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  1. Meh. I'm not worried. I have no doubts that if it does affect cosplayers and youtubers and all that, they will all speak up about it. And that's a lot of people. You can't keep a law when almost everyone is against it. Usually. It reminds me a lot of SOPA and all that. Especially in the sense that the only reason that SOPA didn't pass was because everyone in the universe ever spoke up about it. And, like this law, they tried to keep SOPA a secret(last time I checked, passing laws without permission from the people is, like, the opposite of democracy. Maybe even fascist, actually ._. ), because they KNEW that everyone ever would say no, since it actually does NOTHING to enhance profits of business' except the biggest ones in a given industry. Which is probably why massive companies like Comcast and MPAA are in complete support of this bill, yet smaller business' are not. Not even a little bit. However, I have a feeling that this article is exaggerating(this is a news article folks, their job is to blow things out of proportion, I mean c'mon). There is no evidence that this guy actually talked to a lawyer about shit. I mean, things like; "This new law will also impact web sites that review product. With this new law, it will also make it impossible to review an item without the written consent of the copyright holder." Like, really? No way. This goes completely against Fair Use. It basically overrules it if that is true. You also won't be allowed to put gameplay videos on YouTube. And videos about games, reviews or otherwise, is where most ad revenue for YouTube comes from. Many people on YouTube have a lot of fans, and they WILL speak up against it, and then everyone will know about it. And then it will hit the fan. But, again, even if everything in the article was true(which it very well could be, don't get me wrong), no one is gonna let it pass(even if it already has). The people won't let it fly. You can't keep something that affects essentially everybody that uses the internet a secret. So yeah, I'm not that worried. It's not gonna happen. And if it does, it won't be for long. A year at most. And if it goes on for longer than a year, then I think it says a lot about us, the people. Because at the end of the day, whether or not this happens and for how long is entirely in our hands. And, again, once the people with big voices on YouTube know about it (like TotalBiscuit, to name just one), they WILL tell everyone. And then their fans will tell everyone they know, and so on, and then everyone will know about it, and no one is gonna be happy, and then we're all gonna' rock the boat, and then the bill will be gone. Unless we're idiots, and do nothing. In which case, maybe we deserve this kinda' thing to happen to us. But no, I don't think we'll let it slide. We did it with SOPA, we'll do it again.
  2. Hey guys, OP here. long time no see. Again. In fact, most of you have probably forgotten me, but yes, it is the OP here. I have a bit of news about the original post of this thread, and some other random things. News first; I’ve decided to get off my butt and finally update the original post of this thread to be a bit more sane. I’ve always disliked the previous one, as it seemed very rushed and didn’t give that much information, but I just haven’t found much motivation to change it. In fact, actually, I’ve found no motivation to post here at all, as well as answer questions and stuff. I think one of the reasons for that is because I think this thread just shouldn’t exist anymore. And I guess I’ll explain why in the spoiler below. Two reasons: Some ranting in spoiler, FYI. Recommend you just skip it completely if you value your time and sanity. Also, if you guys feel that there is anything important missing in the OP, or a typo or a better way to word something, do tell me, preferably by PM, or via the IRC I've linked in the OP, which I am usually always on. The OP is quite big now and there’s bound to be mistakes in there. Oh, and I doubt I will posting very much after this, if at all(so, nothing will change, I guess). Again, as I said in the spoiler above, I don’t see why this thread should exist anymore, (but I ain’t going to delete it, since some of you still like it, it seems), and I could say a very similar thing about the ‘Questions & Answer’ section of the Tulpa.info forums. If I see another post about tulpa-pregnancy there I swear I’m gonna kill a man. --- Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the last ‘random thing’ I mentioned at the start of this post; one last thing I think I should mention for the two people that might still remember us. It’s about Crepuscule. Yep. She’s decided to make herself a new main form. This actually happened about an entire year ago, and I just haven’t been bothered to post about it becausezzzzz. But anyway, that’s it, that’s all that’s changed about any of us. Here’s a picture I slightly modified to look a bit more similar to her form(I only modified hair color and eye color), ignore any tattoos and piercings though; she doesn’t have any. Also, the pic is not exactly SFW, but there’s no naughty bits or anything. Just her and a bikini. I swear she usually wears more clothes than this. Sometimes. Maybe. http://puu.sh/ksJdY.png I know. I don't know where it went all wrong. But what I do know, is that urge to drown myself in the closet is reaching critical levels. I'll see you all later. Maybe. :okiedokielokie:
  3. Don't know what you're talking about. When did I say that? My wonderland experiences are not clear at all. Though really, I don't care. I don't need them to be clear to know what is going on. No, that was directed at pretty much anyone that bases their tulpa off of a fictional character, such as a pony or someone from a cartoon, etc. Not just Rainbow Dash. when I see someone say that their tulpa is based off of a character they really like, what it says to me is that they don't actually want a tulpa. They just want to meet that character. People can just say, "Oh but it's just a base! I know that it's not actually that character from so and so." Oh Really? Well then, you would have absolutely no problem with your tulpa not looking like that character. But yet for whatever reason, you chose a character you really like for a 'base' anyway. No, it actually happened and traumatized me for life; sitting there bound to a freezing glass wall as Crep shocks me in the booty with a taser with no way to escape the wonderland is no laughing matter. ... Of course it was all a joke you moron. If something like that did actually happen in the wonderland(or, anywhere for that matter), it would obviously be roleplay, since if I genuinely didn't want to be in that kinda' situation with Crep(always), I could just snap out of the wonderland and there, boom, done. Though, of course, if my tulpas actually existed(especially when it comes to Crepuscule), then all of that does seem like something that would happen. Possibly on a regular basis. Maybe them being tulpas rather than real beings has its advantages. Maybe. :okiedokielokie: That would be a good idea, if I wasn't for the fact that none of the creepypastas are true, and never will be. The only way that any of those creepypastas could come anywhere remotely close to actually happening, would be if you believe what the creepypasta(s) say is true. if you believe that there is a possibility that your tulpa will become scary and creepy, then that possibility will become an actual possibility. Of course though, there is kind of a limit as to how much 'damage'(for the lack of a better word) a tulpa could possibly do. For example, if you genuinely believe that your tulpa can pick up, say, a brick in the real world, and smash you over the head with it, that's not going to happen; tulpas cannot interact with the real world in any way(except though possession of your body and all that fun stuff(and no, they cannot make your body do things that you don't want to do, even if your tulpa happens to be murderous or something. You can always 'take back' your body whenever you want, no matter what. So, if your tulpa makes you jump off a bridge, it was because you wanted them to do that. Not because your tulpa is a murderous bastard)). But, if you believe that there's a possibility that your tulpa may turn out to be something other than what you intended them to be, then that possibility will become just that: a possibility. It's all to do with belief, really. Again, if you believe that your tulpa will be scary and bad, then the possibility is therefor created. Simply because of that belief. Likewise, if you believe that there is no possibility that your tulpa will deviate, then there you go; they won't. And if you say that that is what you did, and they still deviated, then to that I would say that you didn't believe hard enough. So then, if your intention is to let your tulpa be who they want to be, but at the same time, you don't want them to be nasty and scary to you(which they almost certainly won't anyway), I believe that all you have to do is realize that they can't deviate, unless you want them to. Simple as that really. You need to understand that you are in full control as to who they are, and how they act. If they get all scary lookin' and intimidating, I would say that that is what happens when you don't realize you have full control of them(with the exception of intrusive thoughts, but those happen to almost everyone at some point). But of course, you don't have to control every aspect of them if you don't want to. Otherwise they wouldn't be considered a tulpa. They'd just be an imaginary friend. But I don't think there's anything wrong with correcting a few things that you feel are detrimental to each other's friendship, like if they were to get all scary and stuff for no reason. However though, I feel it is a bit wrong to do the same thing when they just simply have a different opinion from you, or they prefer a different form from what you want them to have. If that happens, then just simply talk to them about it. If they genuinely want to stay that way, then you should have no problem with that. Right? I mean, you do love them for who they are, don't you? Or do you just love because they look and act like Rainbow Dash or some other character you really like? Of course though, sometimes your tulpa will put your happiness in front of their own, and will know that you want them to be a certain way, and will have their form and how they act reflect that. If they are like that, don't try and fight it. Instead, thank them for it if they insist on it, because both of you know that they don't have to do that. I however, will still want to punch you and your 'kind' in the face if the tulpa takes the form of a fictional character. Because of reasons.
