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  1. TomokoKuroki

    Rate how much you like the user above you.

    currently don't know you, so 5/10 for now (being at neutral). But hopefully I'll know you better later on!
  2. TomokoKuroki

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

  3. Well if anything, I guess it would be my admiration towards anime/manga. I have many different titles for both anime and manga. I also have some collectibles I like to pick up now and then. Primarily they are things like Posters/wall scrolls, figurines of my favorite characters, or just anything neat to have really. But no one I know in my social life shares my common interests. So I have a very hard time bringing my interests into a conversation as I feel like the odd one out.
  4. TomokoKuroki

    Gaming The Pokemon X and Y friend code thread.

    Just letting you all know that I have added ALL of you, so if you don't have me; add my friend code here: 2036-7622-5373. I'll trade, battle or friend safari, I am cool with it all.
  5. TomokoKuroki

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    Where's your dragonite now?!
  6. TomokoKuroki

    Funniest way you've woken up

    Probably the time when I was having a anime marathon, and I ended up falling asleep at my computer. When I woke up, the first thing I saw was the main character climb into their bed to fall asleep.
  7. TomokoKuroki

    Gaming The Pokemon X and Y friend code thread.

    I too would not mind partaking in such events. I am a huge disbeliever in using legendarys in wifi battles. I am training so many pokemon for such things xD. For anyone who has missed my first post, my Fc is 2036 7622 5373 Mii name: Clair. Add me for trading, safari, battling or w/e . See you in Kalos!
  8. TomokoKuroki

    Gaming Pokemon X and Y Discussion Thread

    @@Envy, That sounds very similar to the shiny method back in Gen 4. I forget the name of the method, but there was a way to track shiny pokemon with your steps or something in diamond/pearl/plat
  9. TomokoKuroki

    Gaming Pokemon X and Y Discussion Thread

    @, I am jealous, I am still Masuda breeding Scythers and Tyrunts hoping for a shiny. One of these days...I'd like to get some shiny pokemon before the pokebank is released. My shinies in white 2 are getting lonely
  10. TomokoKuroki

    Gaming The Pokemon X and Y friend code thread.

    I'll be adding you all in here. My friend code is 2036-7622-5373 named Clair.See ya in Kalos I'll look forward to some possible trade, the new safari's and the battling!. I'll also add any new additional posts in this thread, if I missed you send me a pm about it. Mistakes happen xD
  11. TomokoKuroki

    Gaming Pokemon X and Y Discussion Thread

    @, I feel there are really no issues with the post game. To most people the post game is the online component of the game. The only real issue I have is that there is nothing additional to help with training low level pokemon other than the level 55-58 Victory road pokemon, or the Non-level increasing 64-70 Elite 4 pokemon. I would of loved to see something like the White Treehollow be put in, as that was a fantastic way to get your pokemon caught up. And even offered a final boss with pokemon at the 80's. But the Battle Maison is pretty nice, much better than the battle subway! Some people may say they miss the grotto's but they were horrible if you ask me. they gave a 5% chance for a pokemon, meaning 95% of the time you wont find anything useful. The safari is a godsend compared to the grottos. Not only does the safari offer better chances at more pokemon, at a faster rate, it also initiates a reason to add more friends for pokemon.
  12. TomokoKuroki

    Gaming Pokemon X and Y Discussion Thread

    @@Outkin, No, not really. It is no different than using a Legendary, or Pseudo-Legendary. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. And it all depends on how you use them. As you can only have 1 mega-evolved pokemon in any battle at any time, that is 1 way they balance it. And if the pokemon faints, but was revived; they can't re-mega evolve. Some of the megas are better at certain roles than others, but they all have a place, and they all have presence. But they are not super Op. As long as you play smart, you can beat them.Though I'd say Mega charizard y is quite a powerful mega as he gets drought. So that makes sunny day teams super easy to manage. and then there are some obvious threatening megas like Garchomp, Scizor, and Gengar for example. Also, just because I feel like mentioning my current team for competitive play; I like to use the following: Goodra: mixed attacker Charizard Y: Special attack sweep Sylveon; Wish, Baton passing special defence wall Avallug: Physical Tank, Rapid spinner Scizor: Physical sweeper Tyrantrum: Physical sweeper, stealth rock I find this team pulls through quite a few team fights with the broad type spread, and useful stabs each can provide. I plan to get a new Physical wall because Avallug has very VERY low special defence, and can't take any kind of hit from such attacks. And with him being just ice, that does give him a few weaknesses that can be easily exploited.
  13. TomokoKuroki

    Gaming Pokemon X and Y Discussion Thread

    I transfer any pokemon I can. Especially my shiny pokemon. I have a Shiny charizard, Vaporeon, Dragonite, and Garchomp that will be with me forever thanks to the Pokemon bank. But most of my pokemon that i have are Ev trained, and have been with me for many years. They have fond memories with them, and I can't leave some of them behind. They just mean too much to me.
  14. TomokoKuroki

    Gaming Pokemon X and Y Discussion Thread

    I can never stick with one team, I make multiple different teams with different playstyles. I like having a Sunny day team, or a hail themed team once in a while. I like having status effect teams, and some quirky ones. I love all the pokemon, and I have to use them all in different ways.
  15. TomokoKuroki

    Gaming Pokemon X and Y Discussion Thread

    How about my ninetails with Hidden power: Earth? Is that allowed? But in all seriousness, I hardly use any grass types. I only use a few as walls, like Meganium, Serperior, or Venusaur are great walls. I just have a higher preference to water, dragon, ice, and rock pokemon. And they typically offer everything I need in a team. Walls, stealth rocks, and some sweepers .