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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Hi everyone, just checking back in. Started on a new diet and so far it's been working out excellent for me. Not ready to get back into this quite yet, though I did want to share some new art I commissioned!
  3. @Randimaxis As someone who listens to Audible a lot, I'm very impressed! The audio quality is really crisp, your reading is practiced, and your voice acting is practiced and has a really good range!
  4. @Blitz Boom @Randimaxisand I actually discussed this in private. After today's posting, I will be relinquishing control of my OCs temporarily to him, and I'll simply be here to answer questions. If I ever get the muse back, I'll make my return, and if Randi decides to delegate out roles, then I am okay with that as well.
  5. The twins looked at each other. Ophelia giggled and Dahlia grinned. "As obnoxiously vain as she can be sometimes, Ophelia's the only family I have, as I am the only family she has. We do have each others' best interests at heart, though we have different ideas of what those best interests are." "We're two peas in the same pod," Ophelia added. "We're nothing without each other. As much of a prude as Dada can be, she's the money-maker. I mostly just handle public affairs and security. Lots of ponies like to think of us as con artists, and a few of them are willing to throw hooves over it. Word to the wise: don't mess with a former mine slave." The purple mare smiled proudly, though her sister seemed less amused by that. "Can you not remind me of that? It was hard enough spending every day, locked in that tower, but what hurt me more was worrying about you." Ophelia shrugged her shoulders stoically. "It happened, and now it's over. You don't have to worry about me any longer." -------------------------------------- That certainly gave the young noble pause as he considered it. It certainly presented an opportunity to show his guardian that he had indeed been learning something all this time he had been under her tutelage, but at the same time, it would mean making an enemy of this mare that Dax likely had much more chemistry with. If that were the case, though, then did she not already see him as a rival? The moment it was revealed that he had feelings for Dax, would she not perceive him as a threat? It almost reminded him of the many diplomatic games that Carnelian had played with him. The object was to conquer a map of Equestria by convincing the other noble houses, played by the heirs of various crystal nobility, to ally with him as he annexed each county. Carnelian had certainly tried to advise him on the courses of action to take, and yet he ignored all of it as he could not bring himself to scheme against his allies. Every time, he ended up being manipulated by the other players, never growing in power, and eventually being conquered as his former allies exhausted his usefulness and annexed his territories. Whether or not he had the skill, however, he saw no reason not to try. If what Beck had said was true, then there would be no consequence for simply stepping into the ring. At worst, Dax would simply turn him down in favor of the mare, and as time went on, the anxiety seemed to melt off of him. "I shall take your advice, then," he responded with a smile. "I will need time to think of a course of action, but I will let him know my feelings." I don't know when, and I don't know where, but at some point, I will.
  6. @Randimaxis @Widdershins @Blitz Boom I'm really sorry to everyone I've held up. It's ironic that on the day I finally got the force of will to come back was the day that everyone decided I was AWOL. Don't worry, I have no hard feelings about that, I have been forcing people to wait on me. I'm going to try and force a response out right now, however I leave it up to you what should be done. This can't keep happening, and I'm worried that I simply can't keep the promise I made. You were gracious enough to give two months to gather the inspiration to write again, and it never came. I don't mind if my OCs are turned into NPCs, and I have email notifications on, so I should receive any PMs sent if asked for guidance.
