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  1. Private Far From Home (1x1 with Yuu Xeno)

    As she continued to sleep, Rhett became a little concerned. He didn't think Melody was having a nightmare, but the word she kept saying was a little worrying. He didn't know whether or not to wake her up, as both options weren't really the best choice. After thinking for a little bit, he decided it would be best for her to wake up. He put a hand on her foreleg and shook it a little. "Melody." He said quietly. "Wake up."
  2. The next morning, Sam opened his eyes and let out a large yawn. It lasted for a good five seconds before he sat up. Upon doing so, he felt Scarlet still holding onto him. He smiled and carefully tried to wake her up. "Scarlet, wake up." He put a hand on her shoulder, shaking slightly. "It's time to start getting ready."
  3. Private Far From Home (1x1 with Yuu Xeno)

    After sleeping for a while, Rhett woke up with full energy. He got up from his bed and went into the living room and saw Melody still there, sleeping on the couch. If he was being honest, she was quite adorable to look at. Not in a creepy way, but just in a 'adorable sleeper' way. He smiled and sat down beside her, rubbing a hand over his face. After a few seconds, he could faintly hear her mumbling something under her breath. He raised a brow and leaned in closer, making out the word 'Luna'. He wasn't sure what it meant, but judging by how she was saying it, it must be someone she was looking for. "I know how you feel, sister." He sighed. He adjusted his posture a little, and felt something under him. He reached under his leg to find the remote. "So that's where that went." He smiled. He sat it down on the coffee table, not wanting to wake Melody, and leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He was just resting them, mainly because there was nothing else to do at the moment.
  4. Yeah, sure. I'm fine with that. It would be a nice change than what I normally do
  5. Private Far From Home (1x1 with Yuu Xeno)

    Rhett entered his room and flopped onto his bed, immediately closing his eyes to try and sleep. He thought of Melody for a moment, and his mind began to wonder. 'I wonder if she'll still be here once I wake up?' He thought to himself. 'I mean, this is all still so weird and crazy, so I wouldn't be too surprised if it all was just my mind.' Soon though, he fell into a deep sleep. He started dreaming about life was back over in Afghanistan, the horror of it all.
  6. Private Far From Home (1x1 with Yuu Xeno)

    After what felt like hours, Rhett turned off the computer and the amp. "Ah, well, that was fun, but I am super tired right now. I'm going to head to bed, but feel free to explore around the house a bit." He put up his guitar and yawned. "I'll probably only be a few hours, and it's only eleven." He glanced to his watch. He walked out of the room and turned back to Melody,"Just so you know, if you need to go into my room while I'm asleep, don't go snooping around in my closet. No offense, but I have some things in there that may or may not hurt you, if they're handled wrong of course." He was talking about his gun-safe, and even though it was locked, he still felt better if no-one went messing with it.
  7. Private Far From Home (1x1 with Yuu Xeno)

    Rhett was...amazed, to say at the least. He was expecting it, of course, but it was just on a whole different level of greatness. He smiled,"Wow, now that's something. You could easily top anyone who tried to take your title of 'Most amazing female singer'." He gave a chuckle,"Now, since you've proved yourself, allow me show you why I love guitars." Not a second later, Rhett began playing the same song by heart, not even having the video playing. It was one of his favorites, so he knew it top to bottom. He could play the entire song deaf even. As the more heavy parts came in, he would bob his head to the beat, not even caring that Melody was right there, granted she was blind.
  8. Although he was still asleep, the music Scarlet played calmed him down in no time. Soon, he was back to snoring, a bit of drool escaping his mouth.
  9. Private Far From Home (1x1 with Yuu Xeno)

    Rhett plucked a few strings of the guitar, making sure it was in tune, then pulled up a few songs he thought would be nice. Out of the three, he picked this(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mHhFrdnT44), and pulled up the lyric video. "Alright, now this song has...harsher vocals than what you may be used too, but if you watch this video, you could just sing it entirely clean." He suggested. "It's up to you, but who knows, there may be some untold talents in your voice." He full-screened it and started the video.
  10. Yeah, sorry, I've been really busy as of late. Plus my sleep routine is messed up, so I'm not in a good way
  11. Sam was still asleep, snoring softly every other breath. Again, he was dreaming about the cliff, but this time it was a much larger object he could see. Along with that, he fell once trying to grab it, but instead of hitting water, he landed on soft grass. As he explored, he found a cave which seemed to have a light from deep inside. The closer he got, though, the light began to fade. Soon, it was pitch black.
  12. Private Far From Home (1x1 with Yuu Xeno)

    Rhett nodded,"Alright then. Onwards, to the recording room!" He walked onto the back patio, which had glass walls and roof. There was a smaller room to the right, which was the room he played and made music in. He opened the door and walked inside, flicking on the light. Inside, there was a desk with all the recording software, amps and pedals. All along the sides of the room were dozens of guitars, ranging from six string electrics to five string basses. There was also a microphone in the corner with its own amp, and everything ran into the main software on his computer. "Ah, feels good to be back in here." He sighed. "So, the microphone is in the left corner of the room. Just turn on the amp and you're good to go. I'll pick out a guitar and we can start." He started browsing his 'babies', as he called them, and picked out a seven string Ibanez. He sat down on the chair and plugged it into the amp, along with turning on the computer and the programs.
  13. Private Far From Home (1x1 with Yuu Xeno)

    "How about..." Rhett though for a few moments,"we do some song writing?" He pumped a fist in the air,"Yeah, I've been meaning to write some more material, and now I've go the perfect opportunity. I'll start by writing down some chords and such, and you could sing whatever over them. I mean, I have some lyrics on hand, but they're kinda...not suited for your voice." He rubbed the back of his neck. "The guitars aren't meant for the type of singing you do either, but I think I can manage." Then he rubbed his chin,"Or, just for fun, we could do a cover of some songs. It's up to you though, we don't have too."
  14. "Hmm, I'm not the romantic type." Sam joked. "Still, since you mentioned it, you are beautiful." He smiled and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep. Whatever was in store for him, he would be ready.
  15. Huh, I could have sworn my message before went through. Oh well