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  1. During my senior year of high school I took a world language course which taught Greek and Italian and during my Junior year I took Spanish I loved learning Greek it was such a beautiful language to me and I did end up forgetting how to speak it well all 3 languages due to well my memory is not the greatest, but I would like to learn Greek again.
  2. Nope My mom is 5'1 in a half and my dad is 5'7 while I stand at "drum roll" 4'11
  3. Hmm according to a post written by the owner of this lovely shop on Thursday at 1:58 pm this store is CLOSED due to life issues please read her post it's very informational on this shops closing
  4. Here is your finished request I decided to draw her in a cute shy pose and I know her mane is down, but decided to give her a little ponytail I hope you like it.
  5. Are you a G1 toy collector, perhaps? :ooh:

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    2. chaosprincess


      Always nice to meet a fellow earlier gen collector and that's pretty cool I wish you luck on finding the last one :fluttershy: when it comes to foreign ponies I'm working on the pony tales ponies I only have sweetheart, but still on the hunt for the others :Pharynx:

    3. Super Splashee

      Super Splashee

      I have all of the My Little Pony Tales ones (that includes the Dutch versions). :proud:

    4. chaosprincess


      That's pretty cool :fluttershy:


  6. Now that must be annoying constantly being asked to date somebody or have people say saucy things towards you and free art I do understand not everybody draws, but for the people who ask for free art why don't they just find some time to learn how to draw.
  7. Even though that happened some time ago I do feel bad for you Well that stinks
  8. Nothing like walking down smelly lane lol that walmart trip though everybody was avoiding some of the aisles lol. Yeah that's disgusting
  9. Which happens it's no good to force your body to do things it can't handle a lot of people are sensitive to certain smells etc myself included so as guilty as you may feel you did nothing wrong by not returning you did the right thing by not forcing your body to endure what it can't handle which is the smell.
  10. Some seasonings etc can have some strong nasty smells as for feeling guilty there is no reason to feel guilt some smells are just not so tolerable no use in putting yourself under stress and potentially getting nauseous or sick from a smelly store that smells well smelly you held nothing against them just their smelly condiment.
  11. Say no to drugs I do hope you made it out okay I'm sure you did, but drugs can make people do some crazy things.
  12. Well that's nasty glad they were closed for proper training and for cleaning