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  2. Hazard Time

    Open [RP] The Blackwater Quarry

    @Randimaxis @Blitz Boom Despite her eyes being obscured behind a blindfold and heavy bangs, a blush and a smile came to Ophelia's face from the emotions she was feeling. She wasn't about to turn down such attention, especially if it made her sister uncomfortable to see her flirting. "Chuck list? An interesting name. Tell me about your talents, Mr. List." Her hoof rose up to play with her mane until she couldn't keep her giggles down any longer, using that same hoof to cover her mouth as she giggled. She could already feel Dahlia side-eyeing her, but she ignored the pangs of frustration. The wagon was right there, she could wait inside and water her flowers if she didn't want to let her have her fun. ------------------------- @Randimaxis For the most part, Carnelian remained silent, watching the chaos unfold around her with anticipation and a gleam of curiosity. Low was having a hard time not wearing his emotions on his sleeve as he beamed at Dax, the rush of endorphins proving too much for him. This was all happening so fast, and he'd never felt so satisfied at doing something so petty! He almost felt some sympathy creeping in...almost.
  3. While I'm waiting for other posts, I have more commissions that just came in! Ophelia and Dahlia by https://www.deviantart.com/harmoniousrain/ Carnelian by https://www.deviantart.com/delzol/gallery/
  4. Hazard Time

    Open [RP] The Blackwater Quarry

    @Blitz Boom @Randimaxis For the first time during their visit, there almost seemed to be a snap between the two sisters, emotions seemed to appear on their faces as they went about their own business. The purple mare withdrew her hoof from the forestallion's chest, smiling up at him knowingly. "Are my stockings that soft?" she giggled coyly. "Try wearing them all the time and get back to me. Still, better than the alternative. Also, I don't think we introduced ourselves properly. I'm Ophelia, and my sister is Dahlia." The purple mare held her hoof out blindly for him to shake. Meanwhile, the other mare appeared slightly shocked by the new development, her eyes shifting as she approached Ziggy. "The spirits can be mischievous at times. For those without the ability, they can be fickle and capricious. I can tame them enough to provide accurate readings of others...though they can be rather hostile if I ask about me." She gave a meagre smile before continuing. "I think both of us will be alright. Ophelia's pain tolerance is legendary, and I'm alright. The Crystal Empire is very beautiful, and I miss it. The main reason we left was Ophelia's suggestion. There would be more money to make if we took our services out on the road." She stares at the ground and kicks at a pebble. "The spirits told me this would bring great success, and I made the mistake of believing them." ----------------------------- Low's eyes went wide and he nearly lost his composure until Vylia lost hers first. When he saw her reaction, only then did he relax and prepare his breakfast while she did her work with Carnelian. For her part, the viscountess eyed both her ward and the book he deposited at her hooves with confusion before her hostess was upon her. As she turned the pages, her eyes twinkled as she grinned from ear to ear. "What a beautiful little dear! How adorable!" She crooned with every new outfit and photograph she was presented, her expression of genuine affection. She so missed having a foal...why did Ametrine ever have to leave? When would she come home? These feelings weren't helped when she noticed the unmentioned Blackwater colt. She would ask about him, but later. For the moment, it was supposed to be a happy occasion! Though those tutors would also be a lesson for her. She would not underestimate this child.
  5. I'll try and get out a response later tonight. To hold everyone over until then, have my latest Carnelian commission ovo Also, I have no problem with Corner
  6. @Randimaxis Did you want me to add Carnelian's response or wait for Vylia's?
  7. Hazard Time

    Open [RP] The Blackwater Quarry

    @Blitz Boom The two mares ceased their bickering for a moment to regard the zegasus. "We are fine." "If nauseated and perturbed." "Though you are free to perform your tests on us." "We do not remember experiencing any trauma past that of the mental variety." When the foreman spoke up, however, both mares turned their heads towards him, cocking their heads in perfect synchronicity. "Your accent befuddles us." "We apologize, it is very foreign to us." "I offer a secondary method of translation." "She will not be invasive." @Randimaxis The smaller mare lifted a bestockinged hoof, laying it against the forepony's chest. She stood there for a few seconds before speaking up. "I feel your concern." "She also senses befuddlement, inquiry." "We come from the Crystal Empire to ply our trade." "Sisters, twins, psychics." "I can sense emotions, feel energy fields." "I can speak to spirits and communicate their wisdom through tarot." "Our services are affordable." "If you are interested." ----------------------------------------------------------- Low couldn't help but giggle at Dax's behavior. It was so exaggerated and goofy, and that only added to the surrealness of the situation. His first backroom deal, and it involved smuggling compromising photos into the hooves of a powerful pony to demoralize another...would Carnelian be proud of him then? This thought was interrupted by the album being pushed onto him. Dax sure found that one fast. Low flipped through the pages, glancing at a few of the pictures. None of them really stood out, though then again, he wasn't exactly a foal-pony. Still, he had his directions, and he headed off to the dining room. He found it easily enough, but before he set hoof in, he hesitated at a thought. How would he introduce this to his Lady? Would he just place it near her and run out? Would he tell her all that was going on? He had to say something, but he couldn't say everything. He'd have to improvise, and that was something else that he could impress Carnelian in. "Good morning, Miss Carnelian," Low announced as he entered. "I was going through the study and found something that you and Miss Vylia would love to see." Low placed the book beside the noblemare and wandered off to the buffet line, barely stifling a nervous giggle. His ears twitched as he waited for the results.
  8. Me and @Blitz Boom are still here!
  9. Hazard Time

    What Is Your Opinion on Occultism?

