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  1. Rainbow Dash has sure earned her nickname as "Rainbow Crash" with the many crashes she has made throughout the series. I am working on a project and would love your help in identifying which episodes Rainbow Dash crashes. Also, I'm curious to know what your favorite Rainbow Crash fail is.
  2. Valeska

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    @Venomous Are you excited for the Disney Live-Action Remake? They recently bumped back the release date by a year or two, sadly. Thor: Ragnarok was the latest movie I watched.
  3. Valeska

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Oh gosh. Don't make me remember. I guess the clips I've seen from "Sausage Party" have been pretty weird and gruesome. As a whole I'm not a fan of adult cartoons. They take away all my joy. What sport would you make an Olympic sport?
  4. Valeska

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Thor: Ragnarok This movie was definitely my top favorite out of all the Thor movies. All the others didn't even come close.
  5. I find it possible that Rainbow can make her up the ranks to captain, but as of right now it seems unlikely. Spitfire is a pretty lovable character and I find it unrealistic to see her retiring or stepping down anytime soon. However, I could see Hasbro make an episode where Spitfire injures herself or causes her to step down for a brief period of time, leaving Rainbow Dash in charge. But I can't see Rainbow taking over the rank of Captain, on a permanent basis, anytime soon.
  6. I was honestly very surprised to find Grandpa Gruff being the griffin to represent Griffinstone and introduce Gallus to the School of Friendship. I was expecting Gilda to be the one to introduce Gallus. It has been a good couple seasons since the last time we saw Gilda and an even longer time since Gilda was given a speaking role. Are we to assume that Gilda is now in charge of the Griffins? Or does the voice actor of Gilda not want to reprise her role? What do you think we haven't seen Gilda in a while and will we see her this season?
  7. The challenge was a big flop for me to be completely honest. I just had a lot of life circumstances getting in the way of completing my word goal. But I plan to work on each story along the side of going to school and working.
  8. All of these story ideas are what I hope to write for NaNoWriMo. I feel pretty confident with writing these stories as a whole. It's just the little details that I probably will have the worst time with. Please let me know if any of these story ideas stand out to you in any way or any sound like they would be fun to read. Also, if you would be interested in hearing more details I have for these stories and would like to help me better mold the story or characters, then feel free to PM me or mention so here. My Story Ideas Beauty and the Beast Retelling Characters - Original Characters (Brazen and Avi) Genres - Drama, Romance, Action, & Dark Setting - Las Pegasus Condemned by his family and rejected by his peers, a stallion victimized by "vanishing twin syndrome" tries to make life bearable through gardening, running, and being accepted into a gang. Everything he thought he knew about family, friends, identity, and love is shattered when a new filly moves in next door. Rock Statues No More Characters - Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Twilight, & Discord Genres - Drama, Comedy, Romance (Possibly - Celestia x Discord) Setting - Discord's Dimension With all four leaders of Equestria having experienced being turned into stone, it isn't surprising that it haunts their nightmares. Celestia deals with past guilt. Luna tries to overcome her new fear of flying. Cadance seeks to gain back her control. Twilight wants to conquer her former feelings of helplessness. Each Princess attempts to seek out solace by finding counsel with the master of turning into stone - Discord. You Again!? Characters - Pharynx, Luna, Celestia, Cadance, Twilight, Starlight & Thorax Genres - Drama, Romance (Pharynx x Luna), Comedy Setting - Canterlot Castle The leaders of Equestria and the Changeling Kingdom come together to discuss the threat of Chrysalis and the future of Changeling and Pony relations. But, when old hostilities arise between Luna and Pharynx, the meeting doesn't go quite as planned.
  9. Valeska

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Christian Pop What genre of fimfics is your favorite?
  10. Valeska

