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  1. PurpleStarNova

    BronyCAN - 2016 Discussion

    Dang ohh well thats way to far for me to go to some day i will go lol.
  2. PurpleStarNova

    BronyCAN - 2016 Discussion

    Sadly i cant go im still a closet brony ) : no brony cans here in oklahoma as far as i know plus still live with parents they have no idea i am one i do want to go out and meet people its just it will be hard to come out also ware would the next one be at ? (Hopefully this was the right discussin to post here if not you can move it lol)
  3. PurpleStarNova

    Mega Thread Favorite Background Pony?

    For me it will have to be lyra derpy and bon bon ^^
  4. PurpleStarNova

    General Are you scared of spiders?

    i hate spiders im afraid that they will jump on me and bite me ! then poison me o.o i hate spiders im afraid that they will jump on me and bite me ! then poison me o.o
  5. the hobbie i would like to try later on is that i want to build and sell computers to someone like i get parts from new egg and then sell it as there own personal custom computer but i would need the money first XD LOL
  6. PurpleStarNova

    Something you can't stand the smell of?

    i cant stand the smell and taste of black olives on pizza idk why but i just cant stand it D :
  7. PurpleStarNova

    What's the last thing you ate? :)

    cashew chicken home made (: well not the chicken (from walmart) but its so good ! ^^
  8. PurpleStarNova

    Do you have a special somepony?

    sadly no but i have lonely for over a year but as of now i may just stay single for a little while longer i wouldnt mind online dating or anything but i might just stay single for a while till i do feel ready.
  9. PurpleStarNova

    Gaming What is the most violent video game you've ever played.

    i would have to say doom just the demo though surprised that it run on my cpu fx 6300 since it requires 8350 or something like that xD anyways ya doom is the most violent game i have played so far.
  10. PurpleStarNova

    Would you date your gender-swapped self?

    ohhh yes i would just to see how it goes i mean its better know yourself then trying to get to know someone that you have no idea XD and you will have everything in common ! : 3
  11. PurpleStarNova

    How many hours do you sleep per night?

    mines way messed up i sometimes sleep for 7 hours but since i work late nights i only have a few hours say 3-5 hours sometimes 6 lol
  12. PurpleStarNova

    What is something you wish you were pro at?

    i wish i was a pro at cod im morderate good but kinda wish i was a pro at the pc version xD
  13. PurpleStarNova

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    im feeling good doing laundry at 4 in the morning xD LOL and watching south park : 3 and fully awake XD
  14. Not really i built my pc a few months ago and also to make sure i got all the right parts for it so i domt run into any problems later XD its doing good so far a few hic ups here and there but everything else pretty good !
  15. PurpleStarNova

    Princess moonlight

    tthat looks awsome ! : D