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  1. Hey I saw you on the BlackWater Quarry OCC, I was wondering if we could roleplay together.

    1. Hazard Time

      Hazard Time

      Hi there!  I'm a little busy during this week because of finals, but what ideas did you have in mind?  Could you link me your OC?

  2. Sorry that took so much time to get out, this weekend's been busy :c Hope you don't mind me simply saying that your character just jumped off and ran away from the carriage?
  3. @Widdershins Hope I'm not too late, but I just posted!
  4. Open [RP] The Blackwater Quarry

    @Widdershins The abomination(s?) was gone, but the shock still wore heavy on the occupants of the carriage. The panic passed between them like a hot potato, dissipating slowly. Too slowly, in fact. By the time they had gotten a hold of themselves, their screams once more pierced the thin walls of the carriage as it fell over the edge, picking up speed as it rode down the slope, heading straight for the quarry at an ever faster speed. All that could be done was to brace for the coming impact. @Randimaxis Low wasn't quite sure how to react, but nodded emphatically. His anger was starting to dissipate, but when would the next prank target him? Would it be a predictable tomato juice booby trap again, or something different, something he wasn't prepared for? He wasn't willing to take the chance, and Dax seemed to know better. Everything would work out, he just hoped that it wouldn't end up with Oglevy being even more spiteful towards him. "I would not really know what it is like to have a brother, I grew up an only child," he admitted. "Though I will be deferring to your judgement. You know him better than I, after all." Low fixed a warm smile on his face. "So...what do we do first, or should we wait?" --------------------------- "How I raised my daughter and how I instructed Mister Low are two separate beasts, entirely. I was much more hooves-on with Ametrine, though my ward is old enough that I don't have to spoon-feed most of my lessons to him. I've noticed he has a high-capacity for abstraction, so I've taken to sprinkling some symbolism into his studies. If he read ponies as well as he can read into subtle motifs and themes, then his social skills would be quite impressive. For the moment, though, we still have plenty to work on." The subconscious twitch did not pass by the viscountess. Her ears twitched as she analyzed it briefly. Guilt, perhaps? Why would one be guilty over instilling respect and discipline in your foals? That was one of Carnelian's greatest successes, even if it was technically a failure. She'd come around. "Normally, my dear Miss Vylia, I would say that you would be the one who best knows what interests your family, though I am willing to brainstorm some ideas I've had. For example, I believe that it would be important that each individual's concerns be addressed and assuaged through companionship. When a pony knows that others share his trepidations, he becomes more accepting of his situation as he will not be suffering alone. I have a few associates in mind that would make for possible matches for your husband, though I would need more time to think on it before I volunteer their names. As an example, I emphasize our own friendship as well as that of Mister Low Key and Daxter. Oglevy, however...I admit I do not know much about him, though he piqued my interest at supper last night. Could you tell me more about the youngest Blackwater?"
  5. @Widdershins I'll see about getting a reply out very soon so that we resolve that before you leave.
  6. Sorry I haven't been active here, either. Finals are coming up next week.
  7. Everything alright @Randimaxis? Haven't heard from you in a while. Otherwise, I got more art of one of the twins, namely Ophelia with an alt-hairstyle and blindfold that I'm making canon. She mostly wears the blindfold in public, and she only tolerates it as the necessary evil that it is.
  8. 80+ years later, it remains a multi-generational classic

    Animation would still have existed, the problem is that before Snow White, no one took it seriously. Animated shorts were commonly made to play before actual feature films to keep the kids entertained, and nobody believed that it would be possible to hold their attention through a full feature-length film. Of course, Walt Disney proved them wrong by making Snow White the first feature-length animated film. Sure, it hasn't aged well and there are plenty of "not so progressive" tropes, but this was a huge milestone not just in the animation industry, but in the movie industry as a whole. It showed that not only can you make an entertaining animated feature-length film for children, but that you could make money while doing it.
  9. Full disclosure: I have not seen Black Panther, and I have no intention to see it (Not because of the politics mind you, but simply because I'm not a big movie goer). Having said that, I feel that the only reason people are praising it so highly is because of the current political climate. Conveniently, however, they forget that this wasn't the first film adaptation of a black comic book hero, and both Blade and Steel beat this movie to the box office by 20 years. However, when you get down to it, I can concede that Blade and Steel aren't really in the same league as Black Panther: Blade is about a vampire hunter and Steel...well, it stars Shaq as the protagonist, need I say more? So yeah, I hope Black Panther is a good movie, politics aside, and I'm sure it is. The problem lies entirely with the identitarians who think that this movie and everyone involved in it represent the greatest virtues of progress and anyone who has anything bad to say about it has no reason to hate the movie other than they're racist. It'll be sad to see if this goes the way of Frozen which, again, while not necessarily a terrible movie, was overhyped and shoved down everyone's throats to the point that most people want nothing to do with it anymore.
  10. Got some Carnelian-themed commissions that finally finished! The artist for all of them is Tambelon. A scene that those who read Carnelian's backstory (the one I posted here) would recognize R!63 Carnelian (Garnet Greatness) and Low Key (Wallflower)
  11. Open [RP] The Blackwater Quarry

