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  1. @Blitz Boom As they got to work, Astral felt the magic of the world shift around her, nervous about it's origins due to what's been going on. "Wonder if that guy was ever real." "Probably not, seeing how Opal was secretly the lady the whole time." "It was so silly that we trusted some random pony." "Well you trusted Chow right?" "Heh, true, maybe it's a good thing we can trust ponies, just not when they turn out to be evil." Inside, Iron's ears twitched as he sensed something, teleporting away with a quiet whooshing sound. ============================= Skall nodded happily. "Why thank you sir, have a good day." He said with a smile. "That was shockingly easy." He mumbled to himself, but his mouth and speech were hidden by his illusion. "To be honest dear, the worst betrayer is Rose, element of betrayal, seriously how did we not see that coming?" He didn't often call it dear, more so because of how long since he last held it, but it was certainly sincere. As he walked away, he paused his step, looking back. "What brings you here?" "I came to meet an old friend" Iron smiled with a grin, there was a deep distaste immediately in between the two, and the element would be familiar with why they hated each other, they did used to be friends before the group of the Elements of Disharmony even formed, but they got into conflict when Skall founded the group with Steel Beak, and is why Steel Beak has a steel beak ============================= "Hogweed, we need information on exactly what went down when Warlock escaped, are you certain he didn't do it himself?" His appearance turned to a questioning one- and it was certain he would not be as harsh as Shade might've ever been. "And put aside any biases, Especially if Warlock is still evil."
  2. @Blitz Boom "I heard whispers from the element of greed when I wore it, made me feel the need to use it more. I can gather they all do that." He looked aside, searching his memories. "And I saw a faint image, they must've lost their last wielder of the element, because they left something behind." He lifted his hoof and casted a form, which had two twisted horns, which Emerald could instantly recognize as Grogar's form "This was their form, seems familiar but can't quite recall why." ============================ Skall glanced side to side when they arrived, making sure Steel couldn't see, as his form parted in two, staying behind as his other form went with Steelbeak. He went to Canterlot, leaving Steelbeak tricked into leaving, holding the element up to his eyes with his claw. "This is why it's better with just you isn't it? You have much more fun ideas." He smiled widely, teleporting to Canterlot, appearing as if he was a regular unicorn. "Greetings!" He said enthusiastically to a royal guard, walking over and some glasses that he gave himself, to look intelligent. "Do you know where I may find information on Tirek?" ============================ "Getting proper answers to what's going on will help massively, so yeah I am interested." Hearing Hogweed out, someone so close to Chariot so far could clear some things out. Maybe they could even side with him to deal with Opal.
  3. 4961780
  4. @Blitz Boom So basically my last post was me formally asking if we can involve Tirek in this. Do you control him or does some other player? Either way I'd like to include a character who fits the Element of Greed from MLP Canon
  5. @Blitz Boom Her words would cause a silence across them aside from Chariot who was following Emerald, which took several minutes before th decided to resume a conversation- Iron Star couldn't deny that Sapphire had made bad decisions, but now that she was trying to make up for it, did that make her evil? He still had to consider that, he barely knew her given her previously immortal status. Chariot would follow her down, as she asked. "What have you learned so far, about the spirit inside her gem?" ====================================== "This whole day is a strange development of villainy right now. It doesn't really make sense given what I heard of Chariot's reform." The General started pacing back and forth. "What if he was just, kidnapped?" ====================================== Skall looked to his element with an elongated smile of endearment, "Are you sure he'll work?" Steal Beak turned to look "Only if he still lives." "That would be foolish to rely on an uncertain variable." They walked through a forest, the cracking of leaves under them. "Listen, Tirek is able to consume magic, he is perfect, if he doesn't live, I can just resurrect him like that" He said, snapping his claw. "Now, who must we ask about him?" "Maybe a civilian? or a guard?" "Ah yes, asking an authority figure who might know about our past villainy.Isn't it likely with how many myths turn true, they are taught as if they are all true?" "So civilian then, shall we ask those in Ponyville?" "No, it will be under more guard after Opal's display, one of the places where they were attacked but aren't going to know of us." "Information travels slow, maybe Appaloosa?" "Let's try that then." They teleported away again, as Astral looked upwards towards the forest, hearing their teleportation nearby as their disappearance left a sudden dip of magic in the area.