    Roleplay might not have been the best word to use, and I was a little distracted while writing that, so my apologies. It was a bit disingenuous to suggest that practitioners of Wicca and other forms of witchcraft don't believe that their rituals hold any sort of power. For clarification, when I mentioned atheistic witches, I was insinuating that they held a New Age belief system. This system, which I've heard most commonly from ideologues such as Spirit Science, does believe in supernatural phenomena, such as telekinesis, crystal power, sacred geometry, etc but doesn't assert the existence of permanent divine beings. Although some do assert the existence of divine beings, they aren't quite the same as what we would recognize as a god, but rather that they're transdimensional hyper-intelligences, the remnant of a mortal being who ascended to a higher plane of existence. To elaborate further on my opinion, although I don't believe in supernatural phenomena, the occult is still a fascinating subject that I've dabbled in. I have two OCs with psychic powers, one who practices yoga and believes in crystal healing, and I've had thoughts about integrating some occult ideas into the tabletop roleplaying games I run.
  10. Hazard Time

    What Is Your Opinion on Occultism?

    Got into this discussion late, but I have mixed feelings on witchcraft. As a skeptical atheist, if you can't demonstrate scientific evidence of supernatural phenomena, then witchcraft is about as harmful as live action roleplaying. The only time I would see witchcraft as harmful is when people assert that magic spells, crystal healing, yoga, or other forms of alternative medicine trump actual modern medicine and convince other people to stop chemotherapy in favor of woo. Although there have been incidents where various satanic cults got a little too immersed in their roleplaying and actually started sacrificing animals, from what I've seen, they tend to be outliers, and the majority of witches are atheistic in nature.
  11. Hazard Time

    Open [RP] The Blackwater Quarry

    @Randimaxis The eagerness was infectious, and Low was smiling just the same as Dax. "That sounds absolutely devilish! I have never done something like this before, and it feels so...exhilarating! I do not know of any better ways to deliver this album aside from giving it directly to Miss Carnelian. I will let you handle the part about the sailor uniform, though in short order..." The unicorn leaned in close, his smile showing a hint of conspiratorial anticipation. "I am in." ---------------------------------- Carnelian's brow visibly arched as Vylia gushed about her son. How much of it was motherly pride, and how much of it was truth? She hadn't expected that sort of intellect from a foal, which only made her curiosity towards the youngest Blackwater grow. However, in the back of her mind was the troubling thought that a small, flying foal with the intelligence of a colt twice his age had free range of the quarry. Pegasi were always a wildcard to Carnelian. If she were back in the empire, she could leave a top window open and not have to worry about peeping toms. Pegasi, on the other hoof, violated that sanctity, and forced her to consider security options that she wished she didn't have to. In short, while Luther had set himself up as an open nemesis, Oglevy sat in the middle, at once a great threat and a great asset. She didn't hold any thoughts yet that he would work against his own family, but it would be better than they remain on good terms. "There is no shame in having pride in the achievements of your offspring, especially when they have accomplished as much as your son has. Counter to what most would think, there is no better feeling than when you see your foal excelling and exceeding your own accomplishments." --------------------------- The carriage's course was set, and there was nothing the occupants could do to stop it. Nothing short of divine intervention could stop this carriage. Funnily enough, a large rock was rather close that. As the wheel made contact, the straining axle could take no more and snapped, the car falling front first as it kicked up a large dust cloud. When it cleared, the wagon was still visible, nestled just between the shack and the vault, a meter to spare. For a minute, there was a silence in the cabin. Then, the door slowly opened, a set of steps flipping out. Two quartets of hooves stepped out simultaneously, their owners looking around at their surroundings in dismay. Both wore clothing which covered their bodies, though the short purple one was more clothed than the other. Stockings covered her legs, a thick blindfold obscuring her vision as she stared straight ahead. The brown one towered above her, her heavy red coat unbuttoned. As they argued, their voices remained monotone. "Unfortunate." "Waylaid." "Spirits." "Deaf." "Unforeseen consequences." "Warning." "Tricked." "You." "Blameless." "No." "Yes." "No." "Blind." "Useless." "Oaf." "Lanky."
  12. @Blitz Boom @Randimaxis It's probably my turn. My RP rut hasn't really improved, but if other people are waiting on me, then I can brute force one out later today.
  13. Depends on what you mean by "make him look nicer." Do you mean finding a better color palette? Designing a good wardrobe? Once you've cleared that up, there are two ways to improve. The first is simply to consult with someone who's more knowledgeable or experienced. For example, I have many artist friends that I can go to and ask about color palettes. The second option is to do the research yourself. Color palettes are readily available on the internet as well as simple wardrobe ensembles. When doing the latter, though, you should take care to try and be original unless it's something simple, like a dress you found on the Macy's website.
  14. Sorry that took so much time to get out, this weekend's been busy :c Hope you don't mind me simply saying that your character just jumped off and ran away from the carriage?
  15. @Widdershins Hope I'm not too late, but I just posted!