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  1. The tardis landed the doctor and derpy stepped out. Doc? derpy asked confused what's going on? We're at the end of time right now derpy this war has a dark side to it a bomb will go off and destroy equestria the entire horse world! WHAT! derpy exclaimed! were going to save time derpy. But why? Because if the bomb goes off the pony's will not come back. Oh derpy said silently. Don't worry derpy its going to be fine we just need to blow up this bomb. BUT WHERE IS IT! in the crystal empire. oh. so they started on their quest to find the bomb of doom. MANY MILES OF TROTTING LATER! doctor grunts were here derpy. right doc but now we got to get the bomb.Then they heard trumpets blare and they looked only to fine the bomb being carried by two enemy warriors.Well derpy today is going to be easier than we fought. But how do we get rid of them? i have an idea. derpy get out your gun and aim carefully. right doc....So she aimed her gun at the enemy troop. Wait derpy said but then the other one will attack.Good point derpy shoot two bullets. right doc. She charged her gun and...POW/ POW. and hit them both and blood was on the crystal floor. fine job derpy now i'm gonna go deactivate it so he got up and trotted to the bomb and got out his sonic screw driver he pressed his teeth down and it made it's weird humming sound and Smoke came from the bomb. then a robotic voice said bomb activated. WHAT!? the doctor and derpy exclaimed five minutes till boom boom. Derpy get your laser. RIGHT so she put her hoof into the pocket of her brown bomber jacket got it out and cut off the top to the bomb. o,k derpy this is how you deactivate a bomb so he got out his sonic screw driver in his mouth again and looked for the source where the bomb would turn off. o.k derpy this is how you deactivate a bomb so he got derpy's laser pen and cut through the the thick blue wire. then a voice said bomb deactivated. Wait doc cant they build another? good point derpy... we need to destroy their supplies. O.k doc i can blow it up. Good idea derpy. Why do you sound surprised? derpy asked. not right now derpy here. he gave derpy then he activated the missle with his sonic screw driver then a small missle went out her jacket pocket. Oh by the way derpy good job. now RUN FOR YOUR LIFE DERPY HOOVES! Then the tardis started appearing and they blasted off the ground now watch this. Then A HUGE EXPLOSION happened in the former crystal empire. WOW! derpy said surprised fireworks! Now. the doctor said. where shall we go next? to good ol equestria. Great idea derpy and the tardis started to dissapear.
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. heres something i found on wikipedia An animated feature film based directly on the television series was first announced on October 20, 2014 by Variety.[102] Scheduled for a theatrical release on October 6, 2017 in the United States,[103] the film is Hasbro's first animated feature film from its Allspark Pictures film division. It will be distributed worldwide by Lionsgate, with the exception of China.[104] McCarthy and Mike Vogel are the film's co-executive producers, and Joe Ballarini is the scriptwriter.[102] The film concerns the "Mane Six" ponies—Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity—journeying beyond Equestria to stop a threat looming over their hometown of Ponyville.[105] Hasbro's president, Stephan Davis, said of the film that "I think it gives us an opportunity to tell a bigger story, that maybe we [can't] tell on television" and that "[it's] also an opportunity to broaden the franchise".[58] The main cast from the animated television series will be reprising their roles, and Kristin Chenoweth and Emily Blunt will voice original characters.[104][106] Also heres the big PICTUREWhat do you think?
  4. HA I rember when i watched that junky baby one when i was baby sitting i rember thinking how is she enjoying this its littreally the worst animated thing ever! #G3STINKS HA I rember when i watched that junky baby one when i was baby sitting i rember thinking how is she enjoying this its littreally the worst animated thing ever! #G3STINKS
  5. Name:Doctor whooves. Age:IF you want the true answer EST:1005. Gender:Male earth pony/time prince Personality:like the tenth doctor he has a lay back calm attitude...BUT... He is extremely brave hes fought more monsters than he can name HE will always put companions and others first even if it means he has to regenerate,He Can have a merciless side So Workers beware. He has a sonic screw driver,3d glasses, And a whole lot of intillgence
  6. Even doctor whooves couldnt escape sleeping when awoken he was in a dark room probbaly a dungeon he sees a light but it goes out quickly Where am i? he says wheres derpy? ANYONE!? He yells in fear...SILENCE... then he hears something. his worst nightmare. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! A dark blue light glowed. WHAT! but that is impossible the doctor said in fear..EXTERMINATE! the doctor thought for a second and he said wait... he pulled out his sonic screw driver and hypnotized the nightmarish dalek. He chuckled at the site of the dalek your green and blue? He turned on his sonic screw driver and looked around wheres that key he thought to himself. SUDDENLY... a key appears on the ground. How did i not see you? This place is creepy.,it makes daleks look like cute little bunny's. He opened the dungeon door and looked around...hmm I wonder whats here by the looks of it i feel like i might be going the opposite way i came. he walked down the hall for what seemed like hours than he saw a open door hotel room he went inside and saw something creepy...Himself...BUT..BUT..BUT that's impossible..... SUDDENLY.. Your right doctor it is. Its also a clue . I thought you might know the answer to getting out of this i was going to kill you with the dalek but you seem to have no clue the one flaw in my plan... WHAT!? the doctor exclaimed. Oh i thought you were smarter than that doctor anyway its time for you to go to asleep your not escaping. Then the nightmarish/cute daleks attacked him! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE then the doctor heard something. the voice said your not going to die your going to sleep till someone finds the true flaw. But for now here is one clue before you sleep...Everypony has desires but those desires are also their weakness...goodnight doctor....
  7. Doctor Whooves
  8. This is the 100th episode and also with that note my favorite episode.
  9. Welcome to the community (gives banana and tea) enjoy yourself.