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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    And a Happy Hearthswarming! 

  2. Happy Birthday~

  3. Just in time for Nighmare Night in the human world, checkout these Halloween worthy episodes.
  4. I just finished Snow White with the Red Hair. I really hope they make a third season. The characters have a great sense of humor.
  5. Merry Birthiversary! 

  6. Rainbow Dash has sure earned her nickname as "Rainbow Crash" with the many crashes she has made throughout the series. I am working on a project and would love your help in identifying which episodes Rainbow Dash crashes. Also, I'm curious to know what your favorite Rainbow Crash fail is.
  7. @Venomous Are you excited for the Disney Live-Action Remake? They recently bumped back the release date by a year or two, sadly. Thor: Ragnarok was the latest movie I watched.
  8. Oh gosh. Don't make me remember. I guess the clips I've seen from "Sausage Party" have been pretty weird and gruesome. As a whole I'm not a fan of adult cartoons. They take away all my joy. What sport would you make an Olympic sport?
  9. Thor: Ragnarok This movie was definitely my top favorite out of all the Thor movies. All the others didn't even come close.
  10. I find it possible that Rainbow can make her up the ranks to captain, but as of right now it seems unlikely. Spitfire is a pretty lovable character and I find it unrealistic to see her retiring or stepping down anytime soon. However, I could see Hasbro make an episode where Spitfire injures herself or causes her to step down for a brief period of time, leaving Rainbow Dash in charge. But I can't see Rainbow taking over the rank of Captain, on a permanent basis, anytime soon.
  11. I finally finished writing the article I have been meaning to publish for months. It isn't mlp related but webtoon related. You should check it out anyway! ;)


  12. I was honestly very surprised to find Grandpa Gruff being the griffin to represent Griffinstone and introduce Gallus to the School of Friendship. I was expecting Gilda to be the one to introduce Gallus. It has been a good couple seasons since the last time we saw Gilda and an even longer time since Gilda was given a speaking role. Are we to assume that Gilda is now in charge of the Griffins? Or does the voice actor of Gilda not want to reprise her role? What do you think we haven't seen Gilda in a while and will we see her this season?
  13. The challenge was a big flop for me to be completely honest. I just had a lot of life circumstances getting in the way of completing my word goal. But I plan to work on each story along the side of going to school and working.
  14. Christian Pop What genre of fimfics is your favorite?
  15. What would you guys think of a Luna x Pharynx pairing? I have a cool idea for a fanfic that revolves around them. The two would have their first encounter in the Changeling Attack on Canterlot. I would elaborate on why Luna disappeared for almost the entire battle. It may or may not have something to do with Pharynx.