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  1. Wiiiill then so muuuch .... .-.

  2. I thought this account was dead any way tears for bronysquare r.I.p. :(

  3. Hi guys and gals I'm cinnamonpastry on Kik and cinnamon pastry on Skype but if you add me on Skype text only I don't do calls kk thanks
  4. Cinnamon pastry

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    "I am mechain" three days grace
  5. And I don't like how I can't just rp like any where on the rp site like it does not have a wall for threads or anything
  6. On b2 the hug button is a personal things on your profile for you to send hugs to your friends and your mate
  7. Why is there no hug button? And why so much red tape for rp on p2 you just did it so why restrictions on it here?
  8. Cinnamon pastry

    Hi Hi Hi

    Hi new friends I have friends on b2 as well check me out there to if you want I'm cinnamon poptart there
  9. Name:cinnamon pastry Race: unicorn Sex:male / female can change her gender About: former roul guard he/she was kick out for reasons she won't discuss Part time DJ and party pony she will do what ever she can for her friends She is a party animal and a bit of a rule breaker she can only do strong magic while its funny or convenient
  10. Cinnamon pastry

    Movies/TV Favorite TV Show as a child?

    Pokemon Digimon Anime I loved it all and spyro the dragon Pokemon Digimon Anime I loved it all and spyro the dragon
  11. Cinnamon pastry

    Post your OC!

    Name:cinnamon pastry Race:unicorn Age: 23 Sex:male / female he changes it with magic About: lives in canterlot farmers roul guard partry pony and part time DJ Can do exstramle strong magic when convenient or funny.
  12. Hi I thanks its going to be an epic episodes I love pony's but why does no one ever talk they love everyone on b2
  13. I want to see vinyl in the new move omg I'm so excited to see it I can't wait yeeeeeee !!!!
  14. Cinnamon pastry

    Hi Hi Hi

    How did you find MLP Forums?: I was looking and found it and here I am!!! How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I was watching it with ma bro and its cool. I'm a music loving art loving pony loving little guy I'm 5'4" tall with a mowhoke and musk drew ma pony for me on b2 but rattlecat did to it would not fit on this site though I'm also pansexual and I don't care who knows I love making new friends and I'm currently looking for my someone
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