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  1. FiM-Season5.png.d8f82b31148b97e91ef7e173 SEASON 5 SPOILER



    For a long time now I knew CMC had their cutie marks (even one of the mlpf banners spoiled that for me), but I never knew what exactly these mean, nor when exactly did they get these.

    Recently I got back to MLP, continued watching the fifth season. I was aware of the Diamond Tiara thing in S05 E18 (saw only "The Pony I Want to Be and -Reprise)" music videos), but I had no clue this was the episode, where CMC got their cutie marks, so even though I had that spoiled, it totally caught me off-guard, which was nice. :P

    The episode started with a song, it had more in between --- it started to feel like a season opening/finale, which made me suspect, that there will be something important at the end - and there was! :D 

    Either way, I really, really love "Light of Your Cutie Mark" song. The instrumental itself is amazing, it's epic and it sounds like a boss music of some sort. :D 

    And by the way, as for our Polish dubbing ~ Could be better, but it's not that bad. I'm not sure about Diamond Tiara's voice, but the rest is :darling:8aTHiLb.png



    1. Easter Dash

      Easter Dash

      Yea that’s one of the best songs of the whole series.

    2. Tacodidra


      The Polish dub sounds a lot better than the Finnish one! :D Granted, I can't speak Polish, but the voices sound nice to me! :)


      The CMCs have the incredible talent of running backwards and singing at the same time! :P

      Also, I'm glad to hear you managed to avoid the spoilers better than I did, at least. :laugh:


    3. CypherHoof



      They still don't explain what they mean; they are complex enough you need to break them down; clearly, the outer shield is the CMC "fellowship" and the star/wing/apple could be unicorn/pegasus/earth pony, but the note, the lightning bolt and the heart?


  2. Hello, hello and welcome to the herd!
  3. I loved this episode, it was really interesting to watch. I can somewhat relate to this episode - back when I was going to school, one of my classmates was a complete jerk towards me, I was new so I was a good target. He was bullying me both, mentally (classic) and even physically to relatively small degree. I was ignoring that, but it still was making the days worse and it is not a mystery, that it made me not like him. It lasted about a year, because after that time something changed. We have accidentally discovered, that we were playing the same MMO game and it was only two of us, as no one else was playing it. And boom - "maybe we can play together" (or something along these lines) was thrown and things automatically started to work well. Everything flipped upside down - we became friends in the end. I instantly forgot about all the bad things he did to me, as I was too happy with the changes. Oh I remember how much I hated the new class in general and how much I loved it by the end. People do have different sides and they aren't always the ones they normally are or would like to be; Something tends to encourage or force to being someone else. So from my own experience, I'm willing to give Diamond Tiara a chance. Sure I was never able to fully trust that friend, but I was looking forward to the future, rather than poking the past, so if Diamond Tiara is willing to change, I'm looking forward to liking her, regardless of her actions in the past. So yeah.. some flashbacks from the past... Was it all cliche, silly, rushed and meh in the episode? I don't care, in my opinion it was handled well. For me that one thing, that one day was also enough to change everything. I'm really looking forward to see Diamond Tiara being a better pony and I already started to like her. I enjoyed the episode and the songs are amazing. The amount of them made me suspect, that there will be something important at the end and yep! There was! I already watched it multiple times and most likely will watch it more in the future. It kinda made me feel like a kid again. . . So from me, Would watch again.
  4. That forum software update happened these few days ago. [ see thread's creation date in the thread linked below ] Either way, this isn't a rare issue indeed, as it does apply to everyone. [ it was reported multiple times in the thread linked below ] You may find some more information regarding this in that thread, so perhaps give it a look.
  5. Not yours, somepony else has submitted a banner and asked if that could be an anonymous entry. Everything is fine with your submission, don't worry.
  6. Hello and welcome to the herd! I hope you'll have a great time here.