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  1. Check this out! mU2DJ4V.png

    I did science and now it will take less time to summon twithonks! EqE4vfd.png

    I'm a genius! YOg17Aq.png




    Imgur had an upgrade months ago and I constantly had troubles with session - I mean, back then when I opened my imgur gallery from bookmark bar, everything was fine. After the upgrade though, I was always receiving an error and being redirected to home page at first - and now from there I had to access the gallery from the top-right menu. It was kind of annoying, as getting to the image required many clicks.

    That motivated me to write a little thing, that will quickly provide me the necessary links and here it is! I did science! :love:

    Now all I need to do is to press [ CTRL+ALT+; ] anywhere to call the little soft and type the name of image I'm looking, then hit enter, similarly to how emoticons here work. It's quite cool! 


    Also... during the development I noticed, that Imgur seems to be fixed, though I'm not sure yet. But if that's true, then that will be the worst timing ever! :love:

    Well my 'Picflip', as I named it, will still come in handy nevertheless. :ticking:

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      Fluttershy Friend

      Congratulations because of your invention! Science is a power!^_^

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