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  1. @Blitz Boom You too man Can't say if I will regain interest in the future, best thing I see is if I do regain interest, I'd take it slower rather than having big world ending plots.
  2. @Blitz Boom It has been a while and feels a bit too long of a wait to only give you only this but I don't have too much motivation nor interest to continue it unfortunately, Sorry about that, that and life finally caught up and I'm worried this will be too much work to continue, and I keep forgetting to post so frequently I might as well and yeah I'd like to continue the story to the end but it feels like it's just being dragged on too (by me mostly), so I'm just saying this so I don't just silently leave the rp. Hopefully you didn't have too much intended for it that's going to go to waste without me, if there is I'd love to hear it anyway. Edit: did Dji change their name? I would've mentioned them here but I wasn't able to.
  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. @Blitz Boom "She's incaporial, you couldn't physically throw her" He sounded serious, with a smirk that seemed to hint he was joking "But sure, I'll teleport you there." "I'll stay here, I don't want to get hurt in battle, it'd be safer." Iron looked to Misty, sighing. "I can't in a good mind leave you alone, you're young." "Yeah so?" "It won't look good, might even be more dangerous." "What if you came back to look after me while Chow and Astral are away?" Iron looked to Chow, and then at Misty. "Sure, I can do that." He stepped closer to Chow. "I'll be right back." He said, teleporting away to follow Astral ==================================== "I've never really thought anything was wrong." General wing said as he followed "Maybe only nitpick stuff but that's about it." ==================================== Chariot gave her a deadpan look as she talked, smiling a bit. "Reforming officer does sound better than prison guard doesn't it?" He glanced away and thought a bit. "and yeah I'd like water." He said, looking back to her ==================================== Opal arrived first, entering the room, looking around to see Astral not there. "Excuse me madam?" She walked up to Null and Void. "Where is the element of Greed?" She whispered ===================================== @Dji Zealous looked at her, not saying much as she ordered her items, paying little attention to the tools for his horn. "Anywhere else you plan to go?"
  5. @Blitz Boom She looked to Chow, smirking a bit as she chuckled to herself "So there wasn't a point in letting her blackmail me then. Though if I know where she's going I can figure out what she's doing" "Still feels foolish, not all the guards would know after all." Iron looked to Chow, looking a bit distraught at his question "Before Sapphire met me, she'd do anything to get what she wants, now in the situation she's in, she might very well return to those habits to get her body. But I also know what they need to do it." "you suggesting we find it for them?" "Possibly, but with this weird guard thing happening just now... Not sure if we should." Astral rolled her eyes and looked to Chow and Misty. "I'm probably good for now with magic, I could handle this other situation. Iron, I trust you, for now." She glanced at him, then at the ground nervously. "Seeing how you didn't run away when you had a chance. Now to find out where Null and Void are, unfortunately we don't know their current location." He smirked and walked back inside, looking to Astral. "You seem to forget I could find out." His eyes turned white for a moment, before they turning back to normal. "The hospital apparently." "Oh, well I'll go find them then" she said, teleporting away. Opal laughed to herself, looking down from the roof of Astrals house. "That mare isn't as smart as I thought, only protecting her door." She chuckled again, teleporting to the hospital. ======================================= "Magic probably." He chuckled as he looked to the map, rubbing the back of his head. "How is it there?" He looked to Tidal Wave. "Oh wait, we'll find out when we get there I suppose" ======================================= "Why are you sorry for me?" Chariot chuckled to himself. "Far as I'm concerned I deserve this." He lowered his head, but kept a weird smile, as if he was ensured by something, but it didn't appear he was planning anything "But I can handle it here." ======================================= @Dji Zealous looked around, taking all the stuff in, a neutral expression to all the items, seemingly uninterested. "Keep in mind I know less about all of this than you do." He said, looking to Watts
  6. @Blitz Boom So, a certain pony might know where null and void are, so I ask where that is, so that character can say it.
  7. @Blitz Boom Misty sat down on a couch. "Yeah doesn't look good, honestly even I'm not sure why they'd team up. Maybe sapphire convinced him." Upstairs, Astral was pacing from one side of the room to the other. "She's lying!" "If she was I'd not had been there as long as I was." Astral got up close to him, looking away and grumbling. "Why would you help them?" She stuttered in her anger, holding back just punching him "They desired their own bodies back, I'd figure if they accomplished that with my help, they'd stop hurting others." Astral stepped back, grumbling, her eyes glowed as her ears perked up. "Did they follow you?" "No- why should that matter?" "The barrier triggered again." Iron looked at Astral surprised. "Well I suppose you didn't know then." ============================ "Well seeing as we don't have much to do for now, as far as I know- I can tag along." General Wing stood up, walking over to the door. "Might need help finding it though." ============================= Opal nodded and smiled "I have my own errand to do anyway." She smirked at chariot, who gave a weak smile to her. "hopefully this one can be dealt with soon." She went back up, instead of returning to the generals, she went outside and teleported somewhere- ================================= When Astral went back down to see the door, she instead saw Opal standing there when she opened it. "Hello mam' I have a few questions about this thing, called the Element of Greed." Astral glared at Opal, sensing something powerful from her. "I don't know what you're talking about..." Opal narrowed her eyes. "Well if you don't I suppose I can just tell the guards here there's an earth pony using magic." She smirked at Astral. She stepped through the barrier as Opal walked back down the steps "I gave it away to two ponies, called Null and Void." Opal smiled and turned around. "That was so easy wasn't it?" She said, before teleporting away. This conversation wouldn't go unheard by Chow, seeing how close it was to the door. ================================== @Dji Zealous turned around to her. "To be fair I might've not been that door in particular. Would've been too easy." He chuckled to himself as he entered first into the place.