  6. @Blitz Boom Astral had returned before she overstayed her welcome as Chariot takes a seat, looking to Emerald. "Only about an hour? At least I know they can't cause much damage in that amount of time." "Yes, let's just ignore Tirek, Discord, Sombra-" "Okay okay, fair point, at least one of those were reformed." "This is a group of like, five ponies, they are dangerous." "I was the only pony in the group for as long as I was a part of it." "Really? Rather surprising." "Well non-ponies tend to lack magic entirely. Even I an earth pony have a bit of magic naturally. Anyhow, I wouldn't rush this ritual given what the results of that may be. However if they do cause trouble we can leave Emerald to do it." Astral glanced to Emerald- or Chow, maybe both at the same time. "Yeah." "They are sisters there's no way she'd mess this up on purpose." He said, seeing what type of look she was giving. "I know, Sorry." She said with a sigh, exiting out of the house to sit outside, Misty following her outside. ================================== He had no clue why Shade was sounding so accusatory, he didn't have a clue what happened either, so he flew back to Canterlot ================================== The pull was so strong she started to move of her own accord as she shook as she realized her hoof was handing over the element already "Skall!" His head turned unnaturally fast, his focus breaking as Opal retreated her hoof, shaking as the impulse to hand the element over grew ever stronger. "Come on Steel! I am having a moment here!" He had a scar over his right eye, a chip in his metal beak. His claws clattered as their metal armor hit the ground, his wings shuffling under his cloak. He pulled back his hood, revealing a pair of large grey feathers. "Just take it already! We have no reason to delay this for show business." Skall grew in size as he walked over to Steel Beak, getting over him. "I have all the time for show business." Opal shivered in place, a sense of awe at what Skall was doing. "Shameful you think this form of intimation works on me still." Clattering was heard across the floor, as a bottle of powder landed at Skalls now massive feet, as he held it in two claws. "Just take it!" "Why thank you!" His head twisted upside down, his grin wide as he began to shrink down. "We need to see if Warlock is onboard with our regrouping." "He won't be, they reformed him." Steal beak glanced to Opal with a stare of death. "How pitiful, It seems I was right Skall." "Come on, we both knew he was never going to work, who will be a good stand in for Greed?" "I think I know who...." They both disappeared, leaving Opal alone, grinning as she pulled out something from under her cloak- "AH!" She was picked up, as a chuckle was heard, looking to see Skall, still present. "I figured, they never do hand over something so quickly!" He ripped it out of her hooves and threw her to the floor, disappearing again, now she was truely without the element.
  7. @Blitz Boom "Oh she is using that thing as much as her body can, and she's a unicorn so she's not even using it right." Chariot chuckled a bit as he looked around, his irises glowed as he sensed the surroundings. "Current ones in play are Lies, Betrayal, and Depression, none of the original bearers should have their elements right now fortunately so there shouldn't be any others, assuming they did good work when they first hid them." "We haven't done any research on that one, we didn't even know about it or the effects it's having." Misty said, being the only one out of Astral and Chow as Astral teleported away to take the pony to a hospital as she was asked. Chariot rolled his eyes. "Well the last bearer of it went insane after using it." "Don't they all?" "More than the others. Worst still it left such a imprint on his aura so he can still use it's magic, but maybe that went away since I was turned to stone originally." He was honest, as there was no history on the original bearers since Sapphire imprisoned, they were a myth much like Warlock was. "Makes me impressed that you know about them Emerald, since so little was written." "Anyway, how about that ritual right?" Iron hadn't been very impatient much so far, but since it seemed they were so close and had everything, he sounded more so than usual. ============================ Opal's horn glowed as she was about to teleport, or maybe fight back But before she could, a loud snap was heard, as Opal was taken away in a puff of magic. If Shade were to investigate the sound of the snap, he'd see a dragon with black scales and green eyes, who then teleported away. Depending on how much of a history buff he was, he may recognize this previous user of the element of Lies; Skall. ================================= "Who are you?!" She'd spin around, sensing him near as she heard pacing, back at the sister's old castle. "It is I, Skall! We should be far enough for Shade to not find us too quickly." He leaned forward, his neck seeming to stretch towards. "I find you to ask for a favor...." He grins in anticipation, as she looks ather disturbed at him. "What is it?" "Do it camly or we fight, but either way, give me that element." Reaching his hand out, the element would certainly feel a more intense connection with Skall than it would with Opal, as if an old friend had returned to save it. =============================== "Okay! Well... Since I said I'd leave if it got hot, I'll be heading back." He said, looking nervously at Shade, despite how Shade reacted before, he was still expecting resistance here. Whether or not it was a valid fear would depend on Shade.
