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  1. Howdy y'all! Name's Dusty. My cousin Wild Winds put me up to this against my will... Guess I'm kinda committed now, huh? Well, go on now, ask away! You'll get an answer sooner or later. ;)

  2. Howdy everypony!!!


    This'll be the place I post all of my personal pony artwork, whether it be random or my own personal OCs. There will be a range of digital and traditional art as well as some plushies every now and then.



    My first post shall be this, my first pony plushie! :squee:




    I made this little fella as a present for my sister's 16th birthday (May 30). He was completely hand-sewn using my own custom pattern and random fabrics I managed to dig out of my sewing supply cabinet. I wish I could've embroidered his cutie mark and eyes but I'm new to embroidery and the fabric is rather thin. (Oh and he needs a name... any suggestions?)


    Here we have a digital drawing of my favorite OC, Dusty.




    For whatever reason I feel that colts are easier to draw than fillies therefore I draw Dusty more than any other OC I own. :adorkable: You'll be seeing more of him later on.


    Finally we have my avatar image drawn both digitally and on paper.






    More art to come! Feel free to comment/critique! Your feedback is welcome and much appreciated! ;)



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  3. Your OCs are actually quite good. I really like the last one; wolf heart from the picture she strikes me as a curious and playful sort. Wolf heart is a good OC but maybe try to make more then her curse define her as a character like what her hobbies are? maybe she still carries a little bit of the wolf with her and she likes fetch. Also who are her friends? maybe she is friends with wild winds and they have a secret hoof shake. 


    Your OC Dusty Embers looks really cool and slightly reminds me of a cowboy of some sort. Maybe his cutie mark can be about his untameable spirit and how it burns wild and brightly like fire.


    I can't give the best OC advice because I don't know exactly what you want but make sure that they can be relatable in some way and that they have weaknesses. Iv been making OCs since I first started playing games and looking back on them they were all mary sues  :adorkable:  but as I started reading more I found out what a good character is and slowly they became better and better. Always keep in mind that they are your OCs and that they are yours to shape into good strong characters.

    Thank you for the great advice! I really appreciate what you said about Wolfheart. :please: I really felt like she was kinda sketchy, like she doesn't have a true talent or relatable character. Thanks again!
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  4. Hello! I'm new here and already in need of advice. I have a couple of OCs that need critiquing. I'll post the pictures first and the bios afterward.





    The first is Dusty Embers. This is not the best picture of him, but it's the only clear, full-body one I have! I'm not really worried about his looks but his bio and relations concern me. I figured he should be a wanderer, with little knowledge of his family. His talent obviously has something to do with fire, but I can't settle on the exact aspect(s) of his talent.


    Next we have Wild Winds. I'm not sure if she should be Dusty's cousin or just a close friend. Her talent is sky navigation, hence her cutie mark. I think she should be a Wonderbolt.

    Silver Blade is the colt in the last picture. He is a castle guard. He has a twin brother named Shadow Shield, who I failed to depict here. I don't really have a bio for him besides his having a brother and royal bloodline, his father being a king.


    My greatest concern comes with this final character, Wolfheart. She was formerly a werepony (I hope I'm spelling that right!), but she was able to overcome the darkness within her, hence her unique pattern. She was orphaned as a filly, left carelessly in the woods, and later adopted by Dusty, her brother of sorts, who helped her find her "talent," which is the curse of the werepony. She has a crush on Silver Blade. Everything about her concerns me. It's as if I didn't put enough thought into to her, or perhaps too much?

    Suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)


    Thanks in advance!

  5. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash

    How did you find MLP Forums?: Browsing the web.

    How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Ummm... wow that's a tough one. If I remember correctly I stumbled upon the show one morning and later found some fan art online.

    "Hay" y'all!


    I'm Paige... A home schooled high school student who hopes to join the Marines upon graduation.  Anyway, I like drawing, reading, writing, archery, fangirling,... and, yeah, I believe that to be it. :)


    I've been a MLP fan for... I dunno, I want to say three or four years.


    I'm looking forward to an awesome experience here!


    I guess I'll just leave it at that.  :smug:

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