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  1. Welcome back, PrincessOfCompassion.

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      The Bone Soldier


    3. PrincessOfCompassion


      Yep that's her. Were always doing art for each others sonas.

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      The Bone Soldier

      That's cool.


      I'm gonna head off now.

      Take care and good to see you again.

  2. Thanks for the the follow :mlp_grin:

  3. Happy Birthday!


    1. chaosprincess


      Thank you soooooo much I love it yay birthday dances for me.


  4. PrincessOfCompassion

    Command a user to post

    Hiya I am here as ordered. I command @chaosprincess to be next to post. @chaosprincess
  5. PrincessOfCompassion

    Movies/TV Your favorite Disney movie

    My most favorite Disney movie would have to be The Little Mermaid. And a close second place would have to go to the original Beauty and The Beast.
  6. PrincessOfCompassion

    Random art dump

    That's pretty awesome I'll kinda admit something here but I like the past gens more than this current one. Since your new to this site *cough cough* uh your supposed to post that to your own thread. Not trying to sound mean or anything I just want to make sure you don't get in trouble. Though I heard illustrator is pretty good I myself use paint tool sai and my Wacom Bluetooth tablet.
  7. PrincessOfCompassion

    Random art dump

    Hello again everypony, here is a little something I worked on as a favor for chaosprincess. She was currently doing something for the same person so she had me do this. Which I really didn't mind since the couple is so cute. Both OC's Magpie and Briar belong to Eeevee-Soup
  8. PrincessOfCompassion


    Hey, welcome to the forums I do hope you enjoy your time here. I am happy to see a fellow gen 1 fan on these forums.
  9. PrincessOfCompassion

    Random art dump

    Hey sorry for not posting on here lately my life has been a hectic mess but I managed to get these few done. So I thought I would post these here to show that I'm not dead but very much alive. The oc in the first picture belongs to Elf-from-a-lake , the second and third belong to chaosprincess.
  10. PrincessOfCompassion

    Post a picture of how you would like to look in Equestria.

    This is what I would look like.
  11. Since my last blog that had the art of my ponysona along with some other characters got deleted I decided to try and repost it. These pictures were done by my cousin chaosprincess/bringerochaos (thats her DA name) This one was done by Prophet And this final one was done Witch This is Aria's stallion friend which is also drawn by Prophet Kohana is Aria's adopted daughter. This one was drawn by me though I still need to draw a full body version of her Aria found Kohana when she was just a newborn foal. She named her Kohana since she was just as lovely as the flowers that she was found in. She is always making her mother nervous with her feats of bravery. Especially when it comes to copying what her adopted father does. She has the ability to communicate with nature so it's not unusual to see her just standing there staring at a tree or talking to herself especially when she's talking with her bug friends. Extra I know it is not drawn out but her CM is a heart made out of flowers that make a rainbow with a bee on the left and a butterfly on the right. Daphnes By day he is your typical unicorn businessman keeping his real identity a secret from his colleagues and employees alike working hard to run his publishing company. Once night falls he turns into his old demonic self and lets loose. Which means he stays home and reads or decides to care for his little rose garden. He is a huge homebody but he does go out sometimes when his friend or Laurel makes him. You see this new modern life bores him quite a bit he misses his glory days. As much as he cares about his business and his loved one AKA Laurel he still reminisces about his time as a commander. Extra He does have night vision and his fangs are only used in self-defense. Being a master of shadow magic he can shapeshift, make his wings or horn disappear at will, teleport or he can turn himself into a shadow. He is also a master of his own realm which is called the shadow realm not much is known about it but it has been rumored that it was sealed to keep to some dark secrets hidden about his home country. When he is extremely angered or near death, his demonic side takes over and well it does not exactly end well for whoever caused it. First was drawn by Prophet The second was drawn by me and the third is drawn by my cousin chaosprincess/bringerochaos This last one is a picture of Daphnes and Laurel together which was drawn by me.
  12. PrincessOfCompassion

    Random art dump

    I somehow magically got my usb ports to work so here is two things I did to practice with my new tablet.
  13. PrincessOfCompassion

    Random art dump

    Here is a sketch of my OC Duskheart also he has bit of a name change Here is the colored version
  14. PrincessOfCompassion

    Hi everypony

    @Sherbert Music-Guard Thank you so much I am glad to see someone thinks my OC is cute. My icon was drawn by my cousin chaosprincess/bringerochaos.
  15. PrincessOfCompassion

    Hi everypony

    Hello and welcome to the forums it's always nice seeing a fellow artist. I do hope you enjoy your stay here.