  7. Dahlia smiled at that. "Oh it's no issue at all," she remarked with a wave of her hoof. "My time isn't wasted so long as you received an answer for a question you were seeking. As for living life on the road, it's-" "Absolutely wonderful," her sister interjected. "You get to see so many sights, meet so many unique ponies, and have enough misadventures to have plenty of juicy stories to tell." "As I was going to say," Dahlia continued, slightly miffed at Ophelia's rude interruption. "That it is not something I would've considered voluntarily. My sister may like her independence, but I prefer safety and security, especially where wild animals and ruffians roam." "In case you haven't picked up on it, my sister is boring." Though her eyes remained covered, one could almost feel that they were rolling from behind her bangs. --------------------------------- As Beck spoke, Key listened with rapt attention. His cheeks blushed and he smiled nervously as he averted his gaze. Was it really that simple? If Dax wasn't interested in stallions, would their friendship not become awkward with the knowledge of the unicorn's interest? He thought it would at first, but as Beck spoke, it occurred to him that the awkward situation surely was the lesser of two evils when compared to the pain of keeping that interest repressed and pretending that, every time he found himself alone in Dax's presence, that there was nothing important he wanted to say or do. "Thank you, Beck," Key answered. "I will have to find the best time to tell him, and in a tactful way. However, I do not want to compete. I cannot compete with someone that he has a history with. We have only known each other since yesterday." He cast his eyes down low, searching himself for just how he was going to go about this. Was he going to have to stalk Dax and wait for him to be alone? No, he wasn't one for subterfuge, and he doubted the pegasus would appreciate that. It would have to be natural, and it would have to come out on its own.
  8. Dahlia hesitated, thinking to herself. "Well, divination through tarot can be ambiguous at times. So long as you are satisfied with the reading and feel it is relevant to what you have experienced, then there is no need to look deeper. In the event that I do, however, it will be a while, perhaps a day or so of meditation to truly ponder the meaning of the cards." Low looked one way then the other, glancing nervously about to find if there were others. Satisfied, he leaned in closer and began to whisper. "I guess it was obvious something was perturbing me," he chuckled anxiously. "Miss Carnelian did always say that I wore my emotions on my sleeve. In any case, perhaps you would be the best stallion at the moment to ask." He took a deep breath, looked around once more, then returned. "I...fancy Dax. I enjoy being around him, I enjoy listening to him speak, I enjoy seeing the interest and passion on his face, and his smile..." The unicorn began to smile wistfully before he shook himself out of his daydreams. "Apologies. I just...I do not know where to begin. Should I tell him how I feel? What if he says yes? He does not share my nobility, so Miss Carnelian will frown on that, and what is more, a relationship such as ours will not produce heirs, which is what my family requires. Though if he were to decline...oh Celestia help me, what if he is offended by my advances?" Low began to pace back and forth, staring at the ground as he vented his anxieties, rambling on and on before he once more caught himself. He flushed a deep red as he smiled apologetically at Beck. "I...I apologize if this is a topic you find uncomfortable, I was simply hoping you may have some counsel for me in this matter."
  9. I'm going to do my best to get a reply out this weekend. I'll write myself notes and everything. Life events below under spoiler.
  10. A little late to this thread, but here's my two cents, and I can boil it down to one single piece of advice: MAKE THEM SUCCESSFUL I cannot stress this first piece of advice enough. A really interesting concept for a villain can be destroyed by simply forgetting, or being unwilling, to throw them a bone every once in a while. An example of when a writer disregards this for me is Director Krennic from the Star Wars story, Rogue One. In the opening scene, we are shown that he clearly has power not only because he has a squad of death troopers who obey his every command without question, but he's also the director for the Death Star project! Amazing, right? Throughout the rest of the movie, however, you're left wondering how someone so utterly incompetent was even put in charge of something so prestigious and important. Not only is his security on the project lax enough that his lead engineer can conspire to leak its existence, but he's only able to stamp his feet and cry when Grand Moff Tarkin yoinks command of the Death Star from him, which is then followed up with his inability to capture and execute the aforementioned lead engineer on his own terms because he spent too long monologuing, which is finally capped with his utter incompetence at directing the defense of the imperial base on Scarif. The only time Krennic wasn't utterly incompetent was in the first scene of the film, when he killed Jyn's mother and took her father into custody, but even that scene was marred by the fact that his death troopers hesitated long enough after his initial order to shoot her mother that she was able to shoot him in the shoulder. If you want an example of what I think a villain done right is, then look no further than Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2. Not only does he always seem to be one step ahead of you, but every successful strike against him is returned with multiple successful strikes back at you. Angel's betrayal, Roland's death, Lilith's capture, Bloodwing's mutation, all serve as reminders of the stakes you're up against. This person you're fighting exploited his own daughter, killed your boss, murdered your friend's pet, and if you don't stop him, it's not hard to believe that the same fate would befall all of Pandora.
