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  1. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    Love pie Brigostre for sure, hands down without a doubt
  2. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    Prompts are pre made, extremely vague, ideas for you to develop on. For stories it could be a word like "Space" or it could be a sentence like "Your character went to a coffee shop" and you would elaborate or make a story around it Designs could also be a word or a palate
  3. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    Oh this was wonderful I love that so many people stopped by and wanted to know about what we do thank you so much for hosting us!!
  4. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    most of the ideas I have come out small. Something tiny but something i really love. Then you can basically snowball it. Add things to it that you think might work well or create a back story or change the design a little. Or keep the small idea. Nothing you do will hurt it, only expand it more. If you want a good place to start, look up story or design prompts, that helps when im in a block~
  5. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    Thats a good way to put it But yes, Im so thankful that Brigi and I are friends and we found each other this way~ most likely Well we keep it seperated for the most part so I write the comic, she draws the comic. She doesnt know much of the story to be honest. The only time she knows whats going on it if shes doing that page or if I need to run an idea by her~
  6. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    The Tantabus, I wish it got more time on the show honestly I dont have a good opinion on this because im not really as into the show as I was (dont get me wrong I still love it) I mean even with shows that are still going we do get good episodes every once and a while so its not a BAD thing to let it keep going
  7. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    Luna and Celestia are the only current MLP canon characters we plan to have in the comic~
  8. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    I have 6 dream teams made out on my computer complete with names and stats XD and yes!! I have to get a new phone plan so I can play more (becuase mine shut off) but I am team Mystic Hell yes JailBreak (the blue one with the whip tail) and HeartBreak (the orange one with short blue hair) and the two I like working with most. Heart has such an interesting story and her sister jail compliments it really nice :3 (not going to give to much away) Hamilton, hands down our current favs
  9. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    Navy Blue for me Olive green for Brigi We have, in fact, done that already
  10. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    I like to call it Soul friends As for the pop ups, its jsut something fun we do if we see the opportunity Kinda like a hidden Mickey
  11. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    For me it was when I realized I wanted to do more art. Brigi says "...not really? i always was an artist and animation looked really cool and fun and yeah o: i dont really know how to answer this im sorry :'D " Oh lord that is loaded. We have so many ideas its hard to choose ^^;
  12. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    Brigi asked Fav Yourtubers :3 she says hers are projared, jontron,leafyishere Mine are GameGrumps, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, pewds, Presshearttocontinue and Jaltoid!! MOON!! And Popllio My seal babeh! And Brigi likes green tea An Animated series of our own creation~ EDIT: We have a long list of animations we want to do as well~ IT has to work. It cant just feel slapped together or out of place ^^;
  13. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    Well I listen to a vast playlist. My songs are mood based and I have such a broad spectrum from Indie music to Dubstep (I literally have Miranda Cosgrove as one of my top played songs along with Dragon Force) Brigi Loves anything with a good beat so lots of dubstep/house/electronic
  14. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    Same! New music is very helpful. Brigi and I have a mildly different playlist so I sometimes send her stuff and vise versa~
  15. spadesisters

    Fandom Q+A Spade-Sisters Q&A

    Have a nice rest of your day Well I always bring up wanting to do like a pokemon comic so maybe if we ever stopped with MLP that would be the way to go hoh lord so many, we listed a few of the main ones before but Gravity Falls, SU, ML and Pixar