  8. @Blitz Boom Chariot would've interjected, maybe about how he was presenting himself, so it shouldn't be an issue- but she already sealed the deal with Chow by using his body. Astral watched a bit anxious as Emerald was back in Chows body, but she wasn't about to turn her into an enemy, looking to Emerald's previous host, now laying on the floor. "Well it's hard to safely do that." "Word doesn't travel that fast, if you get there now it's unlikely the guard there know already." ========== She nodded, looking to Chariot as she walked over to the pony, casting a quick healing spell- just in case, but it also restored their energy anyway. "How 'bout you take care of Opal? They wouldn't expect a supposied enemy fight another surely." "Let her be bygone. Opal is a pathetic threat compared to my, old friends." "Old friends you say?" Iron Star went unnoticed so far, except Sapphire and Emerald already knew he was there, as he arrived recently to see the ritual through. "Hopefully communications are cut off now right?" "Of course, it's just that there are now three elements of disharmony out there, there is no way they aren't going to regroup and try to get them back." "So why did the books never mention these friends of yours?" "When Sapphire defeated me, they fled and disappeared, history doesn't exactly remember ghosts." "So who are they?" "The original bearers of the elements of disharmony; Skall, Oros, Ruby and their leader, Steelbeak they shouldn't interfere with this ritual, but perhaps after we finish it we go and deal with that. Opal shouldn't bother us anymore once they get into play however" ========================= Opal smirked widely, it was too easy to mess with both of them, including his little squad here. "I am not the only witch here, I have many helping me...." Suddenly metal straps grabbed at ponies around her seeming to originate from nowhere, as she conjured up several images of mages around her, who now seemed to be the source of these metal straps, as more of these bands grabbed onto the troops, the metal bands were illusions, but she was also using subtle telekinesis to add to them feeling real
  9. @Blitz Boom If it is okay, I will start to slowly introducing Chariot's "old friends" one by one, until they are all in the roleplay. Each one seeking after their original Element, hopefully that won't interfere with any plans of your own, If there are any original bearers of the elements of disharmony you have in the story(outside of our segment of it anyhow) maybe we can include them too. To be clear, I'll only be starting to do this if your okay with it.
  10. @Blitz Boom Chariot pulled what was now shown to be a sack of dirt, with about the same weight as Opal, throwing it to the floor. "Of course! I knew something was off about it!" Chariot looked to Emerald. "Oh I wasn't easy to possess because I was resisting you the last time you tried to." "Should I go back and see where she went?" "Don't, she doesn't know where we went, and if you go back it'll might allow her to follow you back to us." "Anyhow, what do you need for this ritual, at least anything that isn't, possession?" ================================ "Oh I would have! But it just so happened that a general showed up and his guard." She said with and odd smile, despite the sudden appearance of a small force around her, she seemed to be overly confident. Though something about her smile seemed off, as Shade would feel something similar to everypony else she lied to, and the faint echo of her words; "I am not emitting any illusionary magic, and you didn't hear this." Given Shade's experience with illusions, it wouldn't be as strong, as the memories of the words and illusionary magic around her started to slip. "Besides, no reason to worry about it now right?" Iron looked at her intensely, feeling something was intensely off about her, familiar phrasing to an old apprentice of his. "You sound familiar." She looked nervously at him, smiling less confidently than before. "I hear that a lot."