    @Randimaxis Low took in Dax's offer, his ears flicking as the gears in his head started working. He really didn't care that much about getting revenge on Oglivy. The fires of anger were already smoldering out by the time his big brother had come around, maybe it was for the best that he held on to this grudge? Dax certainly seemed interested in getting back at him, so perhaps it was pertinent that he get involved, as well. Then again, Carnelian had warned him about his infatuation, so what was the correct course of action? "I can't say one way or the other what Carnelian would do," he answered. "She's not the most predictable of ponies. However, she does love foals, from what I've seen anyway. She might not even need to be asked to give us the reaction we want." ---------------------------------------- Carnelian seated herself at the table, and soon dug into her food, cutting them into small bites before taking dainty little bites from them. Her ears flicked in the direction of Vylia's voice, her mind absorbing every word and working through a correct response. It wouldn't be prudent to let her know about Mister Low's intentions with her son. He was a colt with his own mind, and he would decide the time and place when he finally decided to become a stallion. "From what Mister Low has told me, he and Daxter have bonded quite nicely," she explained after washing her last bite down with some coffee. "And if I will be honest, my teaching style has a very 'hooves-off' approach. You can lecture at a pony for hours at a time, but how much of it will they absorb? You can give them a test on a piece of paper and they might get all of them right, but how will you know that they will apply that knowledge to real life scenarios? "The conclusion I came to is that life lessons are best learned from mistakes. I did not tell Mister Low that a particular costume he wished to wear to the Crystal Gala was poorly made and utterly laughable. The lesson was the humiliation he suffered first hoof. I can understand that some ponies might see this as cruel, but if I had just told him not to wear it, he either would have become indignant or reliant upon my tastes instead of developing his own. He now does his own research before costume balls, seeking out the best tailors, asking advice from professionals in the fashion industry, and coming up with unique ideas that will set him apart in a good way. "Of course, I don't just sit back and eat bonbons while he chases butterflies. I do give him lessons and his knowledge of aristocratic traditions is entirely from me, but I don't sculpt his mind. He does that himself. His experiences build his own character, and I have no intention of interfering in that learning process." ------------------------ @Widdershins As the two heads stare through each window, a head stares back at each. Bright, verdant eyes stare out at the feline, freckles spackling her cheeks from under her bright red gothic hood. The other head finds nothing where the other's head would have been, though slightly lower, the top of a purple head peaks up over the windowsill, her endlessly deep pink gaze boring into the serpent. Both are silent for a moment, their gazes locked with the strange creature. Suddenly, their maws fall open simultaneously, and they shriek. The combined discordance seems to have an effect on the crystal, the powerlines flickering as the wagon begins to veer all over the road.
  12. Crystal Empire questions

    As a crystal pony enthusiast, this is an interesting place to insert headcanon. According to canon, the Crystal Empire is a part of Equestria. However, it isn't really explained how an empire that only has control over a single city is somehow considered part of a principality, since the hierarchy is usually Empire >> Kingdom >> Principality >> Duchy >> County >> Barony etc. My personal headcanon is that the Crystal Empire used to be larger, and while it still has control over most of the Frozen North, it's still a vassal state under Equestria. The opinions of the crystal ponies in this regard are rather mixed since they would appreciate their independence after having lived under a tyrant for so long, though Equestrian culture isn't too different from theirs and Princess Cadance isn't that bad of a ruler.
  13. So in an attempt to get my writing juices flowing, I went over to Canterlot Avenue and made a profile for Carnelian! While I was there, I put pen to paper and wrote out her complete backstory. I still don't think it's complete, but I'm really rather proud of this retcon. I'll update her actual profile never when I feel like it. (Should give a warning that reader discretion is advised below this spoiler. It does conform to the rules and nothing explicit is stated in an explicit manner, but for the more sensitive among us, I thought it would only be courteous to give a warning.)
  14. Questions about some character accents.

    Babs is supposed to be an East Coast accent, possibly Brooklyn, Boston, or New Jersey (I live on the West Coast, you tell me lol). Rarity's accent, on the other hand, is an artificial, cultivated accent, a bit like British RP (Received Pronunciation). It was cultivated among the American upper class during the late 19th and early 20th century as a way to accomplish the same goal as RP, to distinguish the members of the upper classes from the lower classes. As far as I know, there are no natural speakers anymore and the only people who seem to use it are actors.
  15. What makes a Generation?

    Basically, though again it all comes back to marketing. The target demographic influences everything else. For example, the first generation was targeted at young boys and girls, the second generation dropped the boys and exclusively targeted the girls, the third generation attempted to cash in on the much younger prepubescent girl demographic, and while the fourth generation originally started as a campaign towards younger girls, it has since branched out with things such as the Guardians of Harmony toy line, etc.