  4. Well looks like you're in luck today. I thought I would come down and write a quick update on us because why not. Wonder if Brisino has posted recently. I'm most curious about how he, Tia' and the others are doing. Also, I've read almost nothing from this thread since last time I posted, as I can't be bothered to read through 50 pages of stuff I've missed(I can see now why many people are asking questions that have already been answered in this thread(Though really you should at least use a quick search to make sure)) so if there's something important I've missed, or some of you have some questions you think I could answer, feel free to let me know, and I will proceed to tell you how much you suck at making tulpas answer as best I can in a totally kind and helpful manner. Maybe. Which reminds me, when was the last time I posted here? About a year and a half or something? Damn, time flies nowadays it seems. But anyway, we're all good over here. Crep is still being Crep, so that's all good unless you're me. The others are still themselves as well. However though, there are a few small changes about them since last time I posted, but it's only to do with their forms. Crepuscule almost always takes the form of a human being now, and has pretty much been that way since I last posted. Her color scheme is still purple and all, and her hair style is still very much like the one she has in my avatar pic on the left. Also, I'm slightly taller than him. By almost two full inches. Because reasons. *Grumble* Tee-hee. The only thing that would make this better would be if he was wearing a collar. And I plan to get him into one one day, and then I'll force him to draw pictures of him wearing it and then post them here. Just wait; I'll find a way. Oh ho ho, jokes. *claps hands* Funny jokes Crep; you're a fucking comedian today aren't ya'. *Flicks his nose* Ah! Hey! Cut that out! *Sticks tongue out* ..A- anyway, moving on; Blue Pixel is usually an anthropomorphic pony now. Again, colors and hair is the same as always, just different body, and he's still a pegasus and all that. White Rose however, is still a normal MLP:FiM unicorn like always, and still looks pretty much exactly like her picture in the original post of this thread, except more 3D than that(and all of them look 3D and life-like btw, if you can ignore the fact that they still look like a near-transparent blur when it comes to actually seeing them clearly. But I don't need to see them clearly; I know what they look like). By the way, bit of a rant incoming, but it's something I need to get off my chest. Feel free to skip it. [rant] I find myself quite often annoyed when people talk about the form of their tulpa. I find it annoying when people say things like; "Oh my tulpa is a pony" "My tulpa is a human" "My tulpa is Rainbow Dash" "My tulpa is a so and so" and all that, and I feel that people are looking at it all the wrong way. Your tulpa is not a pony, or a human, and they especially are not Rainbow Dash. They are a tulpa, and not only that, but you need to realize that they can take the form of anything they want, whenever they want, and with almost no effort required on anyone's end, even when they already have a preferred form. Because they are tulpas. Many people seem to have this idea in their head that a tulpa has to have a specific form, and that it takes a lot of time and effort to make them another form, which is just not true. Unless of course, you believe that is true. Then it probably will be true. Belief and tulpas are two things that are closely tied together it seems, or at least in my experience it seems to be. In my experience, they can be whatever they want with no effort. My tulpas can take the form of anything they want. It's not because they are 'shapeshifting tulpas' as some people claim to have. They can do this, simply because they are tulpas. All tulpas are able to do this. So really when I say that Crepuscule is a human, what I'm actually saying is that she prefers her form to be that of a human being(And extremely rarely are they ever something other than a human, anthro, or a pony, if ever). But really she can be whatever she wants, because she's a goddamn tulpa, and tulpas can do whatever they darn well please, and I think that not allowing your tulpa to look how they want to look is kinda cruel. Yet, it seems to be a thing that many people do. Though, not because they are cruel, but rather because neither