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  1. Re-watching Equestria girls Legend of Everfree and I realised that Filthy Rich is a billionaire with black hair and blue eyes who acts like the tough businessman but if you watch MLP you know he is a nice guy. And he is up against a woman who gains powers over plants and vines who is so oblivious a Poison Ivy rip off. This made me conclude that Filthy Rich is Equestrian Batman. (which would make Diamond Tiara Damian Wayne and Spoiled Rich Talia Al Ghul)
  2. I am back and a lot has changed 

  3. I have not used this site for a while and forgot there were different sections sorry
  4. Inspired by what was said by Doctor Wolf at 21:50 of Brony D&D: "The Breakout" (Part Four)
  5. realised that I hadn't draw Future Twilight from "It's about time" which is my favourite episode of My Little Pony. Gauntlet of fire and "The Cutie Re-Mark" coming in second and third. I may make a top 10 list soon. Just out of coincidence I drew this while listening to Reach and another S club 7 songs; it made me feel like I had travelled back in time 17 years and changed gender becoming a little girl in the 90's drawing purple unicorns.
  6. Just a crazy theory 

    What if Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are actually Princess Cadence and Princess Twilight after having been trapped in the past. They have the right main colour to fit the season 1 opening sequence. It would explain how they found the elements of harmony and knew how to use them and know stuff before it happens. Discord's magic could have changed their appearance or the time travel or the over 1000 years of time. 

    I don't really buy into my own theory but it is a fun thought    

  7. Singing along to The Smile song and Just a Pony in an empty soft play area (before the place opens) sliding though rollers, zip lines and slides. Best way to start the day. p.s part of my job is to vacuum the soft play did not just brake in to sing mlp songs

  8. ok I am free tomorrow afternoon (uk time) what do I have to do?
  9. I would not mind a role play if we could organised that however I have not done much role play online before. The OC you would be interacting with would be my secondary OC Silver Wind
  10. good story, having domino as a nick name makes me think of the x men character
  11. Thorax's new from from the season 6 finally
  12. cute design. By the way real bats are not actually blind but since albino animals often have sight problems due to the lack of pigment to protect there eyes then i guess it fits. If she can get her hooves on hair die then that suggest that despite her nature and race and disability she has been able to interact with other ponies or could have stolen it. that is something to think on and I would love to see more of her or read about her.
  13. it helps watching in England as we got the episodes early for some reason
  14. inspired by a comment in the episode Top Bolt
  15. as soon as I saw this shield spell I though of this. from the season 6 episode: every little thing she dose
  16. I have 3 answers 1. the rescue happened in one day and Celestia was kidnapped at dawn. 2. The changeling realm is unaffected or on the other side of the world as it was night in ponieville but middle of the day in the changeling realm 3. Changelings can mimic the magic of ponies including princesses that they are mimicking as this would stop a changeling being caught out by not having the special talent that there disguise has
  17. In the finally I kept thinking/shouting at the screen "There changelings remember"
  18. mine was Twilight's song I thought it was a mix of the hearts warming future song and something from James Bond
  19. I like the new changelings but want to see queen chrysalis create a new hive of changelings and maybe "improve the formula" so that the can't share love and have to take it. It will be interesting to see if good changelings retain the transformation power since they no longer need to steel love by replacing loved ones. I kept shouting at the screen the phrase "their changelings remember"
  20. Inspired by the comment Pinike Pie made about costumes from Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree. Rainbow Dash is Kid Flash (DC) I was originally going to do The Flash but I wanted to show off the hair. I want to see a Dashpoint paradox movie where RD goes back in time to save her mother then finds out that the EQ world, the MLP world and the power-ponies world were meant to be all one world and then combines them to make one world Pinkie Pie is Gambit (Marvel) This was the first power shown in the movie that made me think about how they matched other heroes. Twilight Sparkle is Psylocke (Marvel) This was another easy match up but hard to draw the wings ended up closer to midnight sparkle. Sunset Shimmer is Spock (star trek) Lots of characters can read minds few do it by touch. Spock was the only logical choice. However if Spock mind meld with Pinkie it would break his Volcan mind. Applejack is She Hulk (Marvel) Now I get into characters I am not familiar with, this is due to the odd powers for these next two. Flutershy is Jane Boolittle (Monster High) I had to do some research for this one because talking to animals is a rare power and most of the characters that have it don't have a costume. Eventually I settled on Jane Boolittle as her wiki description sounds similar to Fluttershy. I originally thought of Doctor Dolittle or Eliza Thornberry. Rarity is Tecna (Winx Club) I had to dig deep to find a character who generates shields and may have miss understood Tecna's power. Head Cannon I think that the "gems" from Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree are shards from the elements of harmony from the time they were broken by Nighmare Moon and that sunset's gem comes from the portal its self which is why the mind read effect and the portal/book effect look similar. This way Starlight is creating portals into the minds of the people she touches
  21. I like the changeling one but the others are not to my taste