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  1. AriaTheLovely

    Request Shop The blep returns

    Hey everybody its that time of year again where the leaves turn and pumpkins grow. To celebrate the fall season I am bringing back the blep. I need a few examples to advertise this ych so I am opening a few free slots. Of course with anything there are a few rules but there nothing to strict just a few minor things. Rules Please do not rush me with these since I already have one reserved slot so at most I will be taking is two. I do place a mark on the picture that is not to be altered or taken off in anyway. If you do want to post this anywhere please credit me. Pumpkin Blep
  2. @chaosprincess She looks amazing! I absolutely love this redesign you really went over and above with the amount of detail you put into this piece. I especially like that she really looks like some kick butt warrior princess which I just love so much. OMG shes so stinking adorable not to mention you seem to have mastered how I look when I'm drawing lol. Thank you so much for designing her for me I absolutely adore this cute fluff.
  3. Got a new pup recently so I figured  I would share her here. I know there both close ups but her body is so awkward its hard to get her totally in the camera lol.





    1. TheRockARooster


      Awwwwwwww, what a cutie. ^^

    2. TomDaBombMLP
  4. AriaTheLovely

    Give cake to a user!

    @TheRockARooster Thanks for the cake and happy belated birthday!
  5. AriaTheLovely

    Laurel Flutterpony

    Thank you very much for your kind words.
  6. AriaTheLovely

    Laurel Flutterpony

    Thanks I am glad you think so
  7. I am finally back from the dead and I come bearing this new piece. My cousin and very good friend chaoticventriloquist wanted to see her sona Laurel as a flutter pony. Which is one of her favorite toy sets right up there with the twinkle eyes. This really has to be one of my favorites so far especially the sparkly rainbow wings. Well chaos I really hope you like this one. Laurel belongs to my cousin chaoticventriloquist I just own the drawing. DO NOT STEAL THIS PICTURE, DO NOT CLAIM THIS PICTURE AS YOUR OWN, DO NOT SELL THIS PICTURE, DO NOT POST THIS PICTURE ON ANY O
  8. Thank you for accepting my friend request, Aria. ^^

    1. AriaTheLovely


      Your welcome :)


  9. I find that I am not really that active here in this community so I have decided to perhaps to give my membership here a break. Deleting my account here isn't an option even if I could but in the slim chance anyone wants to contact me I am more active on Amino and DA.

    1. TheRockARooster


      Take care, Aria.

      I hope everything goes well for you.

      I'm on DA and I might see you there.


    2. TomDaBombMLP


      We’ll see you again some day! :kindness:

      This isn’t goodbye...

  10. Your best bet to get previous gen ponies is probably ebay or even your local thrift store. I actually managed to find an Anchor’s Away pony. shes a bit pricey but that's with any rare pony. But if you don't like the price you could try your luck by perusing thrift stores or yard sales.
  11. AriaTheLovely

    Gaming Any Legend of Zelda fans?

    Zelda is one of my absolute favorite game series. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a huge zelda nut. My favorite game in the series would have to be Ocarina of Time since that is the first ever game in the series I played to completion by myself. I do still have my gold cartridge along with its box but I keep it tucked away since my N64 is long gone. And also I placed my replica Master Sword on top of the bookshelf where I keep my ponies.
  12. AriaTheLovely

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Feeling pretty good my parents surprised with me and my cousin with new phones today as an early Christmas gift.
  13. AriaTheLovely

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    How do I get my darn art program to work and how to make these flavorless gluten free crackers soft enough to eat but also taste like actual food without risking possible gluten contamination. Also They strangely taste like burnt toast.
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