the host or the tulpa realize they can do this(or, they just want them to look like Rainbow Dash or something because they really like Rainbow Dash and I really want to punch these kinds of people in the face). And I think they don't realize they can do it because they assume that almost everything about creating a tulpa is a very hard thing to do. When in reality(or at least in my experience), I would dare say that most of the difficulty in creating a tulpa comes from realizing how simple it actually all is. I could rant about this stuff all day long, but I don't have that kinda' time, so now would be a good time as any to stop I guess. [/rant] Right then, so, other than two of my tulpas now having a new preferred form, nothing much has really changed or happened since last time I posted. Meh. ..Well, actually, there is one other thing I would like to share that is slightly related to tulpas, and that is I want to get into art. I would like to be able to draw what I want, whenever I want. One of the things that makes me want to do this, is that I want a picture of my tulpas. So I can show you guys exactly what they look like. However, I don't really want to commission someone to draw them for me since I'm bad at describing how people look. So, I've decided that I'm just going to draw them myself. But, of course, drawing living beings is not the easiest thing in the universe to do. So It's probably going to take a while of practice before that happens. I'm planning on getting a Wacom Cintiq 13HD graphics tablet for my birthday(October 10th) to help me with drawing. I do have a cheap Wacom Bamboo tablet, and it gets the job done, but I want to take this whole drawing thing seriously; I'm not just doing this because I want to draw my tulpas; I would like to do lots of drawing, whether it be of my tulpas, or otherwise. (However though, it's possible that I could just draw a rough sketch of what they look like, and then commission someone to buff out the details. Maybe I'll do that, maybe I won't. Meh). The main problem with all this however, is that I currently don't have a lot of experience in drawing in general. However, I do feel motivated to learn how to do this, so I got that going for me, and I have been drawing every now and then almost every day. And I feel I'll really get going after I get a better tablet. So, if all goes well, I might be drawing rough sketches at around about the end of the year, or sometime after it. And then when that happens, he's gonna draw my boobies all day every day! Oh I can't wait! ..*Grumble* ... Yeah. Sure. And I will post them in this very thread. -_- So, until that happens(never), below is something spontaneous and silly I made in inkscape until I get my Cintiq. I have a few more of these kinds of things in the making, btw(though they won't be as silly as this one, and will be more related to tulpas). So expect a few more sooner or later. Blah ... ... ... I for one am thankful that tulpas don't emit actual temperature. Yeah you better be, 'cause if my booty actually did that, your face would be singed to hell and back with how much I 'accidentally' sit on it while you sleep. Ah ha ha ha- I'm gonna fucking kill you. :okiedokielokie:
  5. How has your life been with your tulpae? Haven't you had them for over a year by now? Do you regret anything so far?

  6. Normally I would say that's impossible. Tulpas are entities that exist in your mind and your mind alone. They cannot just be pulled out of your mind into reality, if that's what you're talking about. But, this world was founded on ideas that were once thought impossible. So instead of burying my head in the sand like a medieval peasant being introduced to witchcraft, I'll be inquisitive instead. How do you plan to pull your tulpa into reality? And if you do it, how will you know if you're actually doing it and not just feeling like you're doing it? Perhaps he's just talking about imposition. How do you know that? How do you know if you're actually just hallucinating that you're in control of it, when you actually aren't. Perhaps you should try it when they all go to bed, or when they all go out or something.
  7. *Pokes head around corner* Did somepony say... tulpas? Well, -_- I'll have you know th- Crepuscule: "NO! Bad Rizoel! *Boops him on the nose with newspaper* Everypony and their mother's cat knows you have a tulpa. You were the one that introduced this nonsense here in the first place."
