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  1. Kuroki-sama how does one become as popular and beautiful as you?

  2. Not sure if you'll ever read this, but happy birthday!

  3. Many people dosen't like Tomoko. If I were in the anime. I will look for her.

  4. Hello Hayze~ I am also learning Japanese currently and looking to teach English in Japan after I graduate. I'd love to chat sometime about our similar interests. :3

  5. I felt so accomplished when I saw that girl you have as your avatar on a manga. xD "Thats that girl Uve seen on the forums! O:"

  6. currently don't know you, so 5/10 for now (being at neutral). But hopefully I'll know you better later on!
  7. I feel like it's been too long since I've visited...

    1. The Professor...8D

      The Professor...8D

      Yes............2 years.............8D

  8. TomokoKuroki

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

  9. Well if anything, I guess it would be my admiration towards anime/manga. I have many different titles for both anime and manga. I also have some collectibles I like to pick up now and then. Primarily they are things like Posters/wall scrolls, figurines of my favorite characters, or just anything neat to have really. But no one I know in my social life shares my common interests. So I have a very hard time bringing my interests into a conversation as I feel like the odd one out.
  10. Just letting you all know that I have added ALL of you, so if you don't have me; add my friend code here: 2036-7622-5373. I'll trade, battle or friend safari, I am cool with it all.
  11. TomokoKuroki

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    Where's your dragonite now?!
  12. Probably the time when I was having a anime marathon, and I ended up falling asleep at my computer. When I woke up, the first thing I saw was the main character climb into their bed to fall asleep.
  13. I too would not mind partaking in such events. I am a huge disbeliever in using legendarys in wifi battles. I am training so many pokemon for such things xD. For anyone who has missed my first post, my Fc is 2036 7622 5373 Mii name: Clair. Add me for trading, safari, battling or w/e . See you in Kalos!
  14. @@Envy, That sounds very similar to the shiny method back in Gen 4. I forget the name of the method, but there was a way to track shiny pokemon with your steps or something in diamond/pearl/plat
  15. @, I am jealous, I am still Masuda breeding Scythers and Tyrunts hoping for a shiny. One of these days...I'd like to get some shiny pokemon before the pokebank is released. My shinies in white 2 are getting lonely
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