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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. PonyOfWar

    Adventure Artificial Harmony

    Hello everyone! and thanks for checking out this thread. I would like to humbly ask for reader and opinions on this passion project fanfiction. This is a story co-written by several different authors. Here is the description: After years of gruesome murders committed by an unknown organization the once peaceful land of Equestria has been left festering in a state of terror, but when the criminals are finally brought to justice it appears that harmony may once again return. In a twist of fate, the lives of those responsible take a drastic turn when they are given a second chance at l
  5. Hello, fandom, I have decided to finally make a poll on a question I have been quite curious about for a really long time. You see I love OCs and I love to learn about people's OCs especially in the pony fandom for some reason. I really like looking through and learning about peoples original character because they can say a lot about the person who made and designed them. Their choice of race, esthetic and even more interesting in this fandom, cutie marks! Something I have noticed after being in the fandom for years is that it seems the most common fur coat color for OCs is blue. I
  6. Happy Birthday :)

    1. PonyOfWar


      Thank you! 

  7. Happy Birthsmas! Just noticed you on the front page sharing a day with PoD! Ya know, your blue friend there?

    1. PonyOfWar


      Oh thanks and yeah that's one of my friends! We share birthdays, exactly one year apart. 

  8. I will play it, even if I have use it as more of a interesting chat room with my friends then a game. We have all already planned to make our OCs as a group and just hang around. It would sure beat texting.
  9. The pony's attention was pulled away from every pony else when their current host said the princess were ready. This was a big moment for War and he really needed to focus on not embarrassing himself. He trotted along with the others taking in the sights of the inner castle and throne room. The hall felt warm and inviting but also powerful, he relished in the feeling walking this hall left with him. He focused on the stained glass windows as they passed, liking the warmth of the suns rays on his back they cast inside. Each window told a story, stories War was familiar with. A lot were y
  10. When you feel so utterly humiliated you could really just die right now and you wouldn't mind.

    1. Snow


      Awww, I'm here for you if ya need me mate, care to tell what happened or not really?

    2. jackspedicy


      dayum... well hopefully you'll recover man

  11. Wrote a 54 paragraph starter for someone and they go and delete their account :<

  12. When you want to RP something really really badly but know one will with you.

  13. War is very heterosexual and really old fashioned about it, he tends to be the heroic knight type and treats all mares like princesses. However he really doesn't think about relationships and is so oblivious if some pony flirted with him he probably wouldn't be able to tell. They or someone would have to directly say "Hey she wants to date you!" For him to get it. But one of his best friends is Pan, one is Ace and another Bi, which are my rl friends OCs. Oh and they aren't reflections of us we made them all completely original. No correlation.
  14. The formatting on my OC profile busted and I can NOT figure out how to fix it. The profile looks awful.

    1. PonyOfDespair


      Same :( This looks weird

    2. PonyOfWar


      Yeah I check some others and it seems to be the site.

  15. @Convergence The Zebra seemed polite enough, though he didn't introduce himself so War was still at a lack of what to properly call him and just 'Zebra' really wouldn't do. He seems familiar with how ponies generally responded to him and didn't seem to mind the Doctor asking War his questions, not really offended or uncomfortable by the look. Perhaps it was War's familiarity with Zebras at work but he didn't see a reasons for ponies to get so worked up. He was a little intrigued by the Zebras proposition to spar. Teach him something, War enjoyed learning a lot and thought there was a
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