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  1. Hello and welcome to the herd! Even if it's just temporarily I suppose? I hope you'll have a good time while you're here. c:
  2. Electricity For example, if it was cheaper, it would encourage more people to switch to electrical heaters and such. That would mean less smoke and stuff because oof, sometimes the chimneys are mean. It would possibly make Winters easier to go through, at least in my case, as I switched to electrical heating after home renovation and... My electric bills are going higher than NASA could ever reach, heh. So yeah, I'd really appreciate not having to pay ridiculous prices for .. surviving, so to speak (winter sux because of that ). It would make life a lot easier in general, as these bills take a rather big chunk of my salary, regardless of the season. Actually living in general is overpriced. Having a job is apparently not enough to live peacefully, which is really disappointing.
  3. Hello there and welcome to the herd!
  4. Hello and welcome to the herd!
  5. Hi, hello and welcome to the herd!
  6. Hello and welcome to the herd!
  7. Hello and welcome to the friend!
  8. Vacation in Equestria itself would be more than enough. Many locations are fine, but visiting Ponyville is a must. --- then Canterlot and Crystal Empire too! And Cloudsdale! I'm not really thrilled about Manehattan, but it would be worth exploring as well. . . . . . and more if I'd be able to
  9. Hello and welcome to the herd!
  10. It toooootally depends. If I have to go out, I definitely prefer sunny days; otherwise I'm fine with both. I like rain, the smell and everything, but it has to be the right time for that, so to speak.
  11. For a long time now I usually go to sleep around 5 AM. In general it really varies, like 1 - 7 AM, depending on few factors, but most of the time it's 5 AM. Had 2 years of night shifts only, now I have afternoon shifts only, that I don't like. I have difficulties with organizing my time properly because of that. I'd love to change that, because my health isn't approving this.
  12. I have always worked with Android, never tried Apple, so my opinion is probably biased. Though I've heard some funny things about Apple devices, so that and the prices and everything make me hesitant to toy with any of this. So, Android all the way.
  13. Hi, I hope you'll have a good time nevertheless, welcome to the herd! --even if it's only temporarily.
  14. Hello there! Your introduction made me think of Fluttershy and I started wondering is she'll be your favorite character (or at least one of the favorites) - Seeing her specified there made me wonder no more. Very nice. I hope you'll have a good time; Welcome to the herd!
  15. Hello, hi and welcome to the herd! There's no need to be shy, I hope you'll have a good time here.
  16. By-- wrecking an image with Twilight with whatever I could throw at her?
  17. That Placeholder Title Screen With Budget Scenery™ but this time in-game. rVzK55c.png


    nothing too exciting;
    it's still work in progress. :darling:

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    2. Rikifive


      Thank you! XDlaR1K.png

    3. Sparklefan1234



      nothing too exciting;


      image.png.21ed0084f684090af95524d554adbf7b.png Any update is exciting, IMO. 

    4. Cash In

      Cash In

      Looks quite nice. Reminds me of the GBA, but a lot more crisp.

  18. Hello and welcome to the herd!
  19. Hello, hi and welcome to the herd!
  20. Ooooh I miss that. ;-;


    Good times. :twi:

    Eh, I feel old. qgWC76l.png

    1. Muffinnz


      So do I :(

    2. Muffinnz


      Do today's kids watch this?

    3. Rikifive


      To be honest I don't know, but at least here, after what happened to TV channels, I kinda doubt they watch animated shows like these. Disney is all over the place and has replaced the amazing stuff with their meh sitcoms. Plus, kids are probably busy playing Fortnite. EDQ7xNk.png

      This is kinda how I ended watching animated shows myself (and pretty much TV altogether) - I always loved these and there was always something new from time to time, but then Disney wrecked the channels I loved, leaving me nothing to watch. So, I'm afraid, that kids these days are forced to watch these sitcoms, as not much else is available, unless they dig something out from the internet by themselves, but again, when they're on PC, they probably play games or something. :mlp_icwudt:

      Cartoon Network is available to this day I believe, but generally it constantly had ups and downs, there these shows really varied. One time the program was totally enjoyable, the other it was filled with weird stuff, that one could question if kids can watch it.

      I really, really miss the TV channel we had. There always were gems to be found. RIP

      When I think of this, it really makes me sad. I remember going to grandparents with my family, where I used to watch animated shows with my siblings. This is something that cannot be recreated. :(

      Holy balls I feel so old. :P 

  21. I did a lot of things today! :yay:

    Everything is going nicely, just look at all the progress I've made. :grin:




    ... Uh yeah.. 0CHh6vQ.png ...that's how productive I was. EDQ7xNk.png

    WELP :mlp_icwudt:

    Goodnight! mTzMRGZ.png

    1. Cash In

      Cash In

      That's a lot of progress.

      Good night!

    2. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Probably still more progress than I've made on things today. :P

      Goodnight Riki! :)

  22. I don't really have much, I mostly have the stuff I needed or use. And I have MLP stuff all over the place, as I tend to categorize files by types, not because of the fact it is MLP related. Most of my files on PC are pony-related, so I kinda could say, that my hard drives are MLP by default. Like, other than memes, I don't really have non-pony images; other than few tracks, I don't really have non-pony music and so on... With that being said, one of my drives contain folders with types (images/music/videos etc.) right away. I don't need to tag my folders with MLP, as it's pretty much all MLP. I tried to summarize things I have, it may be not 100% accurate, but it will be something around that. 1,28 GB MLP IMAGES AND STUFF 6,77 GB MLP MUSIC 90,80 GB MLP VIDEOS 47,43 GB MY MLP PROJECTS (which includes resources mine/3rd party, images and reference stuff etc. and while some things may not be directly MLP related, I do use these for that purpose I guess) 1,41 GB PONY GAMES (I happen to have at the moment) --------------- 147,69 GB IN TOTAL
  23. Hello there and welcome to the herd! That's an interesting story, most of us can relate to it in one way or another. For me it also was a chain of events, that eventually made me watch the show out of curiosity -- and well, you can tell where it went. Have fun here!