  11. Solar flare is like a fictional character in a fiction, she was a dream character, I don't think she counts as any powerful character, plus she was still on even grounds with nightmare moon either way(Unless you mean in the comics, then you can disregard everything before this), also I couldn't have forgotten her; she wasn't in the show back in 2016
  12. @Blitz Boom "Well It slipped by me with everything that is happening, and this Opal stuff better not be part of a grand plan of yours." Astral said, pointing at Emerald with narrowed brows, the trust still uneasy. "What is needed here? I might be able to help." Chariot said, looking around. "We need Chow's body for his magical potential." Sapphire blurted out. "Not sure you can fulfill that requirement." ========================== Opal stepped back with an odd smile, giving the general some space. "How do you know this?" She looks to Iron, who asked this question. "I saw him exit the forest, before he vanished, so he must have escaped." He looks to shade. "Alright. Shade, can you get some guards on this?" While he was turned away, Shade could see some weird warping around Opals form, like a mirage on a hot day, as her control over the element slipped a little bit, before disappearing. "I'll keep an eye it from a distance."
  13. @Blitz Boom "I don't think either of those two want to be near me." "Well I don't want to be near you either, but until we get the elements back to where they belong, we need to stay low somewhere" "Very well." With that said they went, leaving in a slight gust of wind, as they arrived outside the house, a magical barrier directly in front of them. Astral looked at it, poking her hoof forward at it, causing it to spark with magic, Sapphire opening the door and stepping out, looking at her. "Ah, I knew I had felt something powerful arrive." She said, looking at Chariot, seeming a bit confused before looking to Opal. "Okay.... why is she the one I sense?" "She has an element of disharmony and has hidden it on her." Opal rolled her eyes as she took out a horn and blew it, as suddenly a potion bottle flew off of Opal towards her as she grabbed it. "Horn of Retrieval, your father brought it when he came here earlier." She opened a hole in the barrier and the door as she tucked the element away "Emerald! Your friends are back." ================================= The general left swiftly afterwards, taking a few minutes to arrive at the forest fire, which seemed to be a lot more intense now, as more than he expected were all over it. "What is going on here?" He asked floating near Downtrodden, all he could focus on was how this was kind of an overreaction to this, especially since it seemed some of Nectar's helpers were armored. "Chariot escaped, seems to want to wreak havoc." Were the words Downtrodden heard after, as Opal stood right next to Iron Wing, appearing as a changeling, she had just sneaked away from Chow's back, leaving behind a bag of dirt still disguised as her, and a random bottle of water disguised as the element.
  14. @Blitz Boom Chariot didn't have much hesitation to burst down the doors with a quick blast of a wind spell, charging right in. "Woah hay!" Chariot skidded along the floor suddenly and got into a fighting stance. "Uh...." They would see a familiar changeling who ran in there to hide through the back door, pausing at the sight of Chariot, flying off. "Shoot." Chariot recognized it as Francis and so could the others, turning to look to Chow and Astral "Nectar might come here... the more attention Opal catches us the more this could become a war over the element." "How? She's like an amature at this stuff." "The ones who want the element won't be." "Yeah? Like Celestial, and Luna, all the good guys want it. It'll be in our favor." "Sure sure. But I know a pair of witches who use magic illegally, who are currently harboring a warlock who terrorized the town, I am so sure these goodvguys want to help you right now." They would be bickering for quite a bit, unless Chow intervenes, meanwhile some of Nectars army came in to help with the fires, appearing to be just another group of reformed changelings to the ponies around them. ======================== He would be caught off guard for their reaction to be in his favor. "Great! I can go over and check and retreat if it gets hot." He said with a smile. "Gives me something to do other than wait for this leg to heal anyway."
  15. @Blitz Boom Opal would indeed be knocked unconscious, as she was caught off guard. Chariot nodding with a smile "I was a fool once Chow, letting my fury get to my head and drive myself, good to make a step to overcome your own anger." He said before running after Astral, feeling his magic return as he threw his hooves out, sending out a burst of wind that put out a large portion of flames around them. There laid on Chow an empty vessel, as the element's magic started to return, her subconscious starting to shape it's illusions once again After a while, they would see the edge of the forest approach and the team of firefighters coming to help. But they would also see Chariot- a pony who previously terrorized the town a few weeks back. ===================== He knew Shade wasn't one to mess with, so he started to back off from them already. "I know I'm not, though I have a feeling an old teammate of mine is behind this, so if anything I'd like to find some way to help even from over here." He slowly landed back on the balcony. "And since you won't let me go over there, you can suggest something first."
