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  1. Request Shop New art shop (CLOSED COMPUTER BROKEN)

    Yes please I would prefer for this to be locked for the time being. Thank you
  2. Request Shop New art shop (CLOSED COMPUTER BROKEN)

    Both usb ports are gone my laptop only has two of them. And as for drawing with my mouse not to sound stuck up or anything but mice don't have the pressure sensitivity like my tablet has. Also did I mention the only thing I have for a mouse is my laptops trackpad. And if I did have any wireless mice I have no usb to plug in and use. So for now I am stuck waiting until my tax return until I can get a replacement laptop.But please this is a request thread and I would like to keep it at that if you wish to talk you can pm me.
  3. Request Shop New art shop (CLOSED COMPUTER BROKEN)

    Take your time on getting the CM. I will probably try to do this as traditional since it seems that it wasn't my tablet that was broken it was the USB port for my computer was busted . So pretty much I can't draw anything digital until mid February. Since that is when I will be getting enough money buy a new computer.
  4. Request Shop New art shop (CLOSED COMPUTER BROKEN)

    Thank you so much for understanding. Now with a little luck the replacement should be coming tomorrow. I was going to ask you this after I got the replacement. But could you give me the details on Moon's sister?
  5. Like she said her tablet is on the fritz. We got both of ours at the same time so pretty much they are going at the same time. Mine has stopped working completely so now I am stuck with buying a new one. Neither of us don't know when were going to get new ones so you would be waiting a very looong time.
  6. Request Shop New art shop (CLOSED COMPUTER BROKEN)

    I have decided to close this thread temporarily since my tablet has stopped working. I will be trying to buy a new one ASAP. But for now I am closing this shop.
  7. Thanks for following me! :)


    Here is a random cute gif since my phone decided to put this spoiler thing in and well its not letting me get rid of it so here goes



  8. Ask Laurel the Twinkle Eyed Pegasus

    So Laurel how are the new glasses working out for you?
  9. Request Shop New art shop (CLOSED COMPUTER BROKEN)

    I am very happy that you like it and your very welcome.
  10. Request Shop New art shop (CLOSED COMPUTER BROKEN)

    Here if your request, I hope you like it.
  11. General Do any of you have pets?

    I certainly do have pets. I have 5 rats,1 rabbit,1 beta,1 gerbil and a bearded dragon.
  12. Random art dump

    Sketch of Request for Chrysalicious.
  13. Request Shop New art shop (CLOSED COMPUTER BROKEN)

    Ok I will.