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    Laurel is currently laying on her favorite cloud she brings everywhere with her.
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    Laurel: I shall blind you with my sparkley twinkle gem eyes.

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About Me

Hello everypony and welcome to my page I have a ponysona named Laurel who is a twinkle eyed pegasus and a ponysona named Chaos  who is a twinkle eyed alicorn both of them are connected they are the same pony its a long story which I have the backstory posted on Laurel and how she became Chaos.

Chaos:Why hello there your a brave one to enter the realm of chaos I suppose curiosity brought you here wondering what my profile will have on it well you will be disappointed for there is nothing here, but if you do get bored of wandering my endless world of chaos why not check out my youtube channel and my DA account links are below this well I suppose this is where I tell you all to have a good day. *disappears*


So the link to my youtube channel is right there > well further up, but anyway if you happen to get bored while in my world of chaos please check it out.


And here is my DA account this is where all my art will be posted so here is the link.



This is a picture of my ponysona Laurel which was drawn by PrincessOfCompassion she is a twinkle eyed pegasus her picture is the first one.



Here is a second picture of my ponysona Laurel who is a twinkle eyed pegasus means she has gem for eyes drawn by Prophet she made her look so adorable and beautiful.




and Prophet was very kind to give my ponysona Chaos a new hairdo befitting the princess of chaos. 5PZRj28.jpg

Here is a second picture of my ponysona Chaos she does have twinkle eyes which means she has gem for eyes her right eye is gold and her left eye is red and yes she is wearing Sombra's clothes why? because she can.