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  1. time's up. the roleplay is canceled. due to not enough players.
  2. I will cancel the roleplay if none of the others wants to do it. Ethan Sawyer being one of the most important ones. 2 days until cancel Ethan!
  3. If no one else wants to be GM in 1 day. You're in! just to make sure everyone gets a chance we now have a new GM! He is Child Of Darkness!
  4. Ok, joining time is over!!! I just got a message from the current GM, saying that he wont be GM. anyone good at being GM? I'm asking because I don't know how I am also extending the time till the roleplay starts. 4-7 weeks!
  5. Mood swings for MoodRaiser. YAY!

  6. I'm back from vacation *BROHOOF*

  7. Don't let anyone lie about you!

  8. You're in! Just make sure to fix the typos in the backstory
  9. yes I do