  16. @Blitz Boom It took a second to click for Chariot that this was an illusion of Iron Wing, but when it did, his metal legs channeled magic down into the ground, as a burst of energy sent them all flying back from him, as suddenly they felt void of magic, Opal on the forest floor as all the warping of the surroundings vanished and revealed the burning hot forest fire around them, being robbed of it's magic, the entity within the element would feel death for the first time, at least until the magic returned "Don't you see Opal? It's all illusions!" Opal looked at him, fury in her eyes. "Iron never cared. Neither did you." Her horn glowed as she attempted to teleport, but it fizzled into harmless sparks, after which she hit the ground and stood up. "Seems we're fighting the old fashioned way." "Unfortunate for you." Chariot ran forward and kicked her with his front hooves, knocking her into one of the burning trees, lighting her mane aflame Astral looked to Chow, a panicked expression he hadn't seen on her before, Misty hopping on her back as she runs off. "Best we leave before we also get lit on fire." =============================== Meanwhile, the real Iron Wing looked out over his balcony, his leg bandaged up, seeing the now extensive forest fire that Opal was previously obscuring, narrowing his brow as he sighed to himself "Of course I have to be heroic! But this is my job, so screw that the secretive injuries!" He quickly puts on his armor from his room, and returns to the balcony extending out his metal wings, diving off the balcony and sailing away, leaving the nurse assigned to him to see him suddenly fly off. At the same time, anyone in Ponyville could now see a forest fire rapidly approaching the town.
  17. @Blitz Boom There would be a the sounds of clashing in the distance, attracting their attention, as they could see two faint figures battling. Chariot looked up to Chow, with concern, starting to see what the reality was "Don't let this anger fuel you Chow." "Stop this!" Misty ran in front of Chow "Opal doesn't deserve this!" "What could I do to prove myself here-" "Chariot or not! You don't need to do this Chow" Chow would see the trees open up behind Misty as a pony shattered through them, the visage of Iron Wing flying towards him and Chariot, giving him time to possibly move out of the way and leave Chariot to get hit by the general, behind the broken trees is Opal, with a horn glowing a bright red, almost seeming to be on fire, as the Element of Lies flowed around inside it's container, almost seeming to be alive. Tears streamed down Opal's face as Iron got up from the ground, her horn sparking with dark magic. "Why did you come all this way, just to hurt me?" Only her sadness could be heard in her voice, her eyes trained on Iron, unable to see the others. "Oh hay, this is just getting confusing!"
  18. @Blitz Boom Opal's ears twitched, as Chariot looked on in curiosity. "You're hearing it aren't you?" "Hearing what?" She glanced at a familiar figure looking on in disappointment, gritting her teeth. "General Iron?" She ran over to them Chariot sighed and extended his hoof, several strips of cloth wrapping around her and holding her in place "The Element of Greed taunted me when I used it too, you must be hearing something from using this one so much." "No! Let me go!" She yelled out, suddenly taking a form of Chariots dead wife, as he looked on in horror, ending the spell abruptly as Opal ran after the illusion of Iron Wing, and whereever it would lead her. =============================================== Astral wouldn't wait long to send them both to the source of the smoke, as Astral suddenly extended out a sword, Chariot looking ahead with a look of horror, as if he saw a ghost, paying little attention to her arrival, thinking them as just another illusion. "Why would you take his form, it just makes me want to take you down more." He looked at the ground as he sat down, chuckling to himself "Worse than I thought." He looked to Astral "Opal, it is pointless to play this type of mind game with me, I have a stronger mind than you think." Astral was a little confused by this, lowering her sword. "Are you- serious right now? Is she serious right now?" She said, looking to Chow.
