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Posts posted by Babyyoshi309

  1. Well to be fair. Some of the most cancerous and annoying people in fandoms are autistic. So people probably just associate them together. 

    Some autistic people are just normal people, while others are the kind you cannot stand to be around because they are completely clueless when it comes to basic social interaction and human decency.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Sherbert Music-Guard said:

    Even though he was offline for 4 hours at that point, so you're dragging him into an argument from when he wasn't even online to be involved in

    What? I am aware he is not online, am I not allowed ping him?

    And what does this have to do with anything?


    Also, you were the one who brought him into the argument. :okiedokieloki:

  3. 5 minutes ago, Sherbert Music-Guard said:

    it's been like 5 pages since me and @King of Canterlot have even posted because we're tired of trying to deal with you

    Just because you wait 5 pages does not mean that you did not post the same character again. But it was not even close to 5 pages. 


    Also, I am pretty sure me and @King of Canterlot somewhat sorted out our differences in pms, it was more of just a friendly reminder to him.

  4. 31 minutes ago, King of Canterlot said:

    What's with you freaking the heck out over every pony or animal related post in this thread? You act like some sorta police officer or something and act like we're not allowed to post what we want simply because you think it looks "gross" (which by the way, most of the time is the complete opposite of gross). If we want to post ponies and other animals than let us do it and don't get so damn upset about it. "Character" is a very general term that applies to everything, video game characters, pony characters, and yes even animal related characters. 

    I'm getting fed up with your constant meltdowns over what we post here, this isn't just your thread remember, this the communities thread where everyone can post what they want, so stop throwing such fits over it geez :unamused: 

    There are so many thing wrong with what you just said. But I have stuff to do so I will only list a few:

    A: You did not say whether the FBI Logo was attractive, nor did you provide a new character.

    B: Why do I freak out? Because it is literally every post, and it disgusts me every time it appears in my feed. I would tolerate if it was like once every few posts, but it is EVERY POST.

    C: Notice how the first like 15 pages had hardly any ponies whatsoever? That is because this thread is in the "Beyond Equestria" section of the forums, as in stuff not about ponies.

    D: I am not acting like a police officer other than reminding you of the rules. Also, you have posted some softcore porn on here, which I think is reason enough to remind you of rules.

    E: It is also gross to a majority of normal humans. The people who are attracted to animals have a mental condition. That does not make you inferior or a worse person, but you do have to acknowledge you have a mental condition. Humans normally like humans.

    F: What is that argument? That argument means nothing. If you are doing something that affects people other than you, than why should people let you do it without getting upset? If it does not affect other people, than it is fine, but that is not the case here.

    G: What? It is not my thread? I had no idea! (sarcasm). Also, it is actually Ziggy + Angel + Rain 's thread, not the community's.

    H: Except you can't post whatever you want, there are rules.

    Those are the main problems, there are a lot more, but I don't want to spend an hour going through every line and listing what is wrong with it. So I will end it here.

    Despite what you think, I am not trying to be the antagonist. I just don't want EVERY SINGLE POST on here to be about ponies... :okiedokieloki:



    As for anyone coming into this, I apologize, and please refer to my above post for the character. :adorkable:

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  5. 16 minutes ago, Titans08Mariota said:

    Can we just stop with the animals?? Its frickin weird. They will not be attractive no matter what. Animals can look cool, cute, or whatever. But they will never be attractive.

    Besides, who would wanna date an animal? 

    THANK YOU!!!! FINALLY!!!!! Beastiality is not good people! Stop posting ponies and just animals in general. It is disgusting and I am tired of seeing them in my feed. And if you don't stop posting them, THAN AT LEAST STOP POSTING THE SAME ONES!!!!! There is like a Midnight Sparkle, a Rainbow Dash, and a Sunset Shimmer on like every page for the past 5 pages! 

    Also, I don't think you realize the point of "THE ABOVE CHARACTER" as in, the most recent post with a character! Not just whatever one you want to! :glimmer:


    1 hour ago, King of Canterlot said:

    Yeah, I mean I like saucy ponies don't get me wrong........ but, furry stuff? Nah, it's just a little too far "out there" for me :wacko:

    They are LITERALLY the same thing. Clop is furry. But it doesn't matter that they are the same, because both are disgusting. :okiedokieloki:



    Though since there was no image provided by anyone above, I guess I will provide one.

    Image result for fbi

    The FBI, because some people here clearly need it.

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  6. 22 minutes ago, King of Canterlot said:

    Hahahah, no, I'm not into fish, only ponies ^_^

    How about @Sherbert Music-Guard's waifu, Twilight? 


    Image result for mlp sexy twilight


    Putting that in a spoiler because it is gross. No. 


    And seriously guys! Stop posting ponies! You can post some every once in a while, but this is not a pony thread! Stop posting those suggestive ponies, it is grossing me out!




    Image result for reksai

    How about Rek'Sai? The most beautiful maiden in the land. :derp:

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