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  1. Just wanted to say, seeing Fox and The Hound is bringing back the nostalgia. I love it.

  2. Littlepip is best pony.

  3. What is this “Chill” you speak of?

  4. To put it bluntly, because Littlepip is best pony XD Plus it's such an adorable picture. ~Luantone
  5. Littlepip is best pony.

    1. Captain Whirlwind
    2. Lunatone


      The absolute best : D

  6. Littlepip is best pony.

  7. How are you?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lunatone


      Good, good. Tired.

    3. Lunatone


      Sorry for taking long to get back. I'm not on this place as much as I would like.

    4. That One Techpriest You Used To Know
  8. Bruh, I've been gone for 6 days and I have 94 status updates...What are you guys doing XD

    1. Luminance


      I'm doing fine as if right now :)

    2. Captain Whirlwind
  9. To say “I’m sore” would be extremely erroneous right now XD

  10. Sore. My friend and I went to the gym last night and we worked on shoulders and legs. About to go again and work on chest and biceps. ~Lunatone
  11. Pokémon Red on the Game Boy Colour, I believe. It was either that, or Donkey Kong 64 on the Nintendo 64. Those were the good times. ~Lunatone
  12. Happy Independence Day, from a fellow Canadian!

  13. All the time. I don't really consider it to be talking to myself aloud, but rather thinking aloud . ~Lunatone
  14. Happy Canada Day!

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