  19. This thread is destined not to die
  20. @Blitz Boom Opal arrived somewhere distant, rubbing her head as she found herself in a strange location, a familiar forest "What are you DOING?!" Chariot cried out, stomping his hoof down "Freeing you from that vile prison." "I am not on board for this! I was trying to turn away from this!" "Hogweed will be only relieved to not be working with you, at least I have a use for you; find the elements for me!"" His brows furrowed as his mane floated, feeling a surge of magic those cuffs wouldn't allow, he grinned. "You'll only find a new enemy." He started hovering up instinctually, before releasing a pulse of magic at Opal, sending her flying away. Opal got up on her hooves, her horn glowing as the forest warped around her, seeming to be a unconscious decision, her horn sparking as she blasts a cone of fire at Chariot ====================================== "I don't know Chow, She can't be doing anything good." Misty ran outside to see if Opal had just teleported outside the building, just to see if she was near. "Astral, Chow!" She looked over and ran quickly, putting a hoof over her eyes to see better into the distance "that's no good." It was barely noticeable, but there was a faint smoke rising up into view, coming from the direction of the everfree, before a large explosion interrupted the horizon "I think she might've gone there."
  21. @Blitz Boom Astral smirked and grabbed a mallet from the drawer, the lack of hesitation from knowing what Chow was doing Opal wasn't sure where the quiet voice came from, she didn't know what Chow's parents looked like, she barely knew him, but she looked up, almost peering inside his mind- "How could you hit this face?" Her form shifted, smiling wide, she knew he was lying, but that wouldn't stop her from messing with him first. Her form took that of a griffon, Opal didn't know who it was, but the element gave her a sense this was an important figure to Chow- Astral looked confused at Opal, not sure what she was doing, before she grabbed Opal and pulled her head to look at her. "Stop whatever you're doing, this is only delaying-" One of Opal's eyes turned into a gem, as she took the form of Sapphire, Astral stepping back from her "To be fair, I don't need to stay here." Her cracked horn glowed, the cracks fizzling up- as they were also an illusion. "There was a hope you'd lead me to the other elements, but it seems that wasn't going to work." She vanished from Chow's grasp, having teleported away, now outside of a pair of doors of a certain, cafeteria. "Time for plan B." ================================= "Any change of scenery is nice, so yes it is." After they sat down and he set his tray down, he started eating the food. "Been a while since I had one of these." He swallowed the bite, he paused after, putting the burger down, putting a hoof to his head, he looked to Hogweed. "Oh no-" He turned around. She didn't seem to notice him, Opal was just a regular guard to them, but she sure was a hotspot of element activity to Chariot. She wandered over next to Chariot as if to casually walk by before she stopped near him, her horn sparking as she smirked widely. "You're coming for a ride." "Wait don't!" He extended his hoof out to Opal, his cuffs suddenly shattering as Opal's eyes glowed bright, revealing her true form to Hogweed. "Too late~" She teleported away with him, leaving Hogweed alone in the cafeteria, Who knows how the generals might react to their seemingly reformed prisoner disappearing?
  22. @Blitz Boom He had a weird sense of nostalgia, he really hadn't had any of these foods in, well literally centuries. "All of those sound great, though I may have the hay burgers." He said, a food that he had on his mind since he got tired of the food delivered to his cell. "If possible some of the salad too." ==================================== As soon as he took her hoof she smiled "Well that's gr-" Then he pinned her down as she looked up to him and let out a huff. "You do know I just told you Shadow Streak is out there right?" "Yeah she did." Astral blurted out, before shaking her head. "No no! The element makes us believe whatever she says." She then takes a cloth and wraps it around Opal's muzzle to keep it shut as she continued to grumble. "That is stupid however, Canterlot Guard are going to suspect us for that magic usage before anypony else, and they will come right here, to you." She reached her hoof into the cloak around Opal, the only real part of her disguise, and took out the bottle"You are quite the trio." The bottle vanished, Chow now pinning down a random pony as Shadow Streak appeared out of one of the walls of the kitchen as the room turned to a green smoke "Obviously Opal wouldn't fall so easily to you-" Out of sheer curiosity Misty wiped at his form, revealing smoke, looking to the pony in Chows grasp and slapping them "Misty!" Astral yelled out, looking sternly, before she saw what happened to the pony... A layer of green smoke was thrown off of them, revealing Opal beneath. "You make this more tricky don't you? Like of course the youngins can see through the illusions!" Astral rolled her eyes "Hand over the element or we turn you in." "I can use it without moving, as you just saw, so you'll never know if you have it or not." "Chow, do you know how to make her talk?"
