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  1. There is one flaw with this and that is that it was announced that Princess Luna was also born an Alicorn in the past but was seemingly forgotten at the time of the episode
  2. Maybe I don't belong in the Brony Community :(

  3. This was the episode that either made you a Shy Fan or made you hate her - Personally I loved her and I have since ^^
  4. All I will say is "We need more of the GREAT AND POWERFUL Trixie" because she was not only the star of this episode but she should have been given more airtime throughout the series
  5. Was not a fan of this episode because the characters became like spoilt teenagers - One teenager had something and all the others claimed ownership of it and the teenager I suppose it was not too bad in general but I didn't enjoy it
  6. Its the Pilot Show that did exactly what it was meant to do - Introduce the Setting - Introduce the main protagonist - Introduce the main characters alongside the protagonist - Have the epic villain who is easily defeated - Introduce the authority figure What more could you ask for?
  7. I have heard alot of youtube reviewers knock this episode but I am glad there is a huge amount of support for it if the voting has anything to say about it
  8. Probably one of the best episodes from the entire show - It was simple yet had alot of important information, we finally got to see the new and improved looking Princess Luna, we got to see a character who had been away for 1000 years or so actually act like they had been away for 1000 years and not just get into the swing of things like it was yesterday and got to see so many characters be at their best in one episode. Absolutely LOVED this episode
  9. Greetings and Blessings to one and all of you, My Name is Soul Harmony and for today Blog I thought I would share with you all an idea I had for a really interesting Season Opener that features the return of the Dazzlings/ Sirens from the Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Movie. Now, I am not going to go into huge detailed writing with Dialogue because, if I am honest, I am not very good at actually scripting but I will try to write down as much detail as I can to give you all the best picture of what I hope the episodes would look like if they were on TV. Hopefully you will enjoy it, maybe you will think it is good enough too but either way please let me know what you think about this in the comments below because I would really love the input from you, the brony community. Season Opener We start not in Equestria but in the alternate world in front of the Statue outside Canterlot High and Three Silhouettes walk up to it with the typical "Something bad in about to happen" then a hand reaches out and touches the portal which seems to be active at this time. Meanwhile in Equestria, the Mane 6 are enjoying some time together in Twilight Library when Pinkie Pie puts out the Portal machine and wonders why Twilight had not taken it down to which replies "its not like anything bad is going to happen if its still up" (Of course it will) During the night the Three Sirens seek though the portal, returning to the old forms but smaller and seemingly weaker than they were used to and they are spotted by Spike whose scream alerts Twilight who makes her way to their location and demands to know what is going on...Adagio informs Twilight of how they had watched the Statue for some time and they knew it was the key to their return to Equestria but they had to wait for the right time and that time was now. So they do the back and forth banter and Sonata lets slip that they are after a sacred magical artefact that can grate one wish from whoever holds it and with it they plan to restore their power without the need of their gems and take over Equestria as they had intended to do so many moons ago then the three crash through a window making their escape. Twilight informs Celestia about the situation and gathers the Mane 6 where Celestia tells the group that such an artefact does exist and its location can be discovered by reading a old book that was written by Starswirl the beard, the mane 6 will have to travel to a area of Equestria that only a few have gone to and it will be dangerous with many trails protecting the location of the item but the 6 inform Celestia that if the Sirens get the item first then the whole of Equestia will be in danger so they are willing to go through these trails in order to stop them. So lets assume there is like 6 trails and each trail is solved by each of the mane 6 own unique traits or skills and during this time Twilight is reading the book in stages like a narrator would whilst Rainbow Dash is questioning why Twilight is reading the book so much when the whole of Equestria could be in danger but Twilight sticks to it because she trusts Celestia. They finally get to the location where the item is and they are about to grab it when from behind Dusk flies in and grabs it before flying back behind the mane 6 to reveal that the Sirens had be secretly following them the entire time, they admit they had no idea where the item had been but they knew that by manipulating Twilight that she would eventually lead them to it. They all engage in a fight where the item is thrown back and forth until the item finally lands with Adagio and the Sirens use their voices to push the mane 6 back to a safe distance, Adagio raises the item into the air as Sonata and Dusk touch it too and proclaims their wish is to have their powers restored to their once true greatness so that they may take over this world...the Artefact shines brightly seemingly because it is now granting their wish but suddenly you see it start to crack and then explode as the Sirens look on in disbelieve. As the Three Sirens Fall to their knees Twilight steps forward and informs them and the rest of the mane 6 that she had know that this was going to happen all along because the book had informed her that when Starswirl had discovered it he placed a powerful spell upon it so that if anyone tried to use it for selfish gain that the item would be lost to Equestria forever. Defeated, The Sirens announce that they are far too weak to fight on and that the Mane 6 had won and if Twilight wanted she could send them back to the other world, Twilight ponders for a moment and then casts a spell on the three, with a huge light show for the big finale the dust settles and it is revealled that the Sirens have been turned into Ponies much to the shock of the others. Twilight tells the three that the spell will allow them to live on without feeling weak but the spell is protected so that they will never be able to return to their original forms again, she then informs them that they should leave before she changes her mind and with that the Sirens make their exit with Adagio turning around at the door to give that one last look before she too runs away. The rest of the Mane 6 question Twilight decision but she informs them that if she sent them back there was no proof that they would not try something again and then turns to Pinkie Pie saying she was right and its time to do the right thing which then cuts to her putting the last piece of the Portal into a box for storage with her friends, she then wonders if she did the right thing to which which the rest assure her it was the right thing and if not they will be there with her to sort it - Big Group Hug and End.