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Yes, my ears would be first to be ponified. What is next for the Changeling Kingdom?
  11. I could see how it could be deemed repetitive but I also think it would give a better explanation as to who the princesses are as a whole. Though it kind of just leaves more questions unanswered for those who aren't fans of MLP. Hasbro could have made it work if they really wanted to. But it is a cool piece no matter how you look at it. They made Tempest look extremely savage in the end. I love the squinty eyes and the chaotic magic. I do agree with you about how they interpreted Princess Cadence. Her official title is Princess of Love right? Why not stick with that instead of making it sound like something else entirely.
  12. [Spoiler: Villian shown] By the looks of things, this is what part of, if not the whole original intro could have looked like. However, Hasbro decided to ditch this intro for the one that made the final cut. Personally, I really dig this deleted intro. I would have liked to have seen this intro along with parts of the final intro incorporated into the movie. This intro scene gives a better explanation to non-pony fans of who the princesses are. Plus, the deleted intro introduces the villain in a cooler more eviler way. Let me know what intro you prefer in the poll. Why do you think Hasbro dropped this intro? Leave your thoughts and opinions below.
  13. Valeska

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Yes, I can write a fanfic. I actually have a bunch of mlp fanfic ideas in mind but I haven't written them yet. I need to just sit my butt down and do it! (If you want to hear some of my ideas send me a PM and I'd be glad to share my ideas.) My favorite oc is Valeska whom I use as my username. I do have some other favorites though! Click the link below banner for more. Have you seen Black Panther? Thoughts without spoilers? (Double question. Hehe.)
  14. Valeska

    Say something totally random!

    Geez. It's been so long since I've active. Where has the time flown?
  15. How would you describe Pharynx's personality in his original changeling form vs his new reformed personality? We mainly only see his former personality, but what do you think changed or stayed the same, personality wise, after his acceptance of love and friendship?
  16. @DonMaguz I couldn't agree more. I ultimately believe Pharynx's steadfastness to protect the hive made him remain in his first form to better protect his family. Only when he deemed the hive safe and the other changelings saw the need for stronger security, did he allow himself to accept the love and friendship offered by others. I'm curious; if you had to give Pharynx a title, what would you give him?
  17. Valeska

    The Map/Tree needs a rival

    Ooooooh! What an interesting concept! I'd be down for something like that.
  18. Someone I talked to compared Pharynx to Rainbow Dash in the sense that both of them like to appear tough and confident, which they use to hide their caring nature. Would you agree to that idea?
  19. Since Tempest Shadow is always wearing her armor, I wonder if we will ever be able to see her without the armor to show off her cutiemark. Or does she even have a cutiemark? CHECK OUT THE POLLS ABOVE!!!
  20. Valeska

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    My saddest moment was not graduating with my class I grew up with. Instead, I had to graduate from an online school, celebrating with no one I knew apart from my family. What are your top 3 anticipated future Disney movies?
  21. Valeska

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    I love searching DeviantArt for all things pony and I came across a Pharynx Flying gif! I couldn't help myself, so with the permission of the artist, I used him as my avatar. What are your expectations/hopes for season 8?
  22. *Deep Exhale* As the title suggests, I am NOT doing this of my own free will. It was either join this foreign exchange thing or sit in on an agonizing session of a feelings circle. (*Thorax in Background - It's a feelings forum!) Whatever! The point is, to get my younger brother off my back and to embrace my new reformed self, I'm willing to answer a few questions. Um, so I guess that's it then. (*Turns to Thorax - There. You happy? Now buzz off and find a feeling's circle to join or something. I can't do this if you're hovering over me.) (*Thorax: Okay. Again, Feelings...FORUM!!!) THORAX!!!
  23. Valeska

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    No, I have never met any of the cast members from MLP. I have been meaning to attend a con. Do you read pony fanfiction?
  24. There are a good amount of new characters in the movie that have unidentified species. Grubber, Tempest's sidekick is one of them. I first thought that Grubber might be a Honey Badger when his design was compared to Bunga from "The Lion Guard" who is a Honey badger. Then I went so far as to compare Grubber's design to an actual honey badger. I'm pretty convinced that he is a Honey badger, but I'll let you decide for yourself. Don't forget to answer the poll above!
  25. Valeska

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Cars 3 is the last movie I watched!