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  1. Is Catholic exorcism still a thing btw. Or maybe those really never existed but were just in movies, but i will assume they existed if i imagine "In the name of Jesus" to throw demons out of people or some stuff like in the bible and some might get inspiration from that, the most extreme cases i have seen have been to some holding a hand and talking in tounges, although those are usually in protestantic churches.
  2. Because girls are mostly into that stuff today, pillow, figures whatever. I am sure there are some homosexuals too but basically i knew someone who got diabetus from sitting too much in with her anime and having lots of anime porn and stuff like that more or less. Plus its depressive. Although movies like "American Beauty" are also bad since the point isnt to help people psychologically or understand humans"By that i mean any form of medium that is objectively trying to use logic to why and why this is and is" not "BUBUB Melodrama etc", its more to make you feel like shit, self hatred and those type of entertainment are simply not healthy.
  3. Only if its massive thin chinned emo haircut. It degenerates females who dont know any better and its just annoying to look at because it defies any real human bonding in general of idol worship. I am a caretaker But i figured out how to deal with it. Thanks to a nice user here ^^
  4. I know that. It was to illustrate that men arent women more or less. I call it Japanese cartoon usually, i just have to use the term anime sometimes. I am a rebel more or less. Pseudo intellectuals who calls others ignorant are usually either posh british or just spouting words without actually reading and looking at the post in context, thereby snobby arrogants who actually are ignorant. If you want to imagine me saying "Those real pictures are anime" then go ahead Your utopian brilliant viewpoints is wall of nonsensical text that is what i think usually
  5. Fluttere

    Rarity Fan Club

    Its just that she is an easy going pony for the elegant type Even Rainbow Dashie knows that hehe
  6. I didnt quote it because of so much text. Either way good point i should work on that. But i dislike it mostly because they are big eyed non expressive robots. There is literally no real emotions in them, its like being on a zombie train. Most have that awful style in general(Although to be fair considering we are in the technological age of facebook and pure lazyness this i guess wouldnt be too far from the truth of sucking life out of people that way) But they may move their mouth to talk here and there, but there is really no real captivity in their expressions that makes me believe anything at all they do. the chin is just a big bonus on my annoyanse in general. Except Dragon Ball and some other shows, but those are rare. Either way i'll look into that link, thanks.
  7. Yeah but anime looks feminine and awful, they dont have bulky chins so i just kinda dislike it for that sake. Like this. Bulky chin This on the other hand is a woman. I guess if it was more this then i wouldn't really care to be honest. FMA: Brotherhood is cool though. This on the other hand is unacceptable. Problem is most girls with their zombie eyes on the phones (Likely overweight or other health problems) are degenerates and they are into that stuff. And for that i hate them. Even though it defies reality, they should be put to jail just saying.
  8. Fluttere

    Rarity Fan Club

    What makes Rarity amazing is her dazzling bedroom eyes. She is the best pony
  9. She loves hugs, she is a strong cuddly pony who has all the hug she wanna give!
  10. Oh Twilight and Fluttershy are so adorable cozy together ^^.
  11. Wow. Its such a pretty pony. So adorable ^o^
  12. Just doodled Fluttershy in MS Paint. Because i love her.
  13. Doodled something in MS Paint
  14. I have seen that avatar before. It looks beautiful. But dont think i have seen you before.