  10. Absolutely adored this episode if I am honest - It was really good to actually see the Cutie Map make its return and not just be a Season 5 thing. After a few episodes we also got to see Starlight Glimmer make her return although brief. The Song "It's gonna work" was by far one of the most enjoyable and fun Musical numbers that I had heard in a while - I am not saying it's the best but I think it could get into my top 10. The Message that you should be yourself rather than try to be like the others around you is a solid lesson for children (and Adults) to learn in todays modern society. And Lastly, Cumin and Saffron are nice additions to the Pony fandom, it's great to have more cultural diverse characters in the show and may even open the doors for even more fans to join the community.
  11. I don't know if I put it into Percentages but I am definitely Fluttershy, Princess Luna and Derpy rolled into one
  12. I was kinda hoping someone would see this and give me feedback or criticism if it didn't work but oh well :/
  13. I was diagnosed with Aspergers and High functioning Autism when I was 21
  14. Thinking up my next awesome Blog

  15. It is definitely a issue that needs to be addressed at some point in the series - Its clear her wings do not have the power to lift her frame and yet they have the power to propel her really fast on her scooter :/
  16. I absolutely love Tree Hugger - I thought her character was fun and enjoyable, She definitely could have her own episode somewhere down the line and I love the fan art that I have seen on her
  17. I thought the episode was OK at best and I have to put all the blame on that to Zephyr Breeze. If the episode was about teaching someone it is better to try and fail than you just never try at all then they should have created a character who the fans probably didn't want to see fail all the time :/ The Episode did have some good moments like the "Peeved" scene and you got to see a new aspect of Fluttershy which is always a good thing but then you feel bad for her because you know she is related to "Him" so in a way its 2 steps forward and 1 step back for her. It is kind of sad really to think that Fluttershy now has 2 characters related to her that the fans don't like (The Other being that Angel)
  18. I would not say my OC is strong but he does know how to look after himself in a fight He is more the talker than the doer if you know what I mean
  19. I would love to go to Equestria and I would take a Camera to take pictures with everyone I meet
  20. I do not believe the style of game that Overwatch is would have much chance of a Storyline unless you were to play in 1v1 match up or something
  21. Blessings from Equestria and Welcome to my 3rd Blog in which today I am going to be ranking the Mane 6 of My Little Pony and Trying to explain my reasons behind why I placed them where I have. Please remember this is just a personal opinion and I am more than happy to listen to your views on this matter and how you would rank them but this is just my opinion and as we all know "Opinions are not wrong" Anyway with the introduction out of the way let us begin with Number 6: TWILIGHT SPARKLE OK Lets start with my least favourite of the Mane 6 and pretty much the Protagonist of the entire Series - "Princess" Twilight Sparkle. Out of all the characters she seems to be the most spoilt by the creative team, She is constantly being awarded by everyone around her when it was a combined effort of ALL of her friends and sometimes even outside help. Her character was not really the most relateable of characters in the series and at the beginning I could compare her to be a Juvenile trying to reform by learning how she is meant to act in modern society only to land a huge job at a corporation because the chairman "took a shine to her" and I personally just do not like that - I feel that she is benefiting from too much when she has not really deserved it. I think the part that annoys me the most is the fact she was turned into a princess and for what? Finishing a spell Star Swirl could not? Is that REALLY such a feat that deserves her to ascend into Princesshood? Especially when you consider what the rest of her friends have done in the duration of the series on their own which would have also warranted a transformation. Applejack saved Ponyville from a stampede of cows Fluttershy tamed a dragon and got him to relocate Pinkie Pie stopped a massive war from happening (which was caused indirectly by Twilight) I could literally go on about what the rest have accomplished but the fact remains they do not seem to be as awarded as Twilight Sparkle has been and that just doesn't seem right to me and because of that Twilight is definitely my least popular of them all. Number 5: RAINBOW DASH Rainbow Dash is probably the coolest designed of the mane 6 by far, Like she is 20% Cooler than the rest (Ba dum tssh) :lol The main reason I have placed her 5th might be a unpopular reason with her loyal fans but to me personally she has not really done anything in the series...I do not mean she is lazy and has not contributed to anything throughout the