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  1. last time I checked this seems to have been resolved. good job bois
  2. Hello friends, it would appear as though there are no coordinates linked to the /spawn command, if the chat message is to be believed. This is rather inconvenient, as that is where the shops are.
  3. hello friends, I've been away for a while and I was wondering if this was still an option. If it is, I cannot reach the old survival.
  4. if you are using spigot you should be good, I've been told spigot 1.10 is already a thing, and also that 1.10, like 1.8, doesn't differ much from 1.8 plugin-wise. bump because no reply. I need to know. I'll happily mark something else, but I'll need to know.
  5. so underground builds are not allowed now but basements are? fair enough my build (the marked bit at least) is pretty much a glorified basement dug into a cave wall. I was planning on finding a new cave, and ask the staff to put it in the wall there as it is now. will that still be possible, since it's just a relatively small hole?
  6. right, I see there is some indication to how marking an area works. thing is; my build is like 90% underground, would it be fine to put the red wool in little air pockets underground that staff can find using spectator mode?
  7. ohhey I can post now. Was gonna bitch again about the semantics regarding redstone dust transfers, but I see it's been fixed already. In any case, very excited about the update, can't wait to fish for hours on end to get those sweet, sweet Mending books. Also hope I'll be able to get my hands on a pair of elytra. elytra are love, elytra are life. Also, interested in how you're gonna get rid of item frames. Gonna check everything manually or something? y'know, since item frames aren't blocks and I don't think you can WorldEdit them out, even though WE DOES copy them (at least the version we use does). ps, I don't see armour stands on the list, I assume they should be? Or I'm blind. who knows.
  8. nope, I just put play.poniarcade.com into the server IP box in my minecraft client. the numerical IP showed up in the error message, as shown in the image I posted earlier. In fact, that image also shows that I attempted to connect to play.poniarcade.com.
  9. bungee.poniverse.net worked, thanks! I used play.poniarcade.com, THAT redirected me to if that is not the IP of the server then maybe someone should look into it.
  10. I am indeed. as you can see in the error message I posted, it also succesfully redirects me to an ip, with the default :25565 attached to it. I also tried connecting to that ip, which the game somehow linked to manehattan.poniverse.net. I tried connecting to that as well, and the game output told me that linked me to the same ip again. ps. I've also tried other servers, that hasn't given me any issues. ​key words bolded for convenience and readability Here's an image that might help, and if anyone could tell me how to insert a spoiler then that'd be A+
  11. I can't seem to join either, getting java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: no further information: play.poniarcade.com/​ ​please help, I'd really like to play on the server. btw, I WOULD make a thread for this but I'm not allowed since I literally just joined the forum to ask for help with this issue ps, when I try to connect to just the ip and not the address, the game output says it's connecting to manehattan.poniverse.net, maybe that's related? I mean, it shouldn't be because that's just two domains pointing at the same IP, but I'm desperate. pps, I've read that this error tends to be related to joining the wrong port, but I highly doubt the server would use one different from the standard 25565