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  1. Yeah I haven't seen season six get I got behind for awhile I started watching last year, so I'm almost to season six. At&t does not have s6 yet.
  2. Exactly why Twilight is best pony.
  3. Good theory! Celestia seems to act as if Twilight is family, so that would make sense. May I note she explicitly stated she owned it, and in season 5 we can see she still has a key and ownership.
  4. That's hilarious! Twilight: I don't have a lust for infinite knowledge and wisdom" Well that's kinda messed up
  5. Twilight is the second most humble but her lust for infinite knowledge makes her slightly arrogant(hate to admit it). Cadence has very humble upbrings as she was an abandoned pegasus in the woods who was rescued by a couple of earth ponies. So, yeah, cadence is most humble princess. But Twilight is best princess still.
  6. Thanks for replying guys! Stuff goes fast on this site, just posted this... a few hours later time of replies.
  7. Does anyone else think Twighlight was rich. Just look at her house in Canterlot that I'm sure she still owns, it's located nicely and is pretty big. Sorry this is phrased really badly I am half asleep but I was just wondering.
  8. Just out of curiosity. Is Twighlight the chosen, in some way?
  9. Welcome to MLP Forums, PHISICA! I hope you have a great time here. /)