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  1. @@Illiad Easle, Bracket smiled back at the thestral, and then replied "Hello, yeah I'm Bracket." thoughts quickly swirled in his head, 'would it be inappropriate to question her appearance? an interesting color no doubt' 'eyes that glow. interesting. probably reflective' "So midnight tells me that the thestrals have elders, are these thestral's positions closer to ruler or adviser to a council? I am completely new to all of this and I am quite curious." Bracket tried to not to look psychotic a look he was told he often developed when excited. a smile too wide and eyes too curious. Some p
  2. @@Illiad Easle, Bracket looked down each path, he had become used to staying up late with his work, even in the hospital. Even so, his journey had tired him, he paused for contemplation one one hoof he could explore more of these several cultures that midnight had presented him tonight, or he could rest up and meet new ponies tomorrow. Again bracket looked at the trails ahead of him. "Alright, i'm used to staying up anyway Let's meet the Thestrals!" Bracket smiled and started towards the bridge.
  3. @@Illiad Easle, Bracket imagined what these thestrals would look like, with their leathery wings, would they have reflective eyes and fangs? his questions where thrown aside as they neared the edge of the Zebra village. he waved at the zebras that looked at him and through the shadows of the trees he couldn't quite make out the colors of the equins in front of him. he peered around and saw more zebras. "So where are we going? their city hall type of building?" "And are these zebras afraid of me?"
  4. Bracket nodded as midnight explained, "About the thestrals, what do they look like? are they dragonoid or skeletal? do they posses magic like the reindeer?" As the two walked along bracket continued to stare into the forest. he waited for the trail ahead to reveal what kind of place the knightly pony on his side would live in.
  5. @@Illiad Easle, bracket looked at the zebra, and then at midnight. "These zebras are they also nocturnal? and is this an extension of the fastar clan or another clan entirely?" bracket was so full of questions and yet he was afraid to ask them all for fear of looking like a complete idiot. in a thought, 'I don't know what a thestral is, are they similar to dragons in appearance or more like skeletons? do they posses magic at all? and if so is it similar to a Pegasus or more like the reindeer?' bracket just waited silently for midnight's response before continuing with more questions.
  6. @@Illiad Easle, Bracket laughed with midnight, and when he noticed the lanterns being lit he questioned "Are the thestral's nocternal?" he continued to look into the forest with awe. "I'd love to met them, all this excitement is giving me energy. You called them a 'clan', is their government a tribal system with an elder at the head? and are the descendants of Fastar the elder's or is it a test of wisdom to become one?"
  7. @@Illiad Easle, Bracket looked up and smiled at what he assumed was midnight. "Nice to meet you too, Midnight, i brought the wings with me. And before i begin asking you questions about every little particle of this place, I have to say you're taller than i thought." Bracket shuffled his shoulders to display the brass wings. "This forest, is amazing no doubt. is it full of magical creatures? and are they hostile? in the everfree we have a lot of timber wolves and such. making it dangerous for ponies to explore. this is the shimmerwood yes? it has a different feel about it. welcoming a
  8. @@Illiad Easle, Bracket thanked the ferry pony and eagerly started up the trail looking into the forest and remarking to himself how different it felt from the everfree. he looked at the trees and how they did shimmer with the moonlight and simply let his mouth hang agape as he raised his eyes further and started at the sky. the stars were brighter out here and different giving the whole area an alien and interesting feel that he could only enjoy with a silent mouth. he looked up the trail looking for midnight. "Hadn't he said he'd be here? i wouldn't be questioning his absence but i don't
  9. @@Illiad Easle, Bracket decided to try his best to blend in, following the flow of ponies towards the ferries, no ponies seemed inclined for conversation. He eventually reached the dock and scanned the sides of the street, looking at the shore based buildings for a ferry rental where he could get a boat to the Archback mountains. Bracket reflected on how midnight hadn't given him instructions for which ferry to take. "possibly this is a test to see how resourceful I am?" he thought.
  10. Bracket decided he no longer had to hurry but spotted a long line at the ticket station. he might as well get a ticket and then some food. he tried his best not to bump anypony on his way over to the line but ended up getting some up turned muzzles and he had to snort at the ridiculous look on their faces. it looked like they had smelled something sour at the same time they tried to look high and mighty. it was ludicrous, Bracket continued through the line and purchased a ticket for Manehattan. He then looked around for a place that sold apple cider, one of his favorite local drinks. finding o
  11. @@Illiad Easle, After cinching his saddlebags to his bag bracket strapped on the wings and off he went, nodding to the few ponies he passed bracket made his way to the train station. as he waited for the train he pulled out the map that Midnight had sent him and chose the appropriate route. Canterlot was the first stop. then following midnight's suggestion he would travel to manehatten and get a boat up to the base of the mountain. "So far so good", bracket spoke to himself and looked around the train station, wondering what he would encounter, and what he could possibly do to entert
  12. @@Illiad Easle, Midnight, I'll be arriving as soon as i can pack up the wings and get on the train! I hope this letter reaches you before i do. I'll wait a day after sending it and then procure a ticket. I can't wait for the adventure to begin, Bracket~ Bracket quickly stuffed the letter into an envelope and sent it off then returning to his workshop he looked around and thought. This is the cleanest it's been since i bought the place and you STILL can't see the desk! i hope Midnight doesn't think ill of me. the spare room is clean and ready and so is the kitchen, but my ro
  13. @@Illiad Easle, Midnight, I cannot possibly imagine what your words may have done. I'm not a psycologist nor am i luna herself; but if i know anything about luna, and it's likely i don't, i think she will be willing to forgive you. I do not wish any harm to befall you, as it would cut this wonderful advetnure short and be sad to lose someone who i can now consider at least a trusted pony, and at most a friend. News on the wings, THEY WORK!! I got them working after having to make 100 more brass pinions. I went up to my launching spot, on the mountain in the everfree, and jumped off
  14. Midnight Um, What exactly did you say to Luna? Killing you seems pretty harsh for what i assumed were words, that ended a 'friendship'. Best of luck in your endeavors, I have acquired a larger design based on a friend's 'algorithm'. and i wait to be released today to rebuild it. Bracket
  15. @@Illiad Easle, Is it alright that i include interactions with dr whooves? not sure what i can do during this letter period. you are the DM. after all.
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