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  1. To pinkamena Did you ever wonder what other creatures would taste like as a cupcake? ( I.E dragons,breezies,centaur etc etc)
  2. Request I did for Golden Gumdrop
  3. Request Shop

    I am very happy that you love it. I had alot of fun drawing it.
  4. Request Shop

    Here is your request I hope you like it
  5. Request I did for Star48955
  6. Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?
  7. I know I am not probably not supposed to ask two questions but here goes. How did you get your twinkle eyes? Was it genetics or some freak accident or perhaps a rare condition.
  8. Request/gift art for chaosprincess. Laurel belongs to chaosprincess and Duskheart belongs to me.
  9. Visual Art

    Hello everybody since I started drawing things that were not ponies I have decided to open up this art dump. All oc's and sona's belong to their respective owners. Here is my first post.
  10. Sketch of request for Star48955
  11. Request

    So sorry for the late response the site never told me this was posted until I actually checked it. But I absolutely love what you did especially with his expression. Thank you so much for drawing him for me.
  12. Not picky really I am happy with anything you do.
  13. Request Shop

    I can do that. Anything in particular would you like?