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Everything posted by Babyyoshi309

  1. @SOM3D4Y I would, but I am not sure how to get it.
  2. @Crystal Vision I noticed the legs were a bit off as well. Well, I can only get better from here! @SOM3D4Y I just used the plain old paint program.
  3. @MalekPony I both agree and disagree. Her goal is to become the top fashion designer in Equestria. It makes sense she would want to open shops in other places even if she can't run them.
  4. I finished drawing my first MLP drawing! I did it in my spare time with a drawing tablet! It got kind of pixelated when I turned it into a PNG, but it still looks okay. So what do guys think of my fail drawing of my OC? By the way, thanks to @Dream Solstice for drawing the cute mark! And thanks to @LotusPeony for some ideas!
  5. @PathfinderCS I agree! Only 2 more days until the episode airs, I am really excited!
  6. @Icy Wind What makes you think that? I don't really see any connections. @Silvestra Spooner I totally agree with you on that!
  7. @Dream Solstice Thanks!!! I think I will use it!
  8. @Dream Solstice That is cool, did you just draw that yourself?
  9. @Dark Horse Thanks a ton! I just started the forums 3 days ago and am still finding my way around! Thanks for the advice!
  10. I know this technically has to do with ponies, but I did not know what other category to put it in. Anyway, I am currently drawing my oc with a cutie mark, but I have no idea what cutie mark to do. Can somepony please help? I enjoy: Video Games, MLP, and theorizing about the universe I am good at: Strategics, Math, Drawing, and being nice (if that counts) I am bad at: Speaking, concentrating, most video games, and theorizing about the universe I dislike: Strategics, Math, Drawing, and people who accuse Bronies of having fetishes. So as you can see, I am at a dilemma. I am up to any suggestions. (except a drawing cutie mark, way to many people have those)
  11. I agree, Cheerilee should be in another episode (Zecora should be too). And Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon should definitely be in it, we have not really seen the "bullies" since their reformation. I would like to see how life is going for them. Cheerilee and Zecora defintely are more important though.
  12. @MegaSean45 I agree, it would be cool if they met each other. Since they are pretty much polar opposites, it could be a cool episode if they started fighting each other and rarity was stuck in the middle. Could have a great lesson, and has great potential, but I doubt that is what the episode will be about. But I agree Coco Pummel should return. Though I just came up with a theory that Suri might have something to do with the "false advertising".
  13. @VengefulStrudel Sorry, I am still new here, thanks for letting me know!
  14. Just an update! I am doing great on the forums so far! I created an oc (profile picture *not anymore*), though I might need to change the hair since it looks to much like canned cream's oc. I have created my first post (theorizing about episode 9: I feel really confident that my experience will continue to be great! And I just wanted to thank you all for such a warm welcome to the forums so far! *Edit: Another status update! I am no longer a blank flank!!! I am currently drawing my oc myself, and am going to add a cutie mark (not sure what it will be though). Once again, thank you for the support! (and any ideas on what my cutie mark should be?)
  15. Greetings, BrightBart!!! (I also enjoy video games! You seem like a pretty cool person!) I am new here as well, and the 2 days I have been here have been great! I hope it is like that for you as well! Welcome to the forums!
  16. With the name of "Saddle Row & Rec", what do you ponies think the episode will be about? I have a theory that it might be like kind of a parody of "Parks and Rec" due to the similar name. Though I since all we have is the name, it might be hard to theorize. But I would like to know if you ponies had any theories on what the episode will be about. Please tell me if you have any! *Edit:
  17. I know, I just don't feel official unless I contribute something, and now I can! And thanks!
  18. The episode was good, but I am really getting tired of the Christmas carol parodies. Seriously, they could have at least added new stuff to the mix, but all they did that was new was twilight reading the book. Also, yes, I know the songs are good and enjoyable, but it gets kind of old after non stop songs for a half an hour. I want to watch a TV show not a music playlist. It doesn't help that they are having a hearthswarming episode in the middle of may! I know I am being really nit picky, and a lot of people probably disagree with me, and maybe perhaps I AM being to harsh on the episode, but being harsh will make the show better over all. It lets the creators know their mistakes and fix them. Plus I never said I hated the episode. It just could use some improvements. Now I am sure some of you reading this are probably wondering "why the heck is he rambling about pointless and possibly obvious stuff?" WELL IT IS THE FIRST THING I HAVE WRITTEN ON HERE!!! DON'T JUDGE ME!!!! Who am I kidding, this is the MLP fan base.
  19. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: I have been looking for a way to be an official member of the fan base without leaving my house. I finally found it! How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I heard how it was popular, so one day when I was bored, I decided to match an episode. This decision so far has changed my life, and I hope it will continue to do so in the future! So glad to finally be an official member of the fan base! I am teenage guy in high school (yeah, really interesting ). I love to play video games. My favorites are Yoshi's Island (The original), All the Pokemon games, and Borderlands 2. Though I have played many games, and I most commonly play, League of Legends, Trove, Borderlands 2, Depth, and many other games. I live a boring life in Arizona, where I spend all my time contemplating life, playing video games, or doing something MLP related. Most of my friends are on the internet, since everyone I know in real life are not very nice, or I have nothing whatsoever in common with. So glad to finally be an official member of the fan base! Did I mention how I am excessively happy to finally be an official member of the fan base!