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    Various games that you might or might not know even exist, ie: Realm of the Mad God. am also interested in programming, Piano and wanna learn how to play the Violin and Cello.

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  1. nice video, i might consider making something like that some day myself XD
  2. 1.13 transfer thread was recently posted, so hopefully things will rly start to pick back up when the new survival world is back! (not that any date has been announced yet)
  3. 453713 thanks for the welcome everypone!
  4. i also have an egg allergy, but i can't eat anything with them, including cookies, cakes, ect... along with that, nuts, shellfish and ginger.
  5. 453701 (first post on mlpf other than PArcMC Map transfer stuff)
  6. ello, this is sonichailfire (nick is Gira_Kaninami) I would like to transfer my house. the higher red wool is X: -6457 Y:108 Z: -7145 Thanks! Edit: on the subject of heads: so far i think i know of 5 or 6 heads i wanna try and keep: 1: Latias 2: Glaceon 3: My Head 4 Rainbow Quartz 5: my Scribbler Plushie 6 my... Special Umbreon Head 7: my Master Ball 8: Pink Ore 9: Espeon 2nd Edit: ok so seeing as Christmas is coming kinda soon-ish, i think i'll also request keeping 10: my Snow Globe
  7. ok, home cords for reset:

    island base: -5364 75 1781

    icefangspires: -16874 121 -6557

    cliff: 6453 89 -2458

    mansion/woodlands: -40480 65 49278

    1. sonic hail fire

      sonic hail fire

      btw, woodlands is the town i'm makeing! if anypony wants to join, just pm/mail me! :D

      y dose it have that face there -.-


  8. ello this is sonichailfire here i would like to move over my old fort the old cords are -184 63 5309 and the other corner is -154 74 5282 the new cords will be -40476 62 49383 and the other corner will be -40498 72 49422 thx!!!
  9. why hasn't the server updated yet? :/

    1. sonic hail fire

      sonic hail fire

      and what in equsteria happened to all the old staff member?


  10. Welcome to MLP Forums, sonic hail fire! I hope you have a great time here. /)