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  1. You mean today? This specific day? Inner thoughts included? Then I'd title it: "This is why I'm a huge failure"
  2. New Year's - Sad because it's another year I only really dislike Christmas and Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was OK this year, I still had to visit my mom's side of the family (we don't get along) but my close friend was invited so I had one friend to be with for a few hours. Christmas has lost it's hype, I have some things I'd want for Christmas, but I don't worry too much about what I get. As long as we don't visit mom's side of the family (which we probably will) I'll be pretty OK. Dad's side of the family is easier to get along with. Fourth of July blows because I'm at the week long family reunion where we have to see mom's side of the family, let's just say they can be very insensitive and unfriendly and I feel bad around them. But hey, things can change. Maybe the holidays will be better.
  3. Any Naruto ship involving Sasuke or Hinata. I hate them both as characters, so I'd rather they didn't touch the more likeable characters. Any ship involving Fluttershy, just like with Sasuke and Hinata, I don't enjoy her presence. Twilight x Flash. I don't like love interest characters because most of the time, they exist only to give another character a boy/girlfriend. So I'm very annoyed by it. Sonic the hedgehog x Amy Rose. I don't like Amy, as I've said with Flash Sentry, I don't usually enjoy love interests. Amy is like Flash Sentry except super annoying and selfish. Knuckles the echidna x Rouge the bat. I just don't think they could work. One is a gaurdian protecting an island and a magical emerald. Rouge is a thief who's constantly trying to take said magical emerald. I feel like Knux would have a very hard time trusting her. And besides, I like Knuckles x Blaze better. Luigi x Rosalina. Rosalina isn't bad, I just like Luigi with Daisy better.
  4. I hope that if any of them die, it's Fluttershy Death in a kids' movie? Maybe if it's done tastefully and has a good reason. Perhaps in the final battle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Fluttershy get "killed" by the big bad guy, Twilight defeats the bad guy but mourns for her friends but soon discovers they're just unconcious, they wake up and Twilight ends up crying for joy to have her best friends back and they all hug. Cliched as heck? Yes. But would I enjoy that? YES.
  5. Dislestia. Because it's funny to imagine Discord falling for one of the princess who turned him to stone in the first place, not to mention how he'd tried to win her heart by trying to start conversations that would turn into awkward small talk. ​Sparity. Not child Spike however (that would be bad) but I'm thinking if something ended up aging Spike and he tries to pursue a relationship with Rarity. I also think in general it's cute to ship adult Spike with any of the other Mane 6. But Apple Bloom x Spike is also kinda cute. Spike x Ember is also super cute, I wish people would do more with them. Soarindash, I know it's not the most developed ship but it's kinda become my pony OTP.. I don't ship any of the Mane 6 together but I understand why people would ship stuff like PinkieDash or AppleTwi.
  6. Well if I can't kill her... Then why not just try to befriend her and the mane 6? If that doesn't work, I'll just try to stay out of her sight and try to live life as a normal person.
  7. Well for one thing, I really love Rainbow Dash and she's pretty special to me. So I feel like with a character like her, I may as well stay. Not to mention, the fandom is very nice. I think the show's positive message really influences the fandom. There are a lot of kind bronies and I'm happy to have at least one fandom I can be a part of that isn't extremely toxic or negative.
  8. I got more supplies for drawing, then I found a Rarity doll near the check-out and ended up buying her.
  9. I wish I had money.

  10. Idk, just kinda stressed out and confused. I don't really know how to feel about the existence of God but if He's real... I feel like He's messing with my head while making me feel like everything is going to be OK and hopeless and despair-filled at the same time.
  11. Idk, maybe someone who's more timid and sweet? I've always liked men who are kinda like Luigi.. Idk how to explain it without sounding like an idiot. I don't think I'd be good wife anyhow, so I'll probably just stay single.. heh.
  12. I've volunteered and counseled at camps for kids from 10 to 13.. and I was 13 at the start, so it's possible Timber could be just slightly older than Sci-Twi.
  13. Nah m8, it's fine. I'm not the best at being perceptive so I apologize too