  8. I wouldn't say that my tulpas are a 'replacement' for real-life friendship and relationships. If anything, my tulpas actually encourage me to meet and be with real people. And I think it's for the best; I would be missing out on many new experiences if my only close friends were beings in my head. Now, that's just me and my tulpas; other people might think differently. I'm sure there are a few people who will use tulpas as replacements for real-life friends. But all in all, that's their choice. If they have really lost hope that they can find love with a real person, then that's how it will be. I of course think they will be missing out, but I can't force people to do what I think is a better lifestyle for them. All I can do is suggest, and that's all. That's exactly the way I think of it. I'll be honest, I really do think that we are all over-thinking what a tulpa is and how they work. I don't think tulpas are really anything special, they're just things we say "oh they exist in the subconscious and they're just as real and have feelings just like any other person." and we just believe it, because it's comforting, when really we have no idea if that's true. I think tulpas work in the same way people look at God; people make something up, say it's a special thing and just believe it. And eventually it feels real simply because we want it to be real, and just refuse to acknowledge the idea that it's not. Even if you say; "I acknowledge that she's not real"(like what Fighting Spirit said for example), you're still not looking for how tulpas actually work. You realize that yes, the tulpa is not actually occupying that point in space and time, but you still think the being in your head is as real as you, despite them not having a physical body in reality. As someone that has had a tulpa for almost a year, I... really no longer think they are what people say they are. I think that tulpas aren't anything different from what most religious people have thought of since humanity has existed. The only possible difference being that we know right off the bat that we're deluding ourselves, and that we are certain that this phenomenon is all to do with the brain in someway, rather than through spirits or deities. Other than that, I've come to the conclusion that tulpas are nothing new. We just think it's new because it's a new realization of the brain that we've never thought of before, which is true, but I don't feel that because of that that we should make it out to be something we wish it to be, over what it actually is. ... So in other words, I'm dead, because Ben doesn't believe in me anymore. *Fake death-gasp* Whoa whoa hang on! I never said I don't think tulpas are a thing. They clearly are a thing, all I'm saying is that it's not much different from what most of humanity has been doing since it has existed. ..So basically what you're saying, is that everyone that believes in God actually has a tulpa? ..I ... dunno. Maybe. While I don't think an actual God exists in this universe, I do not however doubt people's sincerity towards such an idea, which would be what makes him seem undeniably real to them. But anyway, in conclusion, I think we tulpamancers have been deluding ourselves more than what we realize. I don't think tulpas are any different from believing in God or some deity. Simple as that. I'm not saying tulpas aren't a thing, I'm just saying that it's nothing new, even though we could have sworn it was. ... ... So... ..Foursome? YAY! Finally! ..*Sigh*
  9. Everyone is crazy. Everyone. Do you have a sexual fetish, Xanatos? If you do, you're crazy. If you don't, you're a liar. Everyone has a sexual fetish. What I'm trying to say, is that everyone is crazy in some way. Crazy is a word people made up to feel good about not being open-minded.
