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  1. This might seem like an odd question, but I wonder what Celestia's and Luna's mane would feel like if you touched them? :ooh: :O :o


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Califorum


      I know exactly how they would feel but I can't really describe it well.

      It would feel like you are touching a piece of paper, but it feels floofy but flat at the same time.

    3. Kevin Tang
    4. Widdershins


      I like the theory that all the wavy-sparkly is just an effect of the crown. Their actual manes are just the same, but duller & natural in the same colors. Like, the alternative is almost creepy. Just light magic pouring out of their head!

      ...though when ya think about it. Celestia has every bit as much frizz & fluff as Pinkie Pie does!