series but I mean she just has not really had a stand out moment in which she was her real hero (Apart from the first 5 minutes of Mare-Do-Well) and that is unfortunate because I would like to see her being the hero in a crisis to Ponyville and all of Equestria. But she is definitely not without her good points, firstly the fact she does have a good heart behind that superiority complex She was the one to dive right into the middle of bullying to protect a young and scared Fluttershy when she could have easily flew past and ignored it She ignored species profiling to befriend a young griffin named Gilda when all the others were mocking her She was willing to become Scootaloo adopted Big Sister...if you do not understand how important that is for someone as young as Scootaloo then I feel sorry for you Secondly is of course her greatest dream, To become a Wonderbolt, it was one of the first things she announced all the way back in episode 1 and do not deny it when they announced in the recent episode of "Newbie Dash" you felt pleased for her because all the hard work she had put in had finally paid off for her. Finally is her sense of honour, She is true to her element and is Loyal to the core even to her own morals, I said she had a dream to become a Wonderbolt but that did not stop her from almost throwing it all away during the reserve training because she felt that others were being unfairly bullied out of the chance to one day become Wonderbolts by Lightning Dust and that to me is something that earns my respect for anypony out there. Number 4: RARITY I will be honest Rarity was once my least favourite but as time has gone on she has improved quite a lot that I am now liking her character. I don't quite know what it was that I did not like about her - Maybe it was just the fact that to me she was the most bland of characters in the series, nothing bad but nothing special either and when you are meant to be one of the Protagonists in a series being Average is just not what you want to be...But I give credit where credit is due but her character took baby steps and she improved leaps and bounds and I might even say she is the most improved of the entire group. I enjoy her commitment to her passion and I have respect for her because she loves what she loves as much as she does - Yes that has sometimes been the focus on some of her least favourable moments in the series like picking it over spending quality time with Sweetie Belle and treating her friends like rubbish because someone else stole her idea but if I am honest that just shows true passion to something...You can tell she really wants to be the greatest fashion designer in all of Equestria just by the fact she sometimes forget to think about the feelings of those she loves as much. The best parts of Rarity is when she breaks characters, those brief moments when she is willing to step away from herself and let herself go just a little bit - Like when she was willing to get dirty to make amends with her Sister to recently bouncing around pretending to be Pinkie Pie because Pinkie was not acting like her usual self...they are magical moments because (as her name suggests) they are a 'Rarity'. Number 3: PINKIE PIE Pinkamena Diane Pie...Better known as Pinkie Pie is one of Ponyville most beloved residence and when you get to know her you can understand why this is so - When it comes to the life and soul of the town you can be sure that 90% she is at the centre of it and if she is not then she is there to throw a party in honour for the one who was because that is just the kind of pony she is. If you do not know how popular she is then I suggest you watch her brief moment during the song "True, True Friend" when she returns to her old self and all of Ponyville shout "PINKIE" in celebration because she is the one who brings them happiness and everypony loves her...But she is not without her flaws sadly and it comes down to the fact that, kind of like Rainbow Dash, she likes to be within the centre of attention and if she is not then her mood drastically changes. We see in "Party for one" when the rest decides to throw a party for her own birthday and have to avoid her whilst they are preparing for it that Pinkie goes crazy and even psychopathic really quickly even creating new "friends" with rocks and dust...and this is all in the space of an Afternoon folks :/ she literally could not mentally handle not being the life and soul of something for more than a couple of hours. But for that one aspect that is Negative, Pinkie Pie has probably a hundred that makes her so loved by the brony community but probably the key factor to it all is just her personality - She is humorous and usually have a laugh even in a major crisis, She loves her friends and family more than I feel people understand and She is always willing to go that one step further to help others (or to make sure that a party is going to be extra special). Number 2: APPLEJACK Originally I was debating between 3rd and 1st about who would be my number 1 but then I started to think outside the box and realised that whilst those two were continously changing their