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  1. I find that I am not really that active here in this community so I have decided to perhaps to give my membership here a break. Deleting my account here isn't an option even if I could but in the slim chance anyone wants to contact me I am more active on Amino and DA.

    1. TheRockARooster


      Take care, Aria.

      I hope everything goes well for you.

      I'm on DA and I might see you there.


    2. TomDaBombMLP


      We’ll see you again some day! :kindness:

      This isn’t goodbye...

  2. Your best bet to get previous gen ponies is probably ebay or even your local thrift store. I actually managed to find an Anchor’s Away pony. shes a bit pricey but that's with any rare pony. But if you don't like the price you could try your luck by perusing thrift stores or yard sales.
  3. AriaTheLovely

    Gaming Any Legend of Zelda fans?

    Zelda is one of my absolute favorite game series. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a huge zelda nut. My favorite game in the series would have to be Ocarina of Time since that is the first ever game in the series I played to completion by myself. I do still have my gold cartridge along with its box but I keep it tucked away since my N64 is long gone. And also I placed my replica Master Sword on top of the bookshelf where I keep my ponies.
  4. AriaTheLovely

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Feeling pretty good my parents surprised with me and my cousin with new phones today as an early Christmas gift.
  5. AriaTheLovely

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    How do I get my darn art program to work and how to make these flavorless gluten free crackers soft enough to eat but also taste like actual food without risking possible gluten contamination. Also They strangely taste like burnt toast.
  6. I know this is going to sound a bit strange but my cousin @chaosprincess took me under her wing when I was 14. She really taught me a lot of important things and got me out of my shell. But most importantly she taught me how to stand up for myself since I was a pretty timid person. Which I still am a bit but I know she has my back when I really need it.
  7. I have been tracking my family tree lately so I have taken a bit of interest in learning about them. Most of the ancestors on my mothers side were from Sweden now I don't know a whole lot about them but I do know my great grandmother could speak 4 different languages. My mothers paternal grandfather was a doctor and my grandfather was the result of a affair. Nothing to really note on my fathers side except that my great grandfather was an engineer.
  8. Most of the translations can be be found on the Zelda Wiki. I did manage to find the page on it so I will place the link here which does have it for all the games in the series.
  9. Wow its been that long already man I feel old lol. My favorite part hands down would have to be is Ikana Canyon along with the Stone Tower Temple. Both have a pretty dark atmosphere and a interesting story. Not only that there are tons of theories surrounding them so making it so much more interesting. Also I really love the fact this game really does make you care about the NPC's. Which is something not many games has really done for me. One of my favorite moments though is when I realized I could translate the hylian and find all the nifty little easter eggs hiding in plain sight.
  10. Well since I have a heavily restrictive diet any food that coincides with my gluten free/lowfat diet I will eat it. Fruit,veggies and meat included.
  11. I do a 45 minute walk every morning and since theres still bit of warm weather where I live I have been doing it a bit of gardening.
  12. Yea no I don't even share anything with anyone that is close to me so I would never consider eating or drinking from the same things they used for obvious reasons.
  13. It has gotten better over the last 3 years I did manage to get a wii (actually 2 lol ) and I did manage to nab a copy of skyward sword both from my local thrift store. Along with a few other titles that I just so happen to be looking for. Luckily enough it came with all the proper cables. As for using emulators I have pretty much used them since my early twenties so having no N64 or other older consoles is really no problem to me. But I am just happy to know both of my original copies OoT and MM still work.
  14. AriaTheLovely

    General Media Urban legends

    Well here in Mass there is quite a bit of urban legends. But my two favorites would have to be The Bridgewater Triangle and Pukwudgies. I did get some of the descriptions from wikipedia since I figure they can describe it better then I can. The Bridgewater Triangle - is an area of about 200 square miles within southeastern Massachusetts in the United States claimed to be a site of alleged paranormal phenomena, ranging from UFOs to poltergeists, orbs, balls of fire and other spectral phenomena, various bigfoot-like sightings, giant snakes and "thunderbirds." Pukwudgies - And no pukwud
  15. AriaTheLovely

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Still mourning over the loss of my cousins dog sure he was her dog but we were close as well. Yesterday we picked up his ashes along with his paw print which of course I was happy about but there was still a sadness there knowing I will never see my saggy little friend again.
  16. Hey everyone my cousin @chaosprincess is going to need a lot of support right now since she just lost her dog of 15 years earlier this morning. So any condolences or any words of comfort is greatly appreciated during this difficult time.

  17. AriaTheLovely

    Post your dull news?

    Of course I do lol and that must have hurt like a mother. I do hope your leg makes a speedy recovery since monitors plus any part of the body are never a good mix.
  18. AriaTheLovely

    Post your dull news?

    Ate hamburgers and fries for dinner then my cousin proceeded to wash our dirty dishes.
  19. Not to sound like a prude or anything but I think I would be quite bothered or irate if there was lewd art of any of my ocs especially since it would probably would have been done without my expressed permission. I have never seen any of my MLP OCs in such a way, not to mention I would be really creeped out if someone decided to make lewd art with my main sona since I do have a partner in real life.
  20. Happy birthday I hope it gets better for you :coco:



  21. As, much I would love to hand feed my beardie he would probably confuse my fingers for a collard green or a mealworm. And I would like not to be bitten so its either I feed him with tongs or I just place the food into his bowl.
  22. My sona Aria is an alicorn that has great healing abilities. She does have a backstory and a few others that were written by my cousin. I will probably place those in a spoiler below since I don't want a huge wall of text taking over my post.
  23. AriaTheLovely


    Hey everyone I know it's been awhile since I last posted but here we are. I decided to see what my OC Daphnes would look like as an sea pony but I decided he would look better as a shark. Laurel belongs to @chaosprincess . DO NOT STEAL THIS PICTURE, DO NOT CLAIM THIS PICTURE AS YOUR OWN, DO NOT SELL THIS PICTURE, DO NOT POST THIS PICTURE ON ANY OTHER WEBSITES AND BE RESPECTFUL DON'T STEAL PEOPLES ARTWORK
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