  10. Well, let's be honest, what is 'mentally healthy' is really open to interpretation(Is that the right word?). If you had lived in the city for your whole life, and never knew what was outside the suburbs of the place, and then one day you were to go take a walk into the Amazon Rainforest, stumbling upon an Amazonian tribe, and seeing them all doing tribe things, like walking around naked, and perhaps killing and gutting animals for food right in front of everybody, even in front of the children, who in turn probably don't bat an eye. That person, would most likely say that everyone in the tribe is completely insane, and that this is not a proper lifestyle to live by. In other words, he would think they are 'mentally unhealthy', because they are doing things outside of what the norm for our society. So, really, all that 'mentally unhealthy' means is that it's different in one way or another from what normal people tend to do. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with that; if everyone on earth was the same, what a boring world that would be. And It's also often the people that are labelled insane by society that are often the people that present interesting ideas and concepts to the world, and ultimately keep the human race moving forward. I know, there doesn't really seem to be that much in terms of tulpas that would be beneficial to society, but hey. This is why we tell people to think about this whole tulpa concept and its responsibilities before making the decision to make one yourself. In my opinion, if someone comes into this thread, reads up a bit about tulpas, and then says, "Hey guys, so I've read about this tulpa thing, and it looks pretty cool. So how do I do this?" I wish I could say this to the face of everyone that says the above; Get out. Because if you have that kind of attitude, then you're not gonna' make it. There's a higher chance that you will just fall flat on your face, as opposed to the guy that stands up and says, "I need to make a tulpa, and I will do whatever it takes. I will be responsible for any and every decision I make, and will be responsible for whatever risks I take, and should I succeed, I will treat my tulpa the way I would want people to treat me and only more, because this is something I need in my life." That's the answer I want to hear from you. If you're shaky, and you don't think you can handle the responsibilities, but want to try it because it's becoming all hip and cool, then go away, because you don't need a tulpa. You got to get up and say 'I NEED to do this. This is something I will benefit HUGELY from.' because if you don't believe you will benefit from this, then you won't. At the very least, if you don't have that kind of motivation, and you try it out, It will probably all take longer, because you are always doubting yourself. And if you're always doubting yourself, then how do you expect to create a being that basically lives off of the power of belief? ... Damn Rizzy; you should do motivational speeches. W- what? I'm just sayin', that's all. Not really a problem; tulpas can change their form to whatever the host pleases, if the tulpa is okay with it. Though, if they have lived together for that long, I have a feeling both would do anything to make the other happy anyway. Well, when you've been living with, say, your wife for 40 years or so, what do you do? Do you just... grow tired of them? No, of course you don't; you continue staying with them. You've lived together for 40 years; you've shared so many memories together, you understand each other more than anyone else ever could(sharing the same mind and all), And you think that, what, the host will just get up one day and say, "you know, I'm growing tired of us being together. How 'bout we end it all, cause you're boring now...?" and just throw it all away? If the person has lived with their tulpa for that long, I doubt they could just get so bored of them that they feel the need to kill them. Well, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject. I hope I scared everyone off now. I hope I wasn't too harsh with my reply. I'm sorry about that; I really need to just stop going on pointless rants. Actually, I would say that's when you're at your best. I agreed with the idea that you need a lot of motivation if you want to get through it quicker than everyone else. Though, maybe getting through it quickly isn't really all it's cracked up to be. It's not just about the destination, it's about the journey as well. ..Though, let's be honest, there isn't really a destination when it comes to tulpas. There isn't really a point where you can say your tulpa is now 'done'. Both of you will constantly learn about each other, making the other stronger in one way or another. And you both will carry each other through the dangerous game that we call life, no matter what it throws at you. Aww. That's so sweet. Ah, well, you kno- AND NOW IT'S TIME FOR A THREESOME FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER!! YAY!! HAY YEAH!! *Door is slammed millimeters from Rizoel's face* ... ... ... Hm. ... A- and while my tulpas may be a rather... odd bunch, I hope they don't ever change, either.
  11. Yeah, what Lugia sai- FAQman's guide. ..Yes, Rizzy, he's using FAQman's gui- Please kill me. His guide - while SOME of it is good advice- is also- Incredibly outdated. We know. Lugia literally JUST said that. Exactly. So why is he- BECAUSE HE'S NEW AND DOESN'T KNOW WHAT THE BUCK TO DO!! JUST LIKE YOU WHEN YOU FIRST FOUND OUT ABOUT THI- AT LEAST I DIDN'T RUN AROUND ASKING THE SAME BUCKING QUESTION EVERYPONY AND THEIR MOTHER'S CAT'S HAMSTER HAD TO ANSWER EVERY FIVE SECON- *THWACK* ... *Thud* ... Thank you, Rosie. No problem! *Ahem* ..I'm really sorry to anypony he might have seemed harsh to in his last post. He just gets a little... frustrated, when people post questions that have already been answered before. Even when the last time it was asked was like 30 pages ago. But anyway, we understand, this thread is very big (or at least MOST of us do *stares intensely at unconscious body*), but please try and at least have a quick look around on the Tulpa.info Forums. Because chances are, your question has already been answered. A lot. Or better yet, use the search feature that's hidden in the most obscure place ever. ... Honestly, every forum we go to, why is the damn search button like the size of an atom's ass. It's no wonder people ask so many questions.