  8. @Blitz Boom While I am usually not able to post often, this time I just wanted to let you know I will be gone for three days so I won't be able to reply immediately, but again, I know I don't do that anyway
  9. @Blitz Boom Iron looked up at Chow and smiled a bit. "At least you're not asleep, Astral must've-" He walked forward, and hit something, sparking his mane and causing a barrier in the air to glow Mister walked over, pausing as she saw this happen. "Iron, did you beat them?" "Not exactly, it didn't go that way, I'd like to discuss it inside, since I suspect that Astral-" "Step away from him!" Misty looked back to Astral, whose eyes glowed, brows currled down as she stared Iron with a death glare. "Well this is fantastic, your rejuvenated." She walked forward until she was face to face with Iron "I know that you're working for them now, you did trigger that barrier that I literally set up to keep allies of her out of here." Iron smirked and looked away. "Glad you're smart to recognize when not to trust me, but surely I'd have a good reason?" "We need to talk about it then, and you need to have a good reason for it." "I do" He glanced to Chow. "Do you have anything to sa-" "Don't get him involved Iron, this is you and me now." "Then let me inside, so we can discuss this away from him." The barrier dropped, Iron sighing and walking straight upstairs. "Come on." Misty looked at them as they headed upstairs, looking to Chow. "So uuhhhh, weather's nice right?" ============================================ Sapphire looked to Emerald, then looking away, sighing deeply "I should retreat into the element then. It'd let me avoid wasting magic, but it'll mean I can't help you, you can figure things out though I'm sure." Her form retreated, and her gem gently floated down, plenty of time for Emerald to catch it. ============================================= "I'd still be nervous doing anything in a court, my word would have a lot of power there, even if I was only a witness, even more so actually, being a general now." He sat down on a chair across from her. "But I'm sure I can figure things out." ============================================= Chariot sat near the bars of the cell, looking to Opal "Why not go get it now?" "I need to be here to make sure they send you, or at least I'm sure I do need to be here." "So you could leave without reason." He grinned at her "Coercing me to leave so soon?" She cooed at him, Chariot looking the other way, grumbling. "Oh come on, you know you like me." "I'd rather not stay in here any longer talking to you." He looked back to her. "Go talk to Astral about this." "Will do, after they return." She chuckled as Chariot grumbled more, looking forward to the opposite wall, waiting a few minutes for the guards to return. ================================================ @Dji "That does not make you any more trustworthy, if anything it makes you less trustworthy." He walked down ahead of her before turning around. "Now where is this place?"
  10. @Blitz Boom "You do realize what happened before I met her right?" She picked up the diary and put it back on the table."I mean, it took her a while to adjust since she figured somepony would come for me." She paused, looking to Chow. "But nopony did. So she ended having to be who she was waiting for." It was easy to hear the somber tone she was speaking with, she opened the book and read the passage. "Of course this is when she hadn't come to that realization by this point in the diary, But honestly, we're in more of a sister relationship." ================================ Iron nodded, and without much thought, he teleported away, arriving at the door of Astral's house. "Well at least she's protective of it." He knocked on the door, sighing to himself. "Could've let my teleportation enter though." Sapphire looked to Emerald. "So are we to do the rest on our own?" ================================ He chuckled as she spoke, while he didn't mind the gossip, it wasn't in his mind to do it himself. "I'm thinking I won't be that involved with the trial myself, outside of being a witness unless you think I should set it up, then I'd be lacking in that territory." ================================ Opal stepped closely to the cell, narrowing her eyes as she whispered "Before they come back-" "I do not know where it is." Chariot said quietly "Okay jeez, you going to read my mind every time I talk?" Chariot chuckled, rolling his eyes "Listen, I've deceived ponies plenty, It's not hard to see your intentions." Opal smirked and chuckled. "Great, then you can at least tell me where it last was." "Some two mares have it as I know. Unfortunately I can't recall their names. Unless you want to ask the last holder of it, Astral Star, she's here in Canterlot." Opal chuckled and leaned against the wall next to the cell. "Good to know." ================================ @Dji Enigma smirked to himself, following her. "Good, you aren't going to rob me." He said, wearing an expression that made it clear he was joking.
  11. @Blitz Boom Not even reading the first entry, she skipped to the end, and grumbling a bit. "Okay so there's no gossip on you." She chuckled and read over it. "Because she hasn't written since even before our whole adventure began, but that makes sense since she's not really good at keeping track of time." She closed it, throwing it onto the table. "Guess it won't be as-" She was cut off as the book had slid across the table and fell on the floor. "Whoops." She leant back, looking to Chow. "Ahem, it won't be that entertaining to read." ======================== Iron rolled his eyes as he thought over it. "Fine fine." He sighed which turned into a yawn. He'd been expending a lot of magic today, and it was getting to him. "Time for the extraction I suppose." Sapphire looked to Emerald, asking for a proceeding with her expression, seeing how they'd misunderstood a lot of the magic involved. The element sparked, Sapphire straining soon after. "Agh, this is sudden." She held it with a hoof, gritting her teeth. Iron looked at her curiously, before shrugging it off. "Might be strained from using magic repeatedly. Just a thought." ======================== "Warlock!?" She was excited, intrigued and also, questioning all with one word. "I'd not really be the best choice for such a thing, that guy- All the things I heard about him-" she turned away and chuckled under her breath, it'd be barely audible even if it was heard. "I wouldn't be the best choice." The General narrowed his brows, sighing. "Well at least you know the danger here. So you can be careful." She looked to them and grinned. "My talent is luck, there is no way I'd be in danger-" "Then is this really a problem?" She paused, glancing a bout. "I suppose not." She shrugged and turned around. "I'll go out and let them know then!" General Wing watched as she went off to tell them, looking to Tidal Wave. "She is an odd one." ====================== Opal made her way down there, weirdly cheerful about meeting Warlock, pausing in front of his cell as she wore a expression of fear, a false one. Chariot sat there, looking up to her. "Deceit." Opal looked confused at him, glancing about but dropping her false fear. "Sorry what?" He chuckled and moved closer to the bars. "What are you here for?" "You need to be prepped for transport." He frowned as she said that, he was able to read her lying appearance, but the words expressed truth. "Disappointing, I was getting accustomed to this cell." Opal smirked "Well good, chances are you'll be put back in here after." ======================= @Dji "Both. I care and I don't care that I do. It's going to sound complicated that way but that is how it is." Engima looked to the alley, walking ahead of her, seeing what she intended. "So why are we here?
  12. @Blitz Boom She looked at him, curious yet also surprised that such a word was a swear. She'd figure something like that would be, safer. "It's not like I need to know that though." She picked up a book she saw on the table and looked to the cover. "Oh interesting, Astral wrote a diary." She turned slowly to Chow, her look without words asking the question she pondered. 'Wanna read it?'' =========================== Sapphire chuckled as she watched Iron pull out the book. "This sounds weirdly easy." Iron glanced at her. "What sounds easy can be hard to perform." He said this will pulling out the specified book, pulling together everything he could gather. "Even if the soul escapes we could just find something else." He scanned the words of the book, every letter and in between that might risk failure if missed, you could see the calculations in his eyes.While reading it he got things together, Sapphire finding a stick and lighting it with a simple spell.The interior of the crystal glowed as he spent whatever magic was left inside while casting the spell, and then a soul ripped it's way out of the rat. With a eerily similar appearance to Emerald's own form currently. Eventually they got it inside the crystal with some time and a lot of trying to catch it ===================================== The general let out a breath of relief, as if he'd been holding his breath the entire time. "Really?" "Because I can't handle this persona of a general, I'm not used to doing more than pointing a stick at somepony while giving orders, let alone an entire army. Yet somehow, despite all odds I handled a powerful wizard." He said with a weirdly crazy chuckle before abruptly stopping. "But anyway, Shark Bay sounds nice." The spotting of a unicorn guard caught his eye, whom appeared to have been there for a while. "Wait, who are you?" He looked to the unicorn, who would've arrived when Screecher left if Tidal had noticed her earlier, she glanced at both of them. "So sorry, I got lost a bit. Not used to this area of Canterlot." She rubbed the back of her head, smiling awkwardly. "What was that about?" "Ahem, your name?" "Oh! I'm Opal Luck." She said, chuckling again as her composure continued to fall apart.
  13. @Blitz Boom After digging through a lot of rp I did find that Astral gave Null and Void the element. Even after checking later they seemed to have kept on hand, though I was lazy and only checked four pages ahead. So I guess wherever they might've put it is where it is now, or even where they are currently. Depends if you'd remember if they'd still have it or not.
  14. @Blitz Boom Being that Opal won't have any prior comrades to begin with, it could be easier for me to make her convincing about that. But who knows, maybe he's had his time to think and will turn good after his escape and betray her. But I am also thinking she gets a hold of the element of greed somehow, any ideas of that?