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  1. Hello fellow mlp fans! I haven't posted on, or even visited, this site for a long time! I know I'm late, but I wanted to discuss some things about Flurry Heart in the previous season 7 episode "A Flurry of Emotions". I wanted to hear some things that other people liked most about the episode, and its plot. I doubt anyone cares for my opinion, but one thing I liked most about the episode was seeing Twilight bond with Flurry. While watching though, I was wondering if they would ever make Flurry older, because of her powers. I think they would want to add more personality to her for a good episode. I for one would really like that because it sounds interesting, and we would get to see Pound and Pumpkin Cake older than they have been the WHOLE SERIES. Anyways, I'm done now. As said, I want to hear some other opinions on this subject, so feel free to comment anything!
  2. I'm to me!

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      Sweet Palette

      Okay, how are you?

  3. Idk,I just wanted to see what other people think of it...
  4. So,I was watching The Amazing World of Gumball(Yes I watch it in my spare time,because I'm me),the episode was called "The Traitor",and Gumball is making a sandwich.Now,this sandwich had so much stuff on it,I didn't even know what some of it was!I looked rather disgusting,and I thought it was just something silly,until he rubbed it,and smacked it and then I knew exactly what they were doing!I literally lol'd!I thought that was hilarious!Also,I love HowToBasic,and if you don't know him,I recommend you look it up on YouTube!(If you don't get disgusted easily,that is!)
  5. I've never imagined I'd ask a question like this.But I've come across those family trees people make for mlp,and for some reason,it keeps showing Trixie as Twilight,and Shining's sister...I'M SO CONFUSED!!!!
  6. Bye guys!I'll be back online by Monday!!!!

  7. Let's make confessions!

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      You already know mine!But I wonder who else will make a confession!

    4. Alpharius
  8. At home,I was on netflix,and I ran over the show a million times.So eventually I tried it,and bam!I'm a pegasister!
  9. awesome oc! ^^,shes really cute

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  10. I'm having so much fun figuring things out about this website!
  11. My favorite is pegasus,because sometimes I just imagine flying in the air!Wind blowing in your face!I mean,isn't everyone's childhood dream flying?Just imagine being able to sleep on clouds!Looking down on Ponyville!Sounds like paradise to me!