places in my mind there was one Pony who remains constant in my popularity for her since day one, a Pony who has been a stable for the series since Day 1 and has always produced at least a good episode under her name - Applejack. There is not much I can say bad about her really even her faults are worked into her character so well that they are not actually faults but merely make up her whole character which is actually really hard to do with alot of characters in Cartoons and Anime since most of the times the flaws are slapped in and don't always fit the character when you honestly think about it. Applejack best trait is always going to be her family and just how proud she is of them and her upbringing, She is a country pony at heart and that is exactly how she wants it because that is her family way and I feel that alot of our own families could do with learning a thing or two about what a family truly means from the Apple Family. She is also probably the best sister of the mane 6 even though sometimes she can be overly protective of Apple Bloom but then again who out there is not protective of their young siblings from time to time? The fact is you have to consider she is not just being Apple Blooms Sister but in a way a substitute mother trying to keep her on the right path whilst also wanting to have fun with her as two sisters is not as easy as you may think but AJ is actually doing a really good job at balancing those two roles. Finally and probably the most debatable aspect of my list as to way I like her so much is her singing, it is usually excellent and I do not think I have heard a single song that she or the Apple family have sung that not only did I not enjoy but I liked singing along to because they are always so catchy and takes me back to the classic old country songs back in the day. Number 1: FLUTTERSHY They say you love the character that represents you the most and for me, that honour falls upon Miss Fluttershy and I am personally happy about that because just look at her, she is lovely right? I keep hearing people talk about how Fluttershy introvert personality makes her hard to like but I do not agree at all, I think if anything her character shows us how we could be interacting with someone similar and gaining a really interesting and good friend in the process and she is showing those who are introverts that just because society may deem you "Weak" does not mean you have to be a push over. She has shown in the past that when push comes to shove she can be as strong as the rest, she can not only step out of her comfort zone but even take a vacation from it which is a trait that alot of people can not do and when talking about Fluttershy they seem to forget it because they are focused so much on the time she overly shy but lets look back at one moment that went right over fans heads. Do you remember the Equestria Games? Well Fluttershy competed in it...Let that sink in before your eyes do the "Oh my God" Realisation thing - Fluttershy who had been shown to fear large crowds watching her was actually able to get in front of the biggest crowd of them all to do the two things she is known to be absolutely bad at, Flying and Racing...can you imagine standing in front of thousands all watching you do something you are not good at? You remember how scared Spike was when he had to sing the cloudsdale national anthem even though he didn't know it? THAT is actually how Fluttershy must have been feeling throughout that race but she remained strong and got through it for her team. She does have her flaws, she is probably the only pony who can out stubborn Applejack - Seriously if Fluttershy does not want to do something then she is not doing it even if she is guilt tripped and that might be something that should be frowned at but I think it is something that should be respected, She knows what she likes and hates and wants to avoid a lot of what she hates as best she can only doing them when it is something truly important...Kind of like saving it up so when she does it then you appreciate it just that little bit more. One of the biggest flaws that I do not like about Fluttershy is her tolerance of that Rabbit, Angel...I am definitely in that category who hates that rabbit and will not miss him if was written off but at the same time because Fluttershy loves him I tolerate him being around since he makes Fluttershy happy - But I swear if he slaps her again I will find a way to get into Equestria and I will **This segment has been censored due to graphic description of violence and animal cruelty**...and bury him in the everfree forest But in the end, I just love Fluttershy as a whole so I am proud to name her my favourite of the Mane 6 Thank you all for reading my blog, once again please feel free to comment your own opinions if you wish because I enjoy reading your views very much Until Next time, Blessings from Equestria to you all
  22. The coconut being used to create the sound...although thinking about it they could have looked for the sound effect elsewhere
  23. This is most likely the answer - Its a process done for many years since times of Radio