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  1. I'm thinking why the heck am I on MLP Forums when I should be doing homework and my eyes really hurt because I've been on it for 7 consecutive hours.
  2. Meh, I mean I'm vegetarian,, I get everything that you need to get on your plate everyday. I drink tons of water in the morning and make healthy kale smoothies. But at the same time I eat lots of junk food like chips and cracker so I don't know :3
  3. I am the best at drawing and I'm totally not narcissist
  4. Jalepeño onion chips :0 the best things ever xx
  5. I just ate some crackers with chocolate filling inside of it. Some vegan chile,
  6. jailed for murdering a young girl eating a muffin :c
  7. In jail for being too cute (seriously your avatar is adorable).
  8. I was drawing my WCsona <3 It's so cute and now I get to do commissions on YouTube (yay...).
  9. I wanted to do a Warriors RP but I'm very bad at planning so is anyone up to creating a WCRP? I'd definitely join. Thanks!
  10. lol I'm so inactive

  11. I have to drop out for a while, as well. I'm way too busy and I don't want to ruin your Roleplay,
  12. Its mah birthday~

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    2. Wolves


      Happy birthday! :D Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

    3. Rikifive


      YAY!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! ^^

    4. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Happy Birthday Bubble! I hope you have an awesome day! :D *throws confetti*

  13. I'm so sorry that I'm inactive! I don't go on here much anymore because I have lots of homework + important tests! I apologize! I will try and get back to roleplaying.
  14. Why. Am. I. Sooooo inactive now? Because of homework.

    1. Unicorncob


      D: Don't worry about it *hugs*

  15. Sorry about being soooooo inactive. I've got lots of homework...

    1. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      *twilight smile* x3

  16. Should I open requests?

    1. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      If you want to >.>

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    3. twiia


      sure, you'll actually get attention unlike me.

  17. Yum Coconut creme bread?
  18. @Unicorncob, Amberpaw paused for a few moments, thinking. Then, slowly she started to follow Owlheart out the territory. She looked forward and her eyes gleamed as she thought, 'My first border patrol!'. She picked up her pace, quickening as she thought about the border patrol.