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  1. No offense,but we're all waiting on you F.L.A.M.E.
  2. I am available on weekends for world of tanks on any platform from 3:00 to 4:30 PM Pacific time. Also, if you play Halo I can do that too.
  3. I have been told many times by my family that I am crazy, so... 99.99999999999999999999999999% insane.
  4. Goodnight everypony! I'll see you all tomorrow! ;)

    1. Moonshadow Spark

      Moonshadow Spark

      Goodnight my friend and sleep well. :)

  5. Thank you all for your opinions, they mean a lot to me. So picking up where I left off... The pony would then try to 'give the protagonist some love', by attacking them. Then after three dodges or one hit the pony will transform into a changling and say this. "I am only a servant of the true darkness in this realm. And He will destroy all who stand in His path, and make this place a home for us creatures of the darkness." I'll tell you more later.
  6. I've had this idea for a while now, but I'm not sure that this is the appropriate location for it, if it is not, please correct me. Here's the plot: It starts with the protagonist at school, who then sees a boy sitting under a tree during recess, this boy has a note book and is drawing ponies. Then there is some dialogue between the two, during which the protagonist takes the notebook from the boy and rips up all the drawings. Later, the protagonist goes to bed and has an odd dream, they are in a strange place that they have never seen before. It's a forest that seems pretty normal
  7. I just checked with Tem, he says that's great!
  8. A friend of mine is interested in joining this, but is unavailable at the moment. So I am submitting his application for him. Here he is, Damien Bolt: https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/damien-bolt-prince-of-bravery-r9385 I think he'd make a great Demo for the Red Team. His current username is TemHazHakdAcownt.
  9. NoraNut8592

    Private Dinner with the King (RP)

    The king noticed Crystal's predicament. "Having trouble?" He asked, "Because if you are, you don't need to use the spoon. I can see how difficult it would be to use by one of your kind.- -Flash noticed almost everyone was finished with their soup. 'It won't be long now, if only this were all a bad dream...' He thought.
  10. Night guys!

    1. Moonshadow Spark

      Moonshadow Spark

      Goodnight and sleep well my friend. :)

  11. NoraNut8592

    Private Dinner with the King (RP)

    The king listened to what Copper said and then thought. 'If he only knew...' While everyone had been initially suspicious of the mouthwatering soup, Flash had been eagerly, although politely, consuming his. And it was delicious. 'Might as well enjoy this before someone dies.' He thought.
  12. NoraNut8592

    Private Dinner with the King (RP)

    Sombra looked over at Cresent. "What is it you ask? A mere bowl of soup, that is all. Don't worry, no harm will come to you by eating the soup." "Thank you, it is nice to finally meet a group with some manners. Usually everyone is freaking out and trying to escape. It gets very old." Sombra looked over at Stardust. "No one may continue to the next course unless everyone finishes their food. You wouldn't want to keep everyone else waiting, would you?"
  13. NoraNut8592

    Private Dinner with the King (RP)

    Sombra looked over towards Flame and spoke. "Now, where are my manners. You're all probably hungry, bring in the first course." Mere seconds after the king spoke, six waiters entered the room with domed silver platters which were placed on the table, one in front of each guest. The domes were removed to reveal a bowl of a wonderful looking vegetable soup, with assorted vegetables such as carrots, celery and peas floating in its aromatic broth. "Bon appetit." Said the king as the waiters left.
  14. NoraNut8592

    Private Dinner with the King (RP)

    Sombra looked over at Flash, "You look, familiar. Wasn't your mother here once before?" Flash looked down and in a somber tone said. "Yes, it was about two years ago." Sombra then looked over to Copper and replied to what he had said, "I am doing well, thank you for asking." 'This is odd, it appears this group actually has some manners.' Sombra thought. Sombra laughed a little at this, "You seem to have a decent sense of humor, Crystal." 'Mabye for once this one will prove to be uneventful, but that is highly unlikely. They always try to escape somehow.'
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