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  1. Hi IGN: MelonDestiny (account is __Kino__ ) I would like to save my castle. I had to shave off part of the spires, but I'm pretty sure my math is right and it's under the block limit. the top corner is at 7861 / 110 / 12846 bottom corner is at 7969 / 53 / 12686
  2. This is feedback concerning a change with flying classes. With the new update, flying classes lose their immunity to fall damage if they run out of food while flying. This can very easily cause them to plummet suddenly to their deaths. This did not happen in previous iterations. I don't find this particularly compelling as a mechanic. Having a drawback to a power is not a bad thing, but the implementation is important. The suddenness of these falls make these death-dives extraordinarily frustrating. The deaths feel cheap and unwarranted. the activities affected tend to be building tal
  3. Any updates? We're closing in on 5 months now.
  4. I just think it would be really cool seeing players build towns into the sides of cliffs and skycaves. It would be neat seeing what kind of adjustments people come up with for going about their usual survival building in such a crazy landscape.
  5. Any chance the new survival server can be made as an amplified world? It creates such awesome terrain features.
  6. Rebuilding the city around my castle, this time better than ever now that I've got experience doing it twice before.
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