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  1. Love that avatar of Dashie that you got there! :D

  2. Hiya! This place is really great! Hope you have fun!
  3. Hopefully! MLP Forever would be great! =D
  4. Hiya! Which G4 pony do you ship with which G3 pony? I think Twilight Sparkle and Minty would be a really cute ship! What about you?
  5. Well, they gotta be super cool (at least 20% cooler, to be exact. xD)!
  6. Earthbound is really goood game! It's like if Nintendo made Undertale! xD
  7. I applied! If I can't be a moderator, I can try and help out here as your newest staff writer!
  8. I guess I'll just have to wait then. Thanks everyone!
  9. Just wanted to say hello to a fellow anime fan! ^^

  10. This has been stuck in my head since I saw the episode! xD I LOVE Twenty One Pilots.
  11. Undyne! What are YOU doing on my profile?! XD

  12. I thought it was really good! Definitely lived up to the commericals. :3
  13. Hiya! I want to become a part of staff and become a part of helping what is becoming one of my most favorite sites ever! I clicked the thingy under the report button and filled out the thing but I haven't gotten any response back. D: Who wouldn't want me to help them? Just kidding! XD (I still do want to be staff though).
  14. Thanks for adding me as a friend! :o

    1. flueryheartlove


      sure thing ^^

      i guess this means since im cadence,ur my daughter

    2. Flittery Heart