  12. ..Rizzy, I don't think that's how the meme goes. I know, but it seemed fitting, thanks to the parrot. (Get it? Parrot? As in parroting? No? Nevermind.) Anyway, I know that people have already answered your questions, but I'll give my thoughts on some of them anyway. If you're too lazy to search through a list of guides that I linked to on the very first post of this thread, I don't think you have the patience to make a tulpa. Not gonna' happen. Not because of the fact that I don't have patience for lazy flanks like you and I won't give them to you(even though that is sort of true), but rather because, what works for some people might not work for you. Peoples experiences when it comes to making a tulpa varies from person to person. Everyone has a different perspective as to what a tulpa is and how they work. And as such, what technique works for some people, might not work for you. So, my advice is that you read as many of them as you can, not only to figure out how to make one, but also to form an opinion as to what they are, what they're not, how they work, and how they don't work. Exactly; maybe if you just, like, spent half-an-hour on Tulpa.info, you wouldn't be asking that question right now. Or possibly any for that matter. I've heard of at least one person on the Tulpa.info forums say they have schizophrenia, and that she has a tulpa. However though, she says that having a tulpa actually helped her cope with her condition. I believe she also said that the beings that are a product of her schizophrenia are not the same as her tulpa(s). ..Yeah, that's right, it's all for fun. Because, again, I(or rather my tulpas) clearly didn't explain in the very first post that they colour code their sentences for when they talk. Oh buck sake, here we go again. *Facehoof* I swear to Celestia, Riz, I'm going to shove my hooves so far up your- That's it? One guide? No, I suggest you don't follow through with it in that case. What ever happened to all the adventurers nowadays? Did they all die out or something? It depends on how much time you spend with your tulpa on making them feel real. You can impose them on all five of your senses; touch, hear, smell, taste(Yummy) and sight. And all of which can be made to sense your tulpa just as well as something in real life. The tulpa is still all in your head, but what you're doing is imposing hallucinations on your body. It's important to realize that it's all in your head, or else that would be no different from a schizophrenic. But that shouldn't be too difficult; just have some common sense. Lugia said it best. If you think you won't need one one day, just don't make one. Simple as that. Besides, as far as I know, there is no reason to get rid of a tulpa if you already have one. Why would you want to get rid of it after all that hard work? It's almost like saying, "oh digging up all that gold for the last year was really tiring." "Time to throw it all in a fire." I really don't see the logic. I think he means, like, WAY down the line. Like, cranky old man kinda down the line. I know, but still. I can't think of any reason you'd want to. Maybe that's because you're not a cranky old man yourself yet? Possibly. I just explained this in my last post. Nope. In fact, if anything, it helps. Me and my tulpas like to hang out in my wonderland while I'm waiting to fall asleep. And no, falling asleep while doing ANYTHING with your tulpa is not harmful to any of them, or you. ... Mate, there's a possibility of a piano falling on your head right now. Of course there's a possibility of it going wrong. That being said, I have not heard of anyone say they've lost control of their tulpa and it going berserk, and let me tell you, I've heard of some weird ways some hosts force with their tulpas. Like, I've heard of one guy saying he constantly beats and throws his tulpa against walls(in the wonderland) while screaming at him who he is, and what his personality is like. And apparently, nothing bad has happened. And somehow I think the tulpa said he's doing fine and that it's all necessary and that he loves his host. Of course, I would say the host's technique in creating his tulpa is questionable, but even though it almost seems like the host is TRYING to do what many people would call 'wrong', nothing bad has really come from it. And that's one of the things that's really cool about creating a tulpa; you can make them however you want. It seems like if you just simply believe that your technique will work, then it will. Again, placebo effect probably. But in any case, I would suggest you try and use a more... humane way of creating your tulpa, if you decide to make one. You know, just in case.