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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Thank you!! I take around 3 hours to complete a full drawing like that C: Thanks!!
  3. Hoi hoiii my little chicken nuggets! I hope you are doing well today C: I am here to show you a few of the adopts I have done so far this year! I am really happy with what I have done so far. So lemme show em! They all belong to a Semi-Open Species called Northlings. If interested in the Species, let me know ^^ I am really happy how they have turned out and I am proud! Also the base used is made by me and is only for personal use,sorry! Enjoy!
  4. Hello my sweet peas! I hope you are doing well!! It's been quite a while since I ever post here. I think every time I come here I always say this ahahaha. Anywho I've been away since I have been working a lot on my Species, called the Northlings. I've been working on their merchandise and working on their communities and adopts and such. So I will leave some of the adopts and commissions I did through out the months! Like my favorite ones, I shall show it here! I hope you enjoy. If interested in the Species just let me know. If you have any other questions, just ask me~ To the art!! Commissions I did Northling Adopts I made!
  5. People say that? 0.0 Thank you!!
  6. Thank you! Hahahaha, it's on their rear, not the butt C: It starts near the base of their tails. If you wanna knowmore about them you can read here: Thank you!!!
  7. And here I am once again to show you more of my art! Since then I made around 4 more babs that~ I have beenpracticing colour schemes on adopts and now I am just playing more with Neons. And who ever knows me, knows that I hate neons but seems like I am enjoying it them a little to much. What do you guys think?? The three top babs are from a species called Northlings The bottom one is from a species called Faerings Hope you guys enjoy
  8. Hoii sweet buns! It's been awhile since I posted here~ I am here to show you some of my recent art! Some are adopts and customs of my species Northlings and Southlings ( If interested in the species let me know! ) and the rest is just personal and fun art I made. Art is my full time job so please do understand that I do not do requests I hope you enjoy Do let me know what you think! The first three are from a species known as Northlings, the fourth is from a species called Pelagos. As for the rest was all for fun
  9. Happy birthday Niniibear! :D

  10. I logged in after couple months of lack and POW! The only person who I talked on forms has a BD. ZEE MAJIK! CONGRATULATIONS!

  11. Merry Birthiversary!