  23. @Blitz Boom "You ought to teach me your positivity dear, I need it." It took him a beat to realize he called her dear, but opted to ignore that. "And yes, I would like a dinner outside of the cell." He said, looking towards her as he smiled softly, a more genuine smile than usual. ====================== "You didn't, hear, that." Rose repeated, glaring intensely, her eyes almost glowing. "Yes I did!" Misty declared, narrowing her eyes angrily. She bit her teeth, closing her eyes. "Alright! It was going good so far-" Her eyes opened as an idea popped into her head- then she looked to Chow and Astral. "Chow, Astral, I must take us somewhere more secure before I explain what this is." She said, before teleporting them within the kitchen of Astral's home. Rose turned around and grinned slightly. "What is this about Rose?" She looks to the trio, and takes out a bottle with a green dust in it. "This is the element of lies. The one you have is a fake." Astral widens her eyes. "Of course! you're making us believe whatever you say-" "Then that one might not be real either!" Misty said. "Yes, seems younger ponies can resist it's magic too..." She sighs and puts the bottle away, before plume of green smoke covers her, and reveals a different form underneath, a splintered horn and an element around her neck- certainly the element of lies, as her true form reveals itself. "Opal!?" "Yes! Of course I am Opal!" She says in a degree of fury. "Now Shadow Streak hasn't caught on yet, and you know that I want to do evil with the elements, but he does too, so we have common ground to stop him! Whatcha say?" She says, reaching out a hoof to them, seeming strangely confident.
  24. @Blitz Boom He nodded at her as he followed her out. "Understandable. But they won't need me saying that to make them think I am a threat..." He grumbled lightly, before sighing. "The chains are alright however, but when there is a threat and I could sense it's exact location without them is, irritating. Anyway... progress is progress." He said, 'progress is progress' a phrase he had mentioned to himself nearly every day thus far in the reformation. ======================================= "Yes, it is nice of her to give us a lift here, in this.... public location." Astral said awkwardly, glancing to Rose, Chow was partially mistaken as it was Rose who took them back, as she gave a light smile, which would cue that she was the teleporter. "Anyway, best we contact one of the generals, who would be best? Maybe General Iron Wing?" "Er, he's out of commission due to an injury-" Rose bit her lip, that wasn't public information yet- "You didn't hear that!" She blurted out- what was she referring to- She didn't... she didn't say anything? "Iron wing may not be a good idea is all..." Astral shook her head, she was really thrown off after that moment, it's like they heard her say something but then forgot. "A-anyway, any other ideas?" "What's wrong, she just said General Iron Wing is injured and you're just going to forget?" Misty mentioned, Rose glaring intensely, with a strange hint of fury. Seems Misty knowing was unintended...
  25. @Blitz Boom Chariot sighing as he could sense the hooves being set down on the subject of the chains, especially since they just said they wouldn't budge "She is an enemy of mine, but we'd be aligned on finding the elements of disharmony at least, doesn't sound like I have a say either way however" ===================================================== The concern over her was rather appreciated as Astral chuckled to herself "I'm good Chow, I haven't done that before is all." But then he kept talking, reformation? She looked to the side as she processed this information, in a strange way Chariot would have never been reformed if she never let him free, she shook her head, looking at Chow. "Very well, maybe this Shadow Streak also deserves a chance at good too." An unexpected response, to be sure, as Rose looked really caught off guard. "Isn't he your enemy? A-and Shadow Streak really couldn't be reformed-" "Yes but if he's been reformed obviously it's because he shows promise, and I only want to consider Shadow open to change, not that you should ever get back with him if that happens." Something boiled inside Rose, she was silent for a while after, as Astral wandered around- "Well we should go back to tell the guard about Shadow, make this easier on us." Astral nodded and stood near, along with Misty, assuming Chow would step near, they would be off at Canterlot, arriving at a plaza.