  11. I have an unfortunate announcement to make. It's been a long time coming, and it's something I've finally come to accept. Ever since the beginning of Season 9, my interest in ponies has been slipping hard and fast. I stopped keeping up with the show, I rarely come on the forums anymore except to reply to this thread, and I've been devoting more money towards commissioning art of my furry OCs, which include furry OCs I've adapted from my existing pony OCs. It's nothing that anyone or the show has done. For me, it's as simple as the spark is gone. If any moment can be counted as my epiphany, it was the acknowledgement that a lot of my ideas simply were incompatible with the show's canon, and if I wanted to create my own pony canon to make my ideas work, I didn't see the point. I don't have an attachment to ponies aesthetically, it's always been the characters and ideas that have held my passion. Why make a unique pony canon that would mark my characters as being incompatible with any other pony OC that did work with the canon, while also being incompatible with nearly every other universe/fandom outside of MLP? It was just so restrictive, and now that I'm branching out, I've found so many more possibilities that have allowed me to expand upon the ideas that have been burning inside of me while also accommodating my headcanons. Perhaps a few of you may have picked up on it, what with my record of participation in this thread of late. It's burnt me on numerous occasions that due to various other things which occupy my mind, you often have to wait a month or more for me to push out a reply which simply lacks the same passion and energy I originally brought to this thread. At least, it burns me that replying to this thread has become a chore rather than a pastime, something which I HAVE to do rather than something I WANT to do. I can't do this to you all any longer, and I most definitely cannot do this to myself any longer. I appreciate all of the interactions I've had in this thread, and this still remains at the top of my most memorable long-term group RPs I've ever been a part of. @Randimaxis is a wonderful GM and your passion is beyond admirable. You did everything you could to rekindle my interest in this thread, but I was wrong to think that it was my interest in your thread that was waning. Out of respect for everyone here, I wish to plan out my eventual withdrawal from this thread. I can understand there are a number of plot points which still need to be wrapped up (especially that soiree Carnelian promised), and I plan to stay until those can be resolved in one way or another that satisfies everyone involved. Thank you all for your patience, and thank you very much for everything.
  12. Though Ophelia would have been fairly close to Taps' size, Dahlia most definitely towered over her, forcing the lanky mare to crane her neck to look down at her. "Welcome," she greeted, smiling warmly as she idly shuffled her deck. There was something oddly satisfying about the sound the cards made as they rhythmically slapped and slid against one another, like clockwork. "What sort of question is on your mind?" The mare considered this for a second, stopping her shuffling as she slid five cards off the top of her deck and laid them in a T-shaped formation, rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise. "Fate is not single linear string, it is more of a woven fabric, with many strings coming together. As you try and follow one, you may get distracted and begin following another. Let us follow this one path and see what the spirits have to say." As she flipped over each card, she would be sure to give a description. "Three of Pentacles. This card carries the energy of a master craftsman and his pride in educating his apprentices in his art. Is it wrong to assume that your worries are of a similar flavor to that of the artisan leaving his studio in the care of his underlings? You take great pride in your work, but can you trust others to do the same without you to guide them? "Page of Swords, inverted. Often considered a diplomat, the Page is burdened by all she has seen and heard. This makes her a great asset, but also a great threat, should she ever decide that she finds herself uncomfortable under your patronage. To translate this into your personal life, it is possible that your critical tendencies wearing you thin? Take a moment to look inside yourself, meditate on your worries, and rationalize them. "Celestia, The Sun. It is in our nature to love the light. The drives away the darkness, preventing those things which may hurt us from hiding and sneaking up on us. In its current position on the spread, this is a good omen. There are no secret factors affecting the success of your spontaneous vacation, everything is under your control. "Four of Swords. In days of old, it was common practice to visit the tombs of your ancestors. It was a solemn reminder of our mortality, and the importance of our actions while we were still able to perform them. Though it isn't necessary to visit any tombs, this card suggests it would be of great benefit to you contemplate every possibility and eliminate those from your worries which are unlikely to come to fruition. "Six of Swords, inverted. This seems to be rather redundant, as most cards I have drawn today is saying the same thing. This card carries the energy of a navigator, someone who is educated in the stars and the waves. He knows both equally well, and has it down to an exact science, and so long as he maintains his composure, the ship's course will remain true. However, it appears he has lost his composure. His negative emotions cloud his judgement, forcing him to lead the ship in a direction he prefers rather than the one he needs. You should not make any hasty decisions until you know the facts." Dahlia took a sip of her tea, leaving the cards to sit as she thought of the reading. "Is there any part of the reading you felt does not apply to you? I may not have interpreted it properly and will need to look further into it." Low was quick to move back into cover, his heart pounding. He had hoped to find Dax, and he most definitely did, but what he did not expect was that he would be in the company of mare, let alone one who was quite clearly very close to him. He certainly wasn't about to interrupt the moment, assuming they were having a moment. He wasn't about to look around the corner and check, risking being seen again. He wasn't sure how to feel. A part of him was distraught at this sudden development. Had he always had forbidden feelings for a stallion who was already spoken for, or was he simply being out-competed? He knew what Carnelian would have said, and he knew that if he truly wanted him, he had his work cut out for him. However, there was another part of him that was strangely relieved. It took him a while to think on it, but all of this anxiety he had felt around Dax...it only ever came up whenever he felt the need to pressure himself to pursue his attentions. Was he a coward for allowing this stallion to slip away, or was it a sign of maturity that he was accepting that which he couldn't have? "Perhaps we should...give them some time," he whispered to Beck. "Perhaps I should return to Miss Carnelian. This question can wait." Already his thoughts were rebelling against him. Which side of this internal civil war was the right one? Was he throwing away something wonderful? Carnelian would know, she always had an answer, even if they weren't often to his liking.
  13. All of my characters are continuous WIPs, but I mainly felt she was in need of an upgrade both due to events in RPs outside of the forums as well as to bring her up to a level playing field with the other psychically gifted characters at the quarry. I'm not sure how to balance it atm, but it is coincidental that she needs to move her bangs to lock eyes.
  14. Along with my usual apologies, I'd also like to mention a minor retcon: I'm gonna upgrade Ophelia's empathic powers and add a passive ability. While she can sense empathic auras about her and the direction they're in, she can't pick any of them out specifically, or how many there are. Her eyes also function in a similar manner, though if she so desired, she could cross a few wires and force ponies to endure whatever emotion she can dig up from their psyche, from extreme happiness from the best day of their life, to the deepest sadness and horror from the worst day of their life. For the former option, however, unless the other pony is open to and accepting of Ophelia's entrance into their mind, whatever positive emotion she brings up will be marred by the violation she's committing, a bit like someone massaging your shoulders without you ever asking for it.
  15. "Oh we're definitely in business! Please, come inside and have a seat, would you like some chamomile? I just made some." Ophelia made way for the mute mare as Dahlia set her tarot deck on the table. "Welcome," she greeted warmly. "What question is on your mind today? Did Ophelia answer all of your questions, or is there anything else you wish to hear straight from me?" The empath returned with a tray, upon which sat a kettle and two teacups, and sat it gently upon the table. "It may need a minute to steep, so take your time centering yourself." "Then it would appear that we may have a runaround on our hooves...very well, hopefully I won't miss him this time." Low was about to thank Chuck and leave him to his work before the comment about his friendship came up. His cheeks flushed as he nodded, rubbing the back of his neck. "Of course, Chuck. I will be there for him." Just how much, though? Until he reciprocates your affection? Until he shoots you down? Low shook those thoughts from his head. He could ask Miss Carnelian later. She always had all the answers...even if they hurt him. He wasted no more time, hurrying towards the manor house. If he was lucky, he'd be exactly where Chuck said he'd be, or fairly close to it. If he was out for much longer, he may just retire to his matron's room to speak with her. He felt that she would want to debrief him about his conduct this morning, and it would be in his best interests to preempt it than force her to come looking for him. That was something he had learned early.