types of magic at once."
  12. @Blitz Boom So I did realize I had forgotten about this, but I can probably figure out a way to save the fact that she thought that's what the element was. Like the obvious thing is Sapphire disguised the gem as that exact element and Emerald just didn't know what the element looked like. Something like that
  13. FanOfManyShows

    Open Casual stroll

    @Dji Okay so she was a little smarter than he thought. "Ponyville is small, but there's no way everypony walks by you." Zealous started rolling his eyes, walking closer. "You're clearly lying at this point, Where are you from?" Stepping back a bit, he glanced around nervously, unsure what to come up with. "Uhm..." "It really couldn't be such an issue to share it, could it?" He asked, smirking a little. "Perhaps?" He rubbed the back of his head with a hoof. "Ponies don't exactly like my kind." He whispered as his eyes changed visibly into changeling eyes. ======= @Blitz Boom "Of course, but there's not many ways to do so." Iron, glanced around. "And that'd involve removing Emerald from her body, I doubt she'd want to do that." Astral kept on walking. "I imagine walking there isn't prefered for you is it?" She looked back to Chow, heading about the same way they had when they first went to Canterlot. ========= Meanwhile, Sapphire looked up, reaching her hoof into the astral plane and removing the pony she left there, dropping their body on the floor, looking to Emerald. "We need something you can't be removed from, something more permanent until we can make our vessels." She sighed to herself. "But aside from that, who would've sent them after you?" She looked to where the rift was curiously, stepping to it, her gem glowing. "No signature, or residue from their origin point, strange, that shouldn't be possible." She looked back, her sword dissipating. "Should we chase them or continue with getting our bodies back?"
  14. @Blitz Boom Didn't realize it was that hard to tell what I meant, but I fixed it anyway.
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    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Iron didn't like this, not at all. He lost complete connection to Sapphire and Emerald, though for some reason, he regained it the moment after. "You do need rest, but something is wrong." "What is it?" "Lost my vision on Emerald." Astral looked to Chow. "Let's go to Canterlot then, Emerald's clearly up to something." She said, before resuming walking. "Canterlot should be plenty safe for us if she heads our way." =============================== @Blitz Boom Sapphire could tell pretty fast that something was off, being able to see outside the astral plane helped there, since she saw the pony enter and soon noticed Emerald's smoke outside of the plane, exiting the plane, forming a sword in her hoof, but instead of using it, she kicked the stallion across the room away from Emeralds cloud, pointing the sword to them. "You better leave, now."