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    TV - Much of Adult Swim (Rick and Morty, Bob's Burgers, the obligatory Family Guy, Toonami, hardly any live action), Archer, LOST, Teen Titans GO!, Preacher, Impractical Jokers, Tosh.O, Ridiculousness, many others :)

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    No real political party, libertarian leaning. Live and let live, as long as no one's else's liberty is infringed :)

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  1. Checked out cafeastrology, and I gotta admit I was kinda freaked out with how spot on their analyzed traits are. I knew I'm a Gemini, but apparently I have a Gemini Ascendent (not sure what that means)... My chart was pretty sporadically intertwined as well. I know there are those who would say the planets 'don't control who we are', but perhaps 'who we are' is influenced by other factors we have yet to learn about, and the planetary alignment is merely a lens, as it were. But then again, I'm pretty odd
  2. I must admit, Chernobyl has always fascinated me too, and along with the utter tragedy it was, the Fukushima incident fascinates me as well... I agree with Tarnish and others, nuclear power/energy deserve the utmost respect and knowledge in handling, but I feel in the right hands, it might be one of the things the Infinite/All-That-Is gave us, along with nutritious (vitamin c/bananas/etc), optical (micro/macroscopic viewing), and untold fields we had discovered and have yet to. And along with those who had worked at/around, and continue to, at Chernobyl, I sincerely thank those who had/continue to work at Fukushima. Let us not condemn a given technology because of humanity's mishandling, let us rather stand on the shoulders of giants, and see where we can go as a species.
  3. Gotta agree with most of the posters, it would be a sin to have to give up either, but cheese has to stay.
  4. Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th, as well as a belated happy Canada Day :)

  5. I r dumb...I posted my Half Life recommendations on my status update, instead of commenting on Luminn's :/

  6. HL1 is great too, I'd recommend if possible catching it first, it'll let you appreciate the second all the more. Worth the time too :) After you catch 2, check out HL2 Episodes 1 and 2, then unleash lamenting wails to the sky that Ep3 and HL3 don't look likely :(

    1. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      AFAIK, Half Life 3 is on Valve Time right now.


      I recommend checking out the Crack Life mod. It's retarded, but in a good way.

    2. Dash In Black

      Dash In Black

      Oh goodness, lol :) I look forward to this, thanks for the heads up :)

  7. I absolutely sympathize with, and feel for, each of you guys(gals? )... Not exactly being a Casanova (2 serious relationships in 5 almost 10 years, and having dealt with the sheer amount of drama that can occur (interesting how LEOs are only involved when there's a 'property dispute', although everything is set out and waiting for pickup...yeah, I really want your hair dryer... :/ ), I've come to the realization it's better to not deal with future 'mates', than to deal with potential liability issues.
  8. *starts doing the charleston*
  9. Lol, actually working on going down. Sleep schedule's all messed up...

  10. I wish people would stop being hypocritical, among other ways in hiding behind their religion. I mean this as, in my last job (working at a Family Dollar) I had caught so many people stealing, but also wearing a cross necklace. I get that people sometimes have a hard time fiscally, but those I'm mentioning had nice clothes, and it was dumb stuff, like Ny/ZzzQuil, one roll of thread out of a 3 pack (which costs $1), pantyhose, and other randomness. And of course the responses, 'I have money, I don't need to steal' and 'I wouldn't do that, I'm a Christian *points to necklace*'... Something tells me Jesus/Yahweh/Jehovah wouldn't exactly look kindly on using him like that... And I kinda agree with needlessly/inadvertently procreating, I would love to build a family, but simply don't have the resources to do so yet. I'm told if I wait, I never will, but then again I feel it would be irresponsible if I were to 'jump on in'. That, and I haven't found anyone with a head on their shoulders and as weird as I am either
  11. Darn you, Mr. Bigeyes, I was gonna say that first! Along with super speed, invincibility, and a higher jump, in Sonic 3 you could also do a double jump that would 'flash' kill all normal enemies on the screen. And the Quake Quad Damage is a certain close 2nd
  12. Kinda funny this was brought up... Past few days/weeks, I'd been thinking about chilling on the jungle gyms, and this partially-buried concrete pipe(about half a foot in along its length) we'd chill in in the shade... Indeed, our folks did say 'You think life is hard now? This is the easiest time of your life!'...how right they were...
  13. Metro Detroit here Looking to leave this county, but I love Michigan, I don't think I could ever leave this state. We have 'all' the fresh water!
  14. I tend to agree with the first two posts, I love squeezing as much story/backstory out of RPG type games as I can (Fallout is so great for that ), and along with whatever items you come across, the xp doesn't hurt either. And, hey, worst case scenario, you got a few more hours of gameplay for your dollar.