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  1. Uhh...I just taken a look at Equestria Daily and it says the next episode we're getting (well...for american viewers, that is :mlp_icwudt:) is Yakity-Sax :sunbutt: Didn't we already get that episode? :dash: Why are we seeing it again!? :confused: ...and wasn't it like, Season 8 Episode 14 or something like that? :mlp_wat: why did they change it? :blink: (you know, I asked myself that question when I looked on the FOXTEL box a couple of weeks ago. I thought they stopped airing new pony episodes in Australia when I saw that was the next episode, but NOPE!!!) :huh:

    I'm pretty sure there was a live-stream for that a couple of weeks ago:







    Wow...the schedule for Season 8 has been a massive cluster-buck :umad:...and this the first time Australia is AHEAD of the US :o (like, we're on Episode 20 right now.)


    Also, there's A LOT of rumours going around that Season 9 will be the last season of MLP: Friendship is Magic. Dunno if that's true or not :huh: 

    1. Tacodidra


      "Yakity-Sax" is episode 18 in the actual order, but it was shown as an advance airing ("Summer Surprise") in July, so it was the 14th episode to air. :derp: That's why it was also aired as episode 18 in Australia. The Australian airings will be four episodes ahead after next weekend! :P

      The season 9 ending hasn't been confirmed yet. I hope we get a 10th season, even if it seems unlikely...

    2. Simply Cerberus

      Simply Cerberus


      Yakity-Sax :sunbutt: Didn't we already get that episode?

      We did, in fact, there was even banner based on it :wacko:

    3. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      because next saturday is the "official" release, lol, glad i noticed that mess and not watched it yet, so i have a new episode every saturday XD

  2. SolarFlare13

    Gaming Your Favorite Mario Game

    Super Mario Galaxy, hands down
  3. SolarFlare13

    Is there a fan in your room?

    Yes there is, but the annoying thing about it is that it takes a while to get going (...and I have to use a pencil / pain-brush in order to force the blades to spin faster, 'cuz I'm too impatient...) I mean, hey...I can't help the fact that my room collects A LOT of dust. It's hard to clean when you've got SO much MLP merchandise lying around
  4. I just finished watching "The Wash-outs" (Season 8 Episode 20) and it was a pretty damn good episode. I thoroughly enjoyed that. I would say it's DEFINITELY one of the better episodes of the Season. Like, seriously...this is what I'm talking about. They CAN make good episodes IF THEY WAN'T TO. Honestly, this is a breath of fresh air after the amount of mediocre episodes we've been having. I don't like how the show is focusing so much on the students and the mane 6 being teachers. It kinda sucks the fun out of the show...


    Also, there's A LOT of shouting in this episode :fiery: You'll see what I mean when you go and watch it ;) 


    Here are my thoughts / here is an overview on the episode. Of course, I've kept them under spoilers :) 


    It was nice to see a 'different' kind of 'wonderbolt'. (The Shadow bolts aren't really a thing. They only made ONE appearance and that was back in the Season 1 premiere) Basically, the 'Wash-outs' are wonderbolt rejects who do death-defying stunts. It was really cool to see Lightning Dust, after all these years. Honestly, I thought she would be a lot more aggressive towards RD ('cuz of what happened in Season 3), but as usual, she was super chill. Ultimately, the episode had Scootaloo joining them (she was captivated by their death defying stunts and she was annoyed with RD trying to stop her from liking them) and Rainbow Dash saving her (as well as Lightning Dust tasting pure, sweet Karma) :derp:


    For those of you who haven't seen the episode, you guys are in for a treat :catface:



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    2. SolarFlare13


      @Tacodidra Amongst all the episodes this Season, the ones I've liked so far are: Episodes 4 - 11 :laugh: the other ones have been kinda...meh...or they've rubbed me the wrong way :dry: (I'm looking at you, 'Marks For Effort' :baconmane:)


      Honestly, Lightning Dust's appearance was a BIG suprise :sealed: ...and a welcome return :mlp_icwudt: it's nice to see some 'conflict' every once in a while :catface: makes the episodes more fun :3


    3. Widdershins


      Personally, I wish they'd eschew any framing device at all & just go for a "stuff going on around Ponyville" vibe. Slice O' Life, ya know like the hundredth episode was. Like, Lyra & Bons show up to visit Twi or other minor characters bomfing in to stir the pot of an average everyday life. 

       Kinda hate importance being placed on the characters like nothing matters unless the Main Six are there & center. ...Pinkie, Applejack, Flutters & Dash aren't "teachers" this season, right...? They don't make good, uh, supervisors.

    4. SolarFlare13


      Honestly, I might go and re-watch this episode. Now THAT's something I havent done in a very long while :twi:

  5. Of course I will. :/
  6. I reckon there should be more shaggy pones in the show :sealed: I dunno about you guys, but they look absolutely adorable :laugh: >w< :catface: :3


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    2. Tacodidra


      It's not just you! :P If Flutterguy can make a comeback, why not Hairity? :rarity:

    3. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      The hell happened to roxanne?

    4. Widdershins


      Sadly, with Roxanne being the fashion horse here, she's already had her hair mauled some... three times so far for episodes. If they were they would have by now.

  7. SolarFlare13

    Boop a snoot, any snoot

    *boops @The_Gobo, @meck-can-ik pony, @Wannabrony, @Supreme Leader Rarity, @Sparklefan1234, @Widdershins, @Totally Not Wolf, @Tacodidra, @Flutterstep, @Vintjack Greasymane,@TigerGeekGuy, @Rikifive, @DashYoshi, @Alexshy, @Simply Cerberus, @Sliding Bolt, @Kyoshi, @TheNerdyGriffoN, @Prospekt, @Deae Rising Shine~, @PathfinderCS, @Lucky Bolt, @SparklingSwirls, @The Recherche, @Trottermare Galamane, @Vampira Heart, @Nightfall Gloam* >w<
  8. SolarFlare13

    Cuddle War!!!!!

    *cuddles @The_Gobo, @meck-can-ik pony, @Wannabrony, @Supreme Leader Rarity, @Sparklefan1234, @Widdershins, @Totally Not Wolf, @Tacodidra, @Flutterstep, @Vintjack Greasymane,@TigerGeekGuy, @Rikifive, @DashYoshi, @Alexshy, @Simply Cerberus, @Sliding Bolt, @Kyoshi, @TheNerdyGriffoN, @Prospekt, @Deae Rising Shine~, @PathfinderCS, @Lucky Bolt, @SparklingSwirls, @The Recherche, @Trottermare Galamane, @Vampira Heart, @Nightfall Gloam* >w<
  9. Your avatar is all like FWOOF.

    1. SolarFlare13


      You like my coat??? :wacko: owo :catface: :3

  10. Okay, I just checked on the FOXTEL box and it looks like Australia is getting TWO new pony episodes this week: :wau: 

    “On The Road To Friendship” and “The Wash-outs” (which is episodes 19 and 20 respectively).

    Of course, I’ll be recording them and I’ll give you my opinion on them ASAP :laugh: :catface: 

    (honestly, I dunno what’s going on :huh: Australia’s been getting new pony episodes for WEEKS now…that’s odd :ooh: …)


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    2. BlinkZ


      I"M really really confused how many episdoes have been adde.d it's only bene two weeks since i last saw an episode and somehwo thier 6 new episdoes!!

    3. Tacodidra


      @BlinkZ Two episodes a week in Australia, plus some additional airings in other countries (three episodes were released in France that aren't available in English yet). :)

    4. BlinkZ


      YIkes, it's like they are trying to kil the fandom faster

  11. SolarFlare13

    How are you feeling

    Feeling kinda depressed, as usual
  12. I'm thinking about having this as my profile pic. What do you guys think, too shaggy??? :huh: o3o :sealed:


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    2. meck-can-ik pony

      meck-can-ik pony

      <<< I've had mines awhile,

      I don't wanna change it cus its so cute but I have had it for ages now :yeahno:

    3. SolarFlare13


      @meck-can-ik pony Nah, just keep the one you already have :catface: It's SO adorable!!! >w< 

    4. meck-can-ik pony

      meck-can-ik pony

      @SolarFlare13 ok I will thanks Solar ;) 

  13. *boop* :wacko: o3o :catface: :3 



    1. Totally Totally

      Totally Totally


      *is booped* ^_^

      *boops back* Hiya Huggles. :3

  14. Hey every-pony :laugh: how are we all doing today? :catface:


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    2. Simply Cerberus
    3. Rikifive


      Hey there! :yay:

      Currently I'm at work, but it's not a bad day.. though I think I'll have to stay there for longer than 8 hours. My favorite, heh.. :P

    4. BlinkZ


      Hats are tasty nom nom nom

  15. SolarFlare13

    Sports What is your favourite Race Car?

    I'm starting to like the Calsonic Nissan GT-R that races in Super GT I tell ya: Super GT is absolutely BONKERS!!!