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  1. Hey every-pony ^^ how are we all doing today? :mlp_icwudt: :catface:


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    2. SolarFlare13


      @Dabmanz Yeah, I'm alright ^^ just been watching some youtube vids to keep myself entertained :mlp_icwudt: 

      @Bas Oh? what happened? :o

    3. Bastian


      Im doing fine at school, more datails soon.;)

    4. Bas
  2. WOW!!! O.O I just found some VERY old / rare footage of me playing Legends Of Equestria in 2016 :laugh: :catface: This was back in the day when the game was still in development :o I pop up around 18:40 of the video :3


    1. Tacodidra
    2. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      Oh wow!! I haven't been on there in forever!!!!


    3. HereComesTom


      Is it still a thing, or are all the servers down by now?

  3. Well, I’ve got a BUSY weekend coming up. :dash: There’s the Adelaide 500 this weekend (which is the first round of the V8 Supercars) AND there’s a car show this Sunday. Of course, I have to manage my time so I don’t miss out on the final race of the weekend :please: If you havent been keeping up with the news, Holden has made the announcement they will NO longer be selling cars in Australia. GM has pulled the plug on the operation and they have NO intention of building the Camaro and the Corvette in right hand drive. The boss of the factory Holden team will have a meeting with General Motors this week and he’s gonna TRY to convince them to bring the Chevrolet brand in Australia. Heh, good luck with that. Without the classic Holden VS Ford, there’s NO future for Aussie V8s.


    Not only that, they’re working on a NEW deal that could show EVERY race LIVE and FREE on Channel 10. They’d show the Sunday race LIVE and they’ll either give us a replay of what happened on the Saturday (like what they did with the Sandown 500 last year) OR they’ll give us the ‘highlights’ of the race. Honestly, I think this is a good deal. It’s a HELL of a lot better than the one we have now. The sport is planning to go 2-door in 2022 under the new Gen 3 regulations. The reason WHY they haven’t been able to organise this deal is because of the current contract (which only shows 6 races LIVE on Channel 10. Luckily, it expires at the end of this year) AND because they’re not making enough money. Yeah, it not like EVERYONE can pay $50 a month just so they can watch a FULL season of Aussie V8s. A couple of years ago, you used to be able to watch the Aussie V8s LIVE and FREE on channel 7. Now that Holden is dead, they need to think about the viewers. Otherwise, the sport is dead. If it DOES come to that stage, Aussie V8s will be replaced by GT3. As a Ford fan, I’ve got NOTHING to worry about. It’s ALL up to GM, whether they wanna race or not. The fate of the sport is in their hands. :dash:

    Either way, Ford has got the last laugh. The existing Holden teams will have TWO choices: either they go to Ford or they go with another manufacturer...


    What's funny is, they were planning to race the commodore all the way up to the end of 2021. Now that they're closing the factory at the end of this year, this will be the LAST time they'll be racing the Holden Commodore in V8 Supercars :) 


    THIS is Holden in a nut-shell: a steaming pile of shit with NO plan for the future. What a shame...


    Sorry if I got a little political there. :twismile: This was something I had to get off my chest :muffins: Overall, it's gonna be a fun weekend ^^ :catface:

  4. Well, it's time for me to go to sleep. ^^ Goodnight every-pony :laugh: :catface: 



  5. *Boops Every-pony* :pinkie: UwU :catface:


  6. I gave up watching the show after watching '2, 4, 6, great' and the first 5 mins of 'A Trivial Pursuit'. (Season 9) I had ENOUGH of rainbow dash saying 'awesome' like a freaking idiot, Twilight having mental break-downs and...Trixie in general. I CANT STAND IT when she says 'The Great and Powerful...' NO!!! STFU!!! my sanity was hanging by a thread by that point. If you take a look back in season 7, she said 'awesome' in just about EVERY episode she made an appearance in. I dunno whether this was supposed to be a joke or they were trying to annoy us. Yeah, I still havent seen the rest of Season 9 and I dont intend to. Honestly, I stopped caring after watching Season 7. Look, I love MLP, but there's just some things in the show that I just DONT like. The fandom had nothing to do with this. I just had enough. There have been a couple of times where I've had to leave the fandom temporarily 'cuz I couldn't deal with the negativity. If I were to post a comment in the Episode Discussion Thread and if there's something I DIDN'T like about that episode, there's ALWAYS going to be that ONE person who's going to be offended and they're gonna have a MASSIVE whinge about it. (Personally, I would like to tell them to F*CK OFF, but I know that'll get me into a lot of trouble and that's NOT what I want ) Look, I know everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, but they should also respect the opinion of others and move on. If the person DOESN'T like the episode, that's just their opinion. They dont need to get salty / defensive about it. So yeah, that's WHY you dont see me post that much in the threads anymore. I post my opinions in my status updates. The one thing that keeps me coming back is my friends on the MLP Forums. They mean A LOT to me, I care 'bout them and they really help with my depression. Not only that, if there's something that's bothering me, they're always there to help me out :3
  7. Well, they've just revealed the livery for the Truck Assist Ford Mustang's a bit of a blank canvas. :twi: It looks nice, but it could use a bit more colour / orange to make it pop, but that's just my opinion :) 


    It looks A LOT better than the Supercheap Auto livery we got a couple of days ago. :mlp_icwudt:


    Well, that's ALL the Mustang liveries for 2020. The Shell cars have got the exact same livery as last year. Nothing different :derp: 


    The same goes for the Monster Energy Ford Mustang V8 Supercar :) 


    ...and then, you've got the NED Kelly Mustang AND the Castrol Racing Mustang :laugh:



    Which one is my favourite? :ooh: it's gotta be the Milwaukee tools Mustang. B) 


    Which one is your favourite? :dash:

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    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      I quite like the charcoal and orange colour scheme, but there does seem to be a lot of blank canvas, on the bonnet and rear end particularly. :huh:

      Personally, I am always partial towards that Castrol livery. It always reminds me of the Toyota Celica that famously ran the livery in the mid to late 90s; one of my all-time favorite rally machines. :ph3ar:




    3. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus

      I don't know anything about racing, cars or racing cars, but I like how the monster energy car is presented. 

    4. Widdershins


      S'like, Ah don' know no cars. But shouldn't a Live-ry be made of things that are A-Live?

      … Are cars alive?

       Cuz dese Puppies sure do Purrr!   Nyurrr-hee!~~

       Guess that's what Solar Flare & Ceberus have in common! Ya both like things that Purr!


         …. Gasping noise of amazement! :pinkie:

       RACING CATS!!!

        Go! Go Racing Cats!! SLEEP FASTER!!

  8. Well, well well...I've been talking 'bout this for a while now and they finally made the decision to kill off the Holden brand in Australia.





    Without the commodore, they have nothing. Honestly, the brand has been dead for a while now. they NO longer produce cars in Australia and everyone knows their vehicles are just re-badged Daewoo's and Opel's. What a shame. They gave their fans FALSE promises (long before the death of the VF Commodore, they told their fans they would have a replacement for the Australian Commodore, but they gave us NOTHING) and the factory Holden team was being rather optimistic about the situation (Mind you, they're a bunch of f*cking idiots). 


    I could go on a 30 minute rant on why I think GT3 is better than V8 Supercars, but that is a story for another day. Honestly, I'm glad Holden brand is dead. That gives GM the opportunity to bring the Chevrolet brand here in Australia and build the Camaro and Corvette in right hand drive. That's IF they wanna get involved with Aussie V8's. The sport is pretty much dead at this point. 



    I remember when they tried to market the ZB commodore, trying to convince people to buy it, when everyone knew it was shit. I know what the Holden fans want ('cuz I USED to be a Holden fan. Heck, I was a DIE-HARD Holden fan before my dad bought the FGX Falcon back in 2015): a rear wheel drive, V8. If you cant provide that, we dont want it. 

    ...and sales figures reflect that. From 2018 - 2019, they BARELY sold 8000 + cars in that time. When they had the Australian commodore, they sold 25,000 + a year (roughly speaking). Yeah, that's pretty disappointing and it speaks for itself. 


    That's all I have to say. #FordMustangFTW!!! B)


    "As much as Holden fans will be sad about this, Holden is not making money and there’s clearly not much chance of a recovery."


    Yep, that's Holden in a nut-shell :) 


    1. Bastian


      Always good to learn something.:)

    2. Pat Thundersnow

      Pat Thundersnow

      Not much of a surprise following the end of production of the Chevy SS a few years ago.

  9. Okay, this one is for the Pokemon fans. Which one would you pick? :dash: Charizard? Blastoise? or Venusaur? :o






    @Photon Jet, @DivinePony1000, @Odyssey, @Dynamo Pad, @ShadOBabe, @Widdershins and any-pony else who is reading this status update. :) 

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    2. Widdershins


      Honestly, the Gigantamax forms have been disappointing. They're just larger with slightly different forms. Only dynamax Toxtricity has struck me as remarkable. Even in battle their disappointing as they can still get one-shot by non-dynamaxed regular battlers and in numerous cases their overlaid attacks are in fact weaker. Not to mention they seriously put a crimp on strategy when no two typing G-max moves seem to work all that well together, last all that long or even help the situation of the battle at hand.

       Honestly, Gigantimax Charizard looks the same to me. It's bigger, but its wings are flames. That's it. It also looks fat n' doofy. I'd hate it less if Leon wasn't such a smirking donkey.

       Blastoise just gets a taller shell to fit more guns in. Just more guns, that'sa bout it.

       Venasaur does look cute with its petals drooping down! Though that really looks like something a regular old wild venasaur could do without outside help.

       ...I mention Dynamax has been a sad attempt at a gimmick?

    3. Bas



      Okay, this one is for the Pokemon fans. Which one would you pick? :dash: Charizard? Blastoise? or Venusaur? :o

      The most important question of my childhood for sure.

    4. HereComesTom


      Blastoise.  He looks like he could shoot about eight different enemies at once!

  10. Easy. 1 - Coca Cola 2 - Pepsi 3 - toss up between Sprite and Schweppes
  11. Well, that was a nice way to celebrate my cousins birthday ^^ went to a chinese restaurant and had 2 bowls of fried rice. :pinkie: Of course, I had to be careful of the whole corona virus that was floating around. :twi: Then, we went over to their place and had some gelato cake, and some pizza. :laugh: Yeah, I'm fortunate enough to have my mums birthday and my cousins birthday on the same month, one after another. (similar to Christmas and new years) :mlp_icwudt:




    So, how's the rest of your day been? :pinkie: I hope it has been as good as mine :catface:




    1. Tacodidra


      Happy birthday to your cousin! :pinkie:

      My day has been a pretty good one, thanks! :rarity:

    2. Bas



      and had 2 bowls of fried ice

      What I read. :laugh:

      Jenny had some bible friends coming over - Luckily for me, they/we didn't end up studying it. :please:

  12. So many fluffy ponies here. UwU I just wanna give you all a BIG cuddle ^^ :laugh: >w< :catface:


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    2. Sparklefan1234


      @SolarFlare13 @Dark Horse

      Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, My Friends!



    3. Tacodidra


      *cuddles* ^_^

    4. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Then cuddle away! :Thorax:

  13. @SolarFlare13 So, how does Gen 8 compare to previous gens to you? 

    I think its one of the best Generations to come from Pokémon!

    1. SolarFlare13


      I'd say it's better than gens 5 and 7. :ooh: I like the EV training mechanics and the wild area. the only thing I DON'T like about Pokemon Sword and Shield is...well, EVERYONE. They're SO full of themselves. :unamused: I like how they gave the gym leaders their own unique personalities. THAT was a breath of fresh air :laugh:

    2. DivinePony1000


      @SolarFlare13 What do you think of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon remake?

    3. SolarFlare13


      I havent played the demo / seen any footage of it, ironically enough. I should probably go and do that :twismile:

  14. Here, have some cute pics of Lyra Heartstrings :arethosehands: o3o :catface:




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    2. DivinePony1000
    3. Tacodidra


      Thanks, my friend! :yay:

      The third one is very cute, in particular! :arethosehands:

    4. Bas


      Best humane pony! :umad:

      